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15 DJ Party Games To Keep You Entertained All Night

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Planning a party with music and a DJ? Worried about keeping your guests happy all night? Then you can kill two birds with one stone by playing a few DJ party games.

The beauty of having a DJ is that you’ve got someone else to help you create a fun night. A DJ’s job isn’t just there to play music but to stop your party from going stale.

A DJ can be your MC, or your party game referee. They can even be the guy/gal who hands out prizes at the end of a game.

DJ party games are also played on the dancefloor. This means you can mix them up with normal dancing time, thereby keeping your party unpredictable.

Let’s get started.

Balloon Game

This DJ party game’s fast and furious so be warned. Everyone gets a balloon attached to their ankle using a piece of string. The goal is to try and pop other people’s balloons while protecting your own.

When the music starts, the stomping begins, and when it stops, everyone stops. The person who stops last is out of the round. Last winner standing is the one with their balloon still (kind of) intact.

Marshmallow Sculptures

Give each team a bag of marshmallows and a bunch of toothpicks. The goal of this game is for each team to create something with these materials, while the music plays. You can make the game harder by setting a theme such as vehicles, Nature, and faces.

Unwrap The Box

Pre-game, you need to grab a box, fill it with nice treats and then wrap it over and over with paper and tape until it’s pretty nigh impenetrable. Have everyone seated in a circle and put the box at the centre. Players take it in turns to roll a fuzzy dice until they reach a double.

When someone succeeds, have them go to the middle of the circle, put on a pair of oven mittens, a hat and a shirt, and then try to unwrap the gift. While they’re doing that, everyone else continues rolling the dice until the next person gets a double. When that happens, they trade places and items of clothing with the player in the middle and take their turn trying to unwrap the box.

Keep the game going until someone succeeds in breaking through. Whoever does gets to keep all the gifts.

Hula Hoops

Get everyone stood together in a big wide circle and have them hold hands. Place a hula hoop between the players and start playing a fast song. The goal of this DJ party game’s for the hoop to be passed around the circle without anyone letting go of the hands. When the music stops, whoever has the hoop around them (but not on either arm) is out. Keep the game going until one person is left.

Pass The Balloon

Here’s another great balloon game. This time, create two lines of people facing each other. The first person in each line puts a balloon between their legs that’s then passed to the next player in line with their legs. The last player in line then needs to break the balloon by sitting on it.

A DJ can make the game more hectic by playing some fast music.

This game is easier to explain by video so here’s one to help you out.

Random Callouts

Get everyone on the dancefloor. Start playing a song and have everyone dancing. Then, without any warning, have the DJ shout out of a number from 1-5 (depending on the size of your party). As soon as people hear it, they must rush into groups made up of that number. Anyone who doesn’t join a group fast enough is out.

There’s another version of this game that I love playing. Once again, get everyone dancing to the music. Then call out an object such as “tree!”, “whale”, “angry face” – as soon as people hear it, they must become this thing straight away. Last person to assume the pose is out.

Basket Head

You need smalls bucket and some simple sponge balls for at least four teams. Break everyone into pairs, with one person holding the bucket on their head and the other one as the ball thrower. Standing five metres apart, the game starts when the music starts.

The first team to catch four balls during the song play wins the game.

Name That Sudden Song

This game combines DJ’ing with a bit of karaoke. Before playing, you need to work with the DJ in deciding which decade, genre of style of music you want to use.

Game play is easy. Get everyone on their feet dancing to some regular music. Then the DJ throws in the chorus of a random song. Anyone who knows the song title needs to shout it out; first right answer is the winner. Extra points are awarded if they sing the next line or know some trivia about the song. The player at the end with the most points wins.

Musical Laps

You need as many chairs as there are people in this game. Then have one extra person walking around the circle as people are sitting. When the music stops, everyone must find a lap to sit on; the last person to find a lap is out. Remove one chair and resume the game. The last couple is the winner.

Pass Along & Guess

This DJ party game’s fun and sweet, quite literally. Fill a jar with jelly beans or gummy bears and pass it around the group as they’re dancing. Each person needs to write on a strip of paper their name and the number of items they think are in the jar (without conferring with each other). All the strips are handed to the DJ. The person whose number is closest to the real total wins the jar of candy.

Tissue Game

Give each player a small pack of tissues. Start the music and on the count of three players must get all of the tissues out of their packet the fastest using only one hand. Fastest player is the winner.

Challenge Limbo

Limbo is one of the easiest DJ party games. You need a limbo bar for this game, which can be ribbon string or a clothesline with two people holding either end. Players can limbo individually or in pairs, while the music is playing. Each time a round ends, lower the limbo bar for the next. The winner is the last person or pair who has managed the final limbo successfully.

Marshmallow Run

Split everyone into two teams. Give the first person a straw and place a glass at the far end of the dancefloor. This player needs to suck up a marshmallow with their straw and run back and forth between the glass, placing as many as they can as the music is playing. When the music stops, the next player sets up to take their turn.

You need to count up the deposited marshmallows before emptying the glass to resume the game.

Scavenger Musical Chairs

Invite your players to come to the dancefloor with a chair each and get them all sitting. The MC then calls out something like “electric fan” or “red cup”, and everyone runs off to take a photo of one they find in the house. While they’re gone, remove one of the chairs. Whoever comes back and doesn’t have a seat is out.

But don’t keep people resting on their laurels; as soon as they’re seated, start calling out a new item for them to hunt. You can also change up the game; as everyone starts heading back, call out another item and remove a seat while gone. This version means two chairs are gone.

Conga Character Lineup

Love crazy DJ party games? We love crazy at Partycurrent! For this game, get everyone standing in a conga line. The first person at the front must come up with a character walk. This could be a skip, a quick jump or a weird strut, or a combination of different actions. 

Every person in the conga line then repeats the character walk together. Once everyone has done so, the first person goes to the back of the line while the newest at the front takes their turn. Play this game with music to keep proceedings fast and energetic.

Thanks to these DJ party games, you can keep your party guests on their toes and your event unpredictable.

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