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13 Crazy Food Games For Parties

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The idea of playing with our food is something we’ve probably not thought about or done since we were kids, right? Food and fun go naturally together, and this gives us the excuse to come with food games for parties.

From food challenges to tasting games to general mess, the breadth of what you can do is enormous. You literally have the whole supermarket at your fingertips in deciding how to spice up your games.

The best thing about food games for parties is that also get to eat the results afterwards. Let’s get started.

Messy Food Games For Parties

The first thing that springs to mind when playing with food tends to be food fights. We’re not quite going down that road, being responsible adults ’n all. These games are the closest thing you’ll get.

Mr. Whippy

You need ice cream cones, ice cream toppings (sprinkles, chocolate sauce, nuts), and a large cloth for the floor. Divide everyone up into two equal teams. Nominate one player from each team to lay on the cloth with a cone in their mouth. Give each team a set of ingredients.

On Go!, the teams must get all their ingredients into the cone as best they can. Once assembled, the person with the cone must eat it all quickly, without using their hands. First eater to do it wins the game.

Cheeseball Chuck

You will need chunky peanut butter, cheeseballs, bowls and a large cloth to lay on the floor. Pair people up then spread peanut butter over the face of one of the pair. Make sure to lay it on thick but keep it away from eyes, hair and nostrils.

When the target is ready, their partner races against the clock to throw as many cheeseballs at them as possible. The target with the most cheeseballs stuck to their face is the winner.

Banana Split Relay Race

You will need bananas, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, nuts, candied fruit, and whipped cream for this construction game. Put all the ingredients into large bowls. Divide your players up into teams so that each person corresponds with one of the ingredients.

On Go!, the first person peels, cuts then places the banana in the bowl. The bowl is then passed along to the next team player who adds the ice cream, then to the next person for their ingredient and so on. The first team to build a finished banana split wins.

Messy Twister

Need food games for parties that resemble real-life games? This version of Twister is what you need. You will need a Twister spinner dial, a large white cloth, a large playing space, paper plates and different coloured foods. The foods need to correspond to the Twister colours: Red (tomato sauce); Blue (mushed blueberries or blueberry ice cream); Green (pea soup, mushy peas); Yellow (mustard, custard).

Set your large white cloth along the floor of your playing space. A Twister mat is comprised of four rows of five dots – each row is a single colour. Put your paper plates on the cloth, then dollop a big helping of your messy food onto each plate.

Twister is best played with two people at a time. Line them up at either end of the mat. Then spin the dial and direct the first player to place their hand or foot according to the result, e.g. Yellow, hand. Then spin the dial again for the next player. Keep going until one of them is unable to move to any spot without falling over.

Marshmallow Tossing Game

You will need a few bags of mini marshmallows and solo cups. Pair everyone up and give one person an empty solo cup and the other a cup of 25 marshmallows. Have all the players standing five feet apart.

The players then throw the marshmallows at their teammates who in turn try to catch them. Play against the clock. Whoever succeeds in catching the most in less than 6o seconds wins a point. Play another two rounds of this version of the game. In the next version, players who caught the most marshmallows toss them back at their teammate to catch.

Competitive Food Games For Parties

It’s only natural that once everyone’s had a few drinks, they’re more open to doing something daring. Competitive games also allow people to bond and help your party feel more cohesive.

Donuts & Cocktail Sticks

You will need small ring donuts and plenty of cocktail sticks. Give everyone a cocktail stick to put in their mouth. Line everyone up, in height order, with your tallest player going first. This player needs to pass a small ring donut from their stick to the next person in line, without it dropping on the floor. Keep going until it reaches the final player. If you want a bit of edge to the game, try using custard-filled donuts.

Fear Factor Game

You will need lots of foods with interesting smells and tastes to play this game. I’d recommend the following items to try out:

  • Jars of baby food
  • Unusual sauces
  • Yoghurts
  • Ketchup and mustards
  • Types of jello
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Olive oil
  • Unusual jams

Blindfold three of your players and place in front of them the first bowl of one of your foods. Players taste each food at the same time and the first one to identify it scores a point.

Keep playing the game until all the food items have been tasted. The player with the most points is the winner.

The Frozen Chocolate Game

For this game, you will need a big chocolate bar; a pair of dice and a dice shaker; a hat, scarf and pair of gloves; a knife, fork and plate. Freeze the chocolate overnight and unwrap it two hours before the game. Have everyone seated on the floor in a wide circle. Put the clothing, cutlery and chocolate on the plate in the middle of the circle.

Players take it in turns trying to toss a double. Whoever succeeds must go to the middle, put on the clothes and try to eat the chocolate with the knife and fork. They keep going until another person throws a double and they swap places. Keep going, until the chocolate is finished.

Donuts On A String

You will need plenty of donuts – plain, jellied and custard – and a ball of string, to play this game.

Create a clothesline across your game room, then tie each donut to it using long bits of string. You want the donuts to be evenly spaced along the line and high up enough that they’re above the players’ chin level. Against the clock, players race to eat the dangling donut in the fastest time possible.

Chopstick Challenge

Give each player a pair of chopsticks, a small bowl filled with small items such as candies, raisins, cornflakes, hard toffee balls and M&Ms, and an empty bowl. Racing against the clock, players must transfer the items from their food bowl to the empty bowl by using the chopsticks. The player who does this the quickest is the winner.

Apple Balancing Act

You will need apples (five per player) and a flat playing surface (such as a kitchen table).

On Go!, players must try to stack their apples, one on top of another, until all five have been stacked. To make the game even harder, players must count to five; if the apples haven’t toppled over by then, they win.

Candy Unwrap Game

You will need bags of wrapped candy such as gummy bears, individual Quality Street pieces, Hershey’s Kisses, Maltesers, and oven mittens.

The goal of this simple game is for a player to unwrap as many candies as they can while wearing the oven mittens. The winner is the one with the most unwrapped items in less than a minute.

Recipe For Disaster

If you’re hoping food games for parties involved some actually cooking, this one is for you. This party game is part guessing game, part baking. We’re going to be making cupcakes here, so you will need to provide everyone with cake mix, cake trays and paper cases, aprons and table space. You can learn more about what you need for cupcake creation.

Divide your guests into teams and give them the same cupcake recipe. Problem is, the recipe has been cut up into single sentences. The teams have to reassemble the recipe by working out the correct order of instructions. Once they’ve done that, they must tape the instructions together before jumping straight into the cupcake-making process. They’ll use their instructions to make the cakes. The first team to get their cupcakes in the oven is the winner.

With food being such an intimate part of our lives, the idea of playing food games for parties might seem a bit weird at first. That said, food games also give us an opportunity to engage with what we eat as well as get our hands dirty (in some cases, quite literally). Your guests will definitely leave your party feeling blown away by what they’ve just experienced. Which is totally what you’re hoping for, right?

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