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11 Wedding Anniversary Games Couples Will Adore

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Whether it’s your first or your tenth, you are many wonderful ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. And one of those ways is having your friends and family over for food, drinks and wedding anniversary games.

Anniversaries don’t have to be complicated or even big affairs. They offer you and your friends the chance to sit back take a trip down memory lane. Wedding anniversary games enable you to get romantic and nostalgic while letting your hair down at the same time.

Here are some of our favourite games to help you get started.

Musical Laps

This wedding anniversary game’s perfect if you’ve got a number of couple guests at your party, whether married or not. You need to have more guests than there are chairs and have them circle the hairs as the music plays. When the music stops, everyone must rush for a seat or a lap to sit on. The last person or couple to do this is out of the round. Remove one chair and then resume the game. The last couple is the winner.

Blindfolded Love

This party game can be quite rowdy and busy, so make sure you’re playing in a large open space. Blindfold all the couples in your group then position them in different corners of the room. On Go!, they must now seek out their partner, using only touch and without speaking. People can bump into each other and feel each other out. They’re allowed to touch each other’s faces and use their other senses. The anniversary couple should also definitely join in and see if they can beat the rest. Make sure everyone is of similar head height; which means shoes and heels off.

Lovers Sing-Off

Feeling emotional about your friends or spouse and want to declare your love to them? Then adding a spot of karaoke to your party can help you unleash these feelings. Before playing this game, you need to set up your karaoke, either by hiring a system or projecting karaoke lyrics on YouTube. Give everyone the chance to find a song that communicates how they feel. You can award prizes for the best well-sung song, or the best complete song. This game is great for stirring up love.

Couples Limbo

Limbo is a great way to loosen the mood and turn up the fun at your party. To create the limbo bar, you can use a long piece of ribbon, held either side one of your guests or pinned to two poles. Couples can limbo individually together or in random pairs, while the music is playing. Anyone who struggles to limbo well is out of the game. Each time a round ends, you need to lower the bar for the next challenge. Play for three rounds, and the last person or pair who limbos with success is the crowned the winner.

The Newlywed Game

This wedding anniversary game’s perfect for couples who’ve been married at least a couple of years or more. Before playing, ask your guests to prepare a list to ask the honoured couple. Make sure the questions are lighthearted and fun and not anything that will upset the couple. Ask one half of the couple to leave the room. For the other half left in the room, ask them the questions but giving answers of what they think the other half would like, e.g., Favourite meal, dream vacation, thing that makes them laugh. After the questions are asked, swap the partners around, then compare their answers at the end.

Stealthy Pegs

In this game, you need to have a bunch of clothes pegs, and give each guest at least three each. Explain the rules: each guest needs to discretely clip the peg onto other guests’ clothing without them realising. The person who ends up with the most pegs needs to do a silly dance in front of everyone on the dancefloor. You can also change up the game, by assigning tasks to people depending on how many clothes pegs they have. For example: someone wearing two might have to do press-ups.

Lovers Identity

This is a fun bonding game to helps celebrate your anniversary couple and their friends. Ask people arriving at your party to write a note on they  enter. The notes can be something memorable or intimate about the couple, either separately or together, or about their wedding and the after party. The couple then reads out each note and tries to work out who wrote what. You can also forfeit the couple, if they make a wrong example, by having them do something silly or embarrassing.

Who’s My Husband/Wife

This wedding anniversary game’s a slight variation of Blindfolded Love. All you need to do is blindfold one of the couple and place him/her in front of another person, along with three other people with similar characteristics. The blindfolded player has to use all these senses to figure out which one of these people is their partner. They can use smell and touch. You all need to agree in advance which body parts are acceptable to touch so that everyone playing feels comfortable. Speaking is not allowed. When a verdict is made, the blindfold comes off to see if the match was correct.

You can also change up this game by putting the focus on another couple at your party, and have them figure out their partner.

Guess The Couple

This is a fun game that helps couples new and old gel with each other. Before playing, brainstorm famous couples or pairings, and which each name on a slip of paper to seal in an envelope. Then assemble your group, explain the rules and hand out the envelopes. Guests now wander the room and can only ask Yes/No questions to find their other half, no acting or use the person’s name is allowed. 


Get everyone sitting together in a circle. Instruct one half of the anniversary couple to leave the circle and stand about five metres away, with their back facing the group. Everyone else is quickly shown a scene or told of a scenario they need to act out. The partner returns and sits at the centre of the circle.

Each person in the circle is given ten seconds to act out the scenario in total silence, with each subsequent person taking their turn. The partner needs to take a guess at what this scenario is.

Name That Love Song

For this game, you need to pick the love songs you want to use and whether to go by decade, style or offer a broad range. You also need to provide the music or rope in a DJ to help you out.

Play five seconds of the first song and anyone who knows what it is shouts out the name. The first right answer is the winner. You can award bonus points if they can sing the next lyric, name the singer and guess the song’s year of release. The player with the most correct answers is the winner.

Marking the years together with a wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to acknowledging your spouse and relationship. And by adding wedding anniversary games to the mix, you give your friends the chance to share in your memories too.

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