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Totally Unique Marvel Party Ideas For Adults

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You’ve recently invited all your friends to come to your next party dressed as their favorite Marvel character. Soon you will have everyone from Black Panther or Spider-Man dropping by with their capes and shields. Now all you need now are a few fun Marvel party ideas to keep the excitement going, but where do you begin?

A themed party is one thing, but when it comes to a Marvel themed party, for adults specifically, the task can be a lot harder. Whether you’re catering to casual fans or the diehards who also know the comics, you’ve got to create a balance that satisfies both sides. Marvel also offers a huge range of media to explore, from films to books to cartoons, it’s easy to get lost in it all and not finding a suitable starting point.

We understand where you’re coming from as Marvel fans ourselves. To help you find that starting point, we’ve put together a roundup of our favorite Marvel party ideas you can take inspiration from. Let’s get you started.

Marvel Party Ideas: Set The Scene

The first thing you need to do is to transform your space into a heroes HQ so your superhero friends can feel right at home. There’s plenty of merchandise and props you can use, and anything goes when creating that space: from banners, movie posters, face masks, and cutouts of superheroes, and superhero logos you can hang along door frames. You don’t have to be particular about which items to use; unless you’re a super-geeky fan, selecting general items such as those already listed will be enough.

Vinyl tablecloths are also a good option, because not only do they look fantastic on your tabletops, they also make or great backdrops and curtains. Cutouts of special effects such as POW! KAPOW can also add to the comicky vibe.

No Marvel themed party for adults can be truly complete without having a few of the comics strewn around the house. If you don’t own any yourself, you don’t need to buy any for the occassion. Instead, pop down to your local library and ask them to help you out, then borrow a few of their books to line your bookshelves and coffee table. You can also set aside a reading zone area, where your guests can enjoy a timeout from the party and dig into the books.

To keep your party lively and engaging, air a playlist of songs and film scores from all your favorite Marvel movies and shows. Most Marvel films tend to feature thunderous, orchestral scores which can work well for creating an overall ambience. To get everyone on their feet dancing, look for albums featuring songs by various artists; some examples include the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 Mixtape album, the Shang-Chi album, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Marvel Party Ideas: Hunger

How do superheroes get their strength? Food, of course! When it comes to superheroic food ideas, think in bright colors such as reds, light blues, whites and yellows. Candies, jellies, fruit pies, and ice cream can do the trick. You can display these in multicolored tupperware containers or on colorful paper plates.

When it comes to savory food, it helps to put on an extensive buffet to cater to all types of eaters. Examples of savory dishes include chicken wings, potato salad, sliders, mini quiches, and plenty of fries and grilled meats.

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Marvel Party Ideas: Action

What’s a Marvel themed party for adults without any games? Given all of the excitement around the costumes, it’s only fair to fill your party with activities that mine your friends’ love for the franchise. Here are some examples:

Marvel Nerds

Test your friends’ knowledge of the things by holding a trivia quiz during your party. You want to ask a variety of questions: facts about the heroes themselves, details from scenes, dialogue lines, facts about the actors who played the characters, stuff about the  Marvel comics themselves. You can decide if your quiz will be MCU-centric or embrace everything Marvel media from across the decades.

Here are a few example questions to start you off:

  • Q: Which actor played Bruce Banner/Hulk before the casting of Mark Ruffalo for the first Avengers movie? A: Edward Norton.
  • Q: In which year was the first issue of X-Men published? A: 1963.
  • Q: What was the working title Marvel gave to the first Avengers movie, during its development, to throw off eager fans? A: Group Hug.

Super Crambo

If you enjoys words, this is the party game for you. The game is played with 2 teams. One of the team chooses a secret word related to a Marvel character or film, then tells the 2nd team a word that rhymes with this secret word. This 2nd team has to guess what that secret word is by acting it out.

Give them 3 chances to guess the word before switching around.

Super Truths

You need 3 players to start the first round. Each person writes out 2 facts related to the superhero they’ve come dressed in and one fact that isn’t real (aka the lie). They each take it in turns to read out their cards for everyone to guess the lie.

Marvel Order

Unlike the last couple of ideas, for adults wanting to get super-geeky, this is the game for them. There are 2 version of this game, and both of them need Post-It notes, Sellotape and a pen.

In the first version of the game, write down a list of all of Marvel’s movies in chronological order. Keep this list to yourself, and write out a different film onto its own card. Each person gets a card taped to their back. Players now have to rearrange themselves according to the order of the films; expect some deep discussions to happen.

The other version centers on one specific film, namely a Marvel film everyone would know and have seen. (You can email your guests pre-party for their top 3 Marvel films then go with the common choice). Here, you write out a list of scenes that took place in this film, and once again players have to rearrange themselves into the right order.

Evil Twin Dress-Up

It’s quite normal in superhero comics for heroes to meet their evil twin counterpart (usually from another universe), and here you can give your friends to do just that: by becoming their own evil twin. This is the perfect game to use in a Marvel themed party for adults.

Fill a large sports bag or box with as many fancy dress accessories as you can find that guests can use to change their existing outfit. Items might include an old suit, leggings, necklaces and chains, a skirt, weird hats, wigs, tops, a fake beard and shades.

Now give your guests just one minute to nab up to 5 items from the box, and then an extra 10 minutes to use them with their outfit.

Have makeup and facepaint on hand as well as additional items to help them spruce themselves up. After the time is up, give each “new hero” the chance to show off their revised outfit in a catwalk show. Guests can also vote who is the Best Evil Twin of the game.

Marvel Charades

Marvel’s films and TV shows are littered with a wide variety of characters and the aim of this game is to identify them in 30-second rounds. A day before the party, write the names of all the characters featured in the MCU, cartoons and TV series onto strips of paper and add them in a bowl. 

Players at the party take it in turns to act out the name of the hero for everyone else to guess. If you’re not sure what the names are, use this complete list of MCU characters to help you out.

Here are some name to help you start your game:

  • Sersi
  • Hawkeye
  • Doctor Strange
  • Vision
  • The Winter Soldier
  • Shuri
  • Groot
  • Michelle “MJ” Jones
  • Nebula
  • Miles Morales
  • Nick Fury

Feats of Strength

Give everyone the chance to be the hero by setting up a few backyard games, such as Bag Toss (also known as Cornhole), Croquet and Frisbee. Each of these games will need their own equipment, and to help you do that, check out this page of outdoor games for picnics.

Depending on group party side, you can play individual games or hold a series of matches. Make sure every winner gets a prize, such as a little badge or chain they can wear for the rest of the party.

Closing A Marvel Themed Party For Adults

Before Spider-Man swings off into the sunset or Thor takes flight with Mjölnir in hand, give all your guests a little bag of colorful candies, superhero logos and a personalized card, as a thank you for their heroic attendance. Wish each of them well as they return to the heroic battle we call life. Then once your superhero HQ is nice and quiet again, give yourself a hug pat on the back for pulling all your many Marvel party ideas together and putting on such a great and memorable party. We love you 3000!

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