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10 Crazy British Party Games You Need To Know

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If you’re looking to add some cultural touches to your next party, and have no idea what, you can do no wrong by getting to know a few British party games.

British culture is well-known far and wide around the world. From landmarks such as Big Ben and Trafalgar Square to icons such as the British Royal family and the red buses, and endless movies about London, you won’t be lost for inspiration.

It’s easy to find all things British online and if you asked anyone for ideas, you’ll probably be deluged. British party games are less well-known, which is why we’ve drummed up this page just for you. So let’s keep calm and carry on!

The Chocolate Game

We kick off our list of British party games with something delicious. Get everyone sitting in a circle. At the center of the circle, place a hat, scarf, pair of gloves, a knife, fork and plate, and a large bar of chocolate frozen 2 to 3 hours before the game.

A single dice is passed around the circle and whoever rolls a six has to quickly put on the scarf, gloves and hat and try and eat the bar of chocolate with the knife and fork. Everyone else continues rolling the dice until another six is throw and the next player takes over.

Bobbing For Apples

Set aside a large tub of water and place enough apples for each player. Everyone takes it in turns individually or in teams trying to pull out an apple by its stem.

The player to get an apple first or the quickest, or the highest amount if playing in teams, is the winner.

Name That British Song

This British party game’s all about pop culture. Before your party, you need to create a playlist in advance of your party made up of well-known British pop tunes from all eras and all muscal genres.

To start the game, play the first 5 seconds of a song. Points are awarded to the first player who can shout out the song title and also sing the next line. Extra points are given if they can identify  the singer is and the year of the song’s release. The player with the most correct answers wins.


You don’t have to worry about getting yourself any props with this Victorian parlor game.

Players must do the opposite action to the one you’ve asked them. If you say “walk,” for example, then players should stay still. Everyone kicks out their right leg when you ask them to kick out their left. Anyone not doing the opposite of what you ask is out of the game. The last player standing wins.


This is the first of the 2 British party games here based on traditional British children’s games. Hopscotch is a game that’s played outdoors so to play you need a backyard and also some chalk.

Squares are drawn on the ground or sidewalk using chalk and in a vertical format: a single square followed by a double square, and each one is numbered 1 through 10. The game is played one player at a time.

Someone tosses a rock onto the first square without it missing or hitting a line, then must hop into the squares with only one foot on each square. The square with the rocks in it need to be skipped over. The player must hop to the end of the squares then turn around and return to the start before someone new can take over.

Anyone who makes a mistake during their round – falters, hops onto the square with the rock, lands with two feet – is out of the game.

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Pin The Tail

This is a classic party game that’s great for any indoor venue. Before playing, you need to create a large drawing of a tailless donkey with enough tails for all the players. Pin this to the wall and give everyone their own tail.

Blindfold your starting player, spin them around the spot 3 times, then ask them to pin the tail on the donkey where they think it should be. Once done, pass the blindfold to the next player. The person who makes the closest guess wins.

Pass The Parcel

Before playing, fill a small empty box with chocolates and candy then wrap it tightly with multiple layers of wrapping paper. Sit your friends down in a circle and once the music starts, have them pass the box around the group until it stops. Whoever is holding the parcel at this point has 15 seconds (use a timer) to try and tear open a layer. When their time is up, restart the music.

Continue playing the game until the last layer is pulled away. Whoever succeeds and is holding the box gets all the contents inside.

The Bowl of Fame

If you’re looking for guessing games in your British party games, here’s one. In this game, teams of two work together to guess as many names as possible in 30 seconds.

Write out a list of names related to British celebrities and historical figures, British fictional characters and British tourist landmarks. Cut these up, make into tiny bowls and shuffle in a bowl. Split everyone into pairs, with one half as the Actor and the other to guess. The Actor of the starting pair pulls a name through the bowl and must give their partner clues as to who it is without naming them. Teams switch over when the 30 seconds are up.

The pair with the most correct guesses is the winner.

The Sculptor

Another Victorian parlor game, get everyone up on their feet and standing still like a statue. Move around the group and change each person’s pose by adjusting either their arms, head or body.

Everyone should maintain their new pose for as long as they can without laughing, moving or breaking format; anyone who does any of these movements is out of the game. The last person standing is the winner.

What’s The Time Mr Wolf?

This is the other classic children’s game in our list of British party games and and you need a large outdoor space for effective play such as a park.

One player is the wolf and stands at one of the end of your playing area with their back turned away from everyone. The other players creep up behind asking “What’s the tine Mr Wolf?” When the Wolf turns around and answers “3 o’clock,” everyone must freeze. Then he/she turns back and again everyone else asks “What’s the tine Mr Wolf?” Keep going until Mr Wolf feels they’re close enough. At this point, he/she can turn and shout “Dinner time!” then run after them. 

Whoever is caught first becomes the next Mr Wolf.

Keeping your friends engaged and excited while at a party doesn’t have to be hard work. All you need is to introduce them to completely something different to what they know to get their attention. British party games are surely going to do that. Keep calm and have fun!

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