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Never Feel Apart Again

Let’s face it, friendship can be hard work.

We love our friends, of course.

We do A LOT with our friends. 

We laugh with them, share with them, commiserate together, go through heartache and triumph together. We expect a lot from friendship.

But none of this comes easily. Friendships need to be maintained in order for them to stay enjoyable and be fulfilling. We have to treat friendship like we were growing a garden. We have to nurture it, take care of it, watch over it.

Friendships are often quite fragile relationships. If we don’t do the necessary work, we’re going to stop laughing with our friends and start crying when they start fading away.

The lifeblood of friendship

Staying in touch is vital. If you want to keep friends for a long time, you need to see or talk to them on a frequent basis. You need to touch base as often as possible, and that means going beyond social media.

We need to keep our friends engaged and encourage them to share, because friendship is about sharing life.

We get to know each other and build deeper bonds, because of sharing.

And one fantastic way to get that sharing going is by doing things together. Beautiful things, crazy things, memorable things. And that’s where Together Kit comes in.

Lifting you up

My name’s Thomas Wong, founder of Together Kit. I’ve been working in events planning for 15+ years. I love connecting people through fun.

And I know coming up with fun ways to socialise is always challenging.

No one ever seems to know what they’d like to do, right? Nobody ever seems to have any ideas.

And when you’re also a busy professional, finding the time to drum up ideas can be exhausting.

Together Kit solves both problems, by providing you with inspiration to help you jumpstart your plans.

Having fun together and being together matters to us, and are central to every idea you will find here.

In the current global mood, staying together has never felt so paramount, so urgent.

Whether you’re looking for evenings in or outdoor fun, birthday ideas, games, and entertainment, for large groups or intimate gatherings, you’re in safe hands.

We’ve got your back, and we look forward to helping you have a good time with your friends.