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Inspiring Pool Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

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If you’re lucky enough to have a birthday in the summer months, or have an outdoor pool, then you should definitely take advantage of it. You can use this page of inspiring pool birthday party ideas for adults to help spark some thoughts.

Pool parties aren’t just for kids, they’re great for adults, especially on those long summer days. You can invite your friends over for a few drinks and laze about in the water.

If you want to use your pool in a theme party, that’s a fabulous idea too. Coming up with pool party theme ideas for adults can be difficult., so we’ve added a few to our page, to give you some points.

When it comes to pool birthday party ideas for adults, you will experience a celebration unlike anything else. There’s always a funfair-like atmosphere thanks to all the pool-centered entertainment that’s available. Got cake? Got pool? Then let’s get started!

Pool Birthday Party Ideas For Adults: The Scene

The first step in organizing your pool party is to create your invitations.  Think along the lines of all things water: sailing, seashells, waves, blue. Seaside postcards can offer a nice quirky touch.

Make sure you’ve given your pool a real good clean before the party, so it’s safe for everyone to use. You want the water to be crystal clear and free of dirt and other ugly things floating about. Check out this quick pool-cleaning guide for practical tips.

Decorations-wise, you don’t have to splash out (excuse the pun) on a lot of money. Just having a few balloons, birthday banners, and string lights will do. By spending less on decorations, you can focus more on food and entertainment.

Here are a few more things to consider when putting your party together:

  • Providing a changing room where guests can leave their clothes
  • Providing extra towels and flip flops for anyone whose forgotten to bring theirs
  • Having sunscreen, sunglasses and bug spray on hand for anyone who needs it
  • Providing plenty of inflatable toys and inflatable lounge chairs for your guests
  • Marking the depth of your pool with waterproof tape
  • Using PLASTIC cups, cutlery and plates only. Don’t use glass at all, as broken glass will put guests at risk
  • Getting your music playlists done in advance then leave them on auto-play during the party
  • Keeping spritzers in ice buckets for instant cooling
  • Keeping extra ice trays in the freezer in case you need them

Q: What’s The Best Time To Start Your Pool Birthday Party?

Unlike pool-less parties, being outside at certain times of the day while wearing skimpy gear can put guests a risk. Ideally you want to keep your guests away from the hottest part of the day and the most harshest of sun, which is generally about midday.

And while it is tempting to want to party by the pool all day, keep in mind that you will need to hydrate your guests all day as well as feed them. That’s a lot of work!

Dehydration and sunburn are major factors you need to consider when hosting a pool party, so we’d recommend starting your party around 2pm to 3pm. Your guests will still feel the warmth, but won’t be so at risk from the heat.

Pool Birthday Party Ideas For Adults: Food

Party planning can be hectic for anyone, and in this case that stress can go up, thanks to having a pool to take care of as well as your guests. To keep your cooking stress to a minimum, try and do all of it at least a few days in advance.

This can include:

  • Preparing meats/main dishes ready to heat
  • Cutting up toppings and freezing in individual dishes
  • Having lots of finger food
  • Providing easy-to-cook standby food in case supplies run low, e.g. Chicken wings, quiches

Keep your birthday cake stored in the fridge up until it’s ready to serve. Make sure to cover all your food with lids, plastic wrapping, and/or towels, to keep flies and other pesky interlopers away.

Here is some pool party food ideas for your menu:

  • Cheese cubes, fruit trays
  • Mini sandwiches and quiches
  • Cupcakes and cookies
  • Taco bar, pasta bar, pizza slices
  • Salads: chicken, tuna, potato
  • Meat & veg skewers

Drinks-wise, ice cold lemonade, root beer and fruit punch served in pitchers are an easy way to keep everyone from thirst. Make bottles of the stuff and keep these in a shaded area covered with a lid. Store your beers and sodas in a separate water cooler.

For beverage ideas, check out this list of creative pool party drinks.

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Theming Your Pool Party Birthday

Pool parties on their own can be a lot of fun. If you’re looking for pool party theme ideas adults to take things to a new level, take a look at this mini list:

Backyard Beach Party

Bring the sea to you by creating a beach right on your doorstep. Cover your chairs with beach towels and decorate using seashells, fishnets and gemstones. Set aside a sandpit for sandcastle-building and play a few rounds of beach volleyball.

Pirate Themed Party

Ahoy, there! You can convert your home into a pirate ship by hanging up skull and crossbones flags and using black and red in your decor scheme. Cover your furnishings with vintage maps, old leather bound books, inflatable parrots, and gemstones. Invite your friends to dress as pirates and monsters of the deep.

Mermaid Party Theme

Mermaids are those mystical sea creatures who are basically like the bling of the ocean. Think in glittery pinks, blues and gold when it comes to decorations. Cover your tabletops in seaweed (green tinsel) and hang colorful fish made from crepe paper. Costume-wise, blonde-wigs and shimmery bathing outfits are perfectly apt.

Pool Birthday Party Ideas For Adults: Activities

Pool Dancefloor

Choose an area a few meters away from your pool and set this aside for your revellers. You can decorate this space by hanging paper lanterns and using string lighting to designate its boundaries.

Keep the music pumping by having them stream from speakers placed outside. Keep your laptop away from the pool party unless you’re using a DJ deck for sounds, otherwise you risk it getting damaged by any random splashes.

Pool Volleyball

String a volleyball net in the middle of your pool and divide everyone into 2 equal teams. The first team needs to hit a beach ball across the next for the other team to hit back. If the team misses the ball or it hits the water, the other team scores a point.

Pool Dodgems

Players will need to be in an inflatable chair to take part. The goal of the game is for players to sidle up to each other to try and overturn the other person. Last player swimming is the winner.

Watermelon Relay

Split into trios or small teams, then hand the first player of the first team the watermelon. This is no ordinary watermelon, though – you need to cover it in grease to make it harder to grip.

Each player must swim the length of the pool and back before passing it to their teammate. Each time they lose the watermelon, they lose a point. The team with the most points wins.

Water Shootout

Turn your pool into a mini battle scene by arming your guests with squirt guns and water balloons. To avoid drenching everyone not taking part, make sure players stick to the pool.

Glug of War

Excuse the pun! This is a good ol’ fashioned game of Tug of water and you will need a long piece of rope. Opposing teams need to pull the rope so it falls to their side in order to win. Swimming is allowed!

Before You Dive In…

One last thing to say – enjoy your party! It’s not every day you get the chance to party in a pool for an occasion such as your birthday. We hope this list of pool birthday party ideas for adults will help you get your feet wet (another pun!)

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