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11 Creative Candy Themed Party Games For Adults

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Candy, chocolate, lollipops… these are the easiest ingredients to include in any type of party, whether it’s a birthday, a dinner party or something seasonal. They can also serve as a source of entertainment, saving you time needing to find props.

Let’s get started with our candy themed party games.

Chocolate Unwrapping Race

This candy themed party game’s for friends who like a bit of a challenge. Give every player a large bar of chocolate still in its wrapped, then have them put their hands behind their back. On Go!, players must try and unwrap the chocolate, without their hands. Good luck! If you’re concerned about cheating, you can tie people’s hands up. First person to unwrap their chocolate and also take a bite wins.

Candy Memory Tray

For this game, you can use a variety of chocolate bars and individually wrapped candies. Make sure all the bars and sweets stay wrapped in their original packaging. Prepare a tray (or box) containing all of these items and cover it with a cloth. 

Pull away the cloth and give everyone 30 seconds to get a good look at all the candy items. When time’s up, cover the tray again and give everyone another 30 seconds to write down as many candy items as they can remember. The person with the most remembered (and correct) items is both the winner and the recipient of all the candy!

Marshmallow Relay

Divide everyone into two teams and give everyone a drinking straw each and a bowl of marshmallows per team. Place a pair of empty glasses at the finish line. The first player of each team needs to suck up a marshmallow using their straw, then run to their glass, deposit the marshmallow before returning to their team for the next player’s go. First team to fill the glass to the brim is the winner.

Biggest Bubble

Yep, this is a bubble gum game, the most classic of game on the list. Give everyone a piece of bubble gum and see who can blow the first bubble and the biggest bubble, as well as hold their bubble for the longest time.

Frozen Chocolate Game

This candy themed party game’s one of our favourites. To play, you will need a hug bar of chocolate; a pair of dice with a dice shaker; a hat, scarf and a pair of oven gloves; and a knife, fork and plate.

Unwrap the chocolate then freeze overnight. Remove it from the freezer at least two hours before you play the game. Get everyone seated in a circle on the floor and place the chocolate with the clothing and cutlery at the centre of the circle.

Players take it in turns trying to throw a double. Whoever succeeds then goes to the centre of the circle, and puts on the clothing items before trying to eat the chocolate using the knife and fork. It’s important they use the knife and the fork for eaten; guests need to know they can’t just stab the fork into the choc and bring it to their mouth. Meanwhile, everyone else continues tossing the die until another double is thrown. Whoever manages to do so takes over the clothing items and chocolate-eating. Keep going until the chocolate is gone.

Skittle Scrum

Give everyone a drinking straw and cup and place a large tray of Skittles on a table. Place the cups in front of each player. On Go!, players need to transfer as many Skittles from the tray into their cup, as they can, by sucking one with a straw. No hands are allowed. Play against the clock with the winner being in the one with the most Skittles.

Chopstick Candy Challenge

You need a pair of chopsticks, an empty bowl and a bowl filled with wrapped candies. Against the clock, players take it in turns to transfer candies to empty bowl one at a time using the pair of chopsticks. Whoever moves the most in the allotted time is the winner.

Bobbing For Gummies

This candy themed party game’s going to a messy party game so make sure you’re playing somewhere that’s easy to clean up afterwards. Give everyone players a pie tin or paper plate. Place up to ten gummy beers at the bottom of the tin then cover it with whipped cream. Each person sits in front of their tin with hands tied behind their back. They now need to retrieve the gummies by diving face first into the cream. First person to succeed wins.

Guess The Number

Fill a glass jar with small candies, either wrapped candies or Skittles emptied from a bag. Don’t pour them in blindly; make sure to count them as you go, so you know the final number. Then pass the jar around and have each person write down their guess. The person whose guessed the number closest to the actual amount wins the jar and everything inside it.

Sweet Talk

Unlike the other candy themed party games here, Sweet Talk gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better. This is a bonding game and also perfect as an icebreaker for any party including work events.

Before starting the game, empty several packets of M&Ms or Skittles into a large bowl. You want to make sure everyone playing gets at least five pieces of candy each, so be sure you’ve got enough to play with.

On a sheet of paper, write down what each colour signifies, for example:

  • Yellow: Last album you listened to (and why)
  • Red: A memory from your childhood
  • Green: One thing you love about your job
  • Orange: A person who inspires you
  • Blue: One stressful thing in your life you wish you could improve
  • Purple: One personal or professional goal you’re working on

Players need to pull a random piece of candy without looking into the bowl first – no deliberate choosing here. You can play the game by passing the bowl around and everyone takes a piece each before revealing their tale; or reveal as they go. (And yep, they get to eat their candy piece during the game.) It’s completely fine if a player picks the same colour again, as this gives the opportunity to say more about the previous reveal with the same colour.

As for the sheet of color meanings, you can decide whether to pin this up for everyone to see or keep the list to yourself, giving you the role of quiz master.

Gummy Bear Scoop Race

Empty several packets of gummy bears into an empty bucket, and place an empty bucket beside it. Give players 60 seconds each to transfer as many gummy bears from one bucket to the next using a spoon. Players cannot place the bears on the spoon with their fingers; anyone who does is out of the round. Once again, whoever has the most gummies in the bucket wins. Players get to keep the gummies they transferred.

Like beer, candy and chocolate tend to feature at every party. They can serve as excellent props too, which is what makes this list of candy themed party games so special. And better yet, you get to chow them down after you’re done playing the games.

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