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12 Insane Pool Party Games For Adults Who Like It Wet

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Pools bring people together like nothing else, whether in the height of summer or just as a backyard party theme. Adding pool party games for adults to the mix makes being in the pool more interactive and entertaining.

Let’s get started with our list of games.

Pool Volleyball

This pool party game’s for adults who enjoy the competitive spirit. Divide your pool into half with a net down the middle and split into two equal teams. The first team with the ball needs to hit it across the net, for the other team to hit back. If this team fails to hit the ball, or the ball hits the water, the other team scores a point. Ask everyone to try and keep the ball within the pool perimeter to avoid having to fetch it if it ends up in the garden.

Water Cup Pass

This pool game seems simple but it’s also quite deceptive in how challenging it is. Get everyone in a circle. A glass of water is then give to the first person who must pass it to the next person by raising it over their heads and shoulders, and without facing them to do it. The person who receives the glass must do so by reaching out for it by raising both their hands to their side to take it. Anyone who breaks this formation, by turning to face or look at the player as they take it, is out of the round.

Dolphin Racing

This pool party game’s for adults amongst you can swim well. Get everyone into teams, and tie together the first player’s feet using a bandana, piece of fabric, a scarf, or whatever you can think of. Make sure you tie the feet tight enough that the fabric doesn’t break off during the swim. Players then need to swim to the end of the pool using their best dolphin technique. You can also play this game as a relay race, with the winning team being the first to swim the length of the pool and back in the fastest time.

Pool Float Dodgems

This pool party game’s for adults who enjoy lounging around on floats. The size of your pool determines how many inflatable pool floats you can use; a simple lounger is all you need, although we’re not saying no to inflatable flamingos. The goal of the game is for players on their float to swim up against others and try and overturn them so they go in the water. Last player swimming wins.

Swimmer Racing

Easy game this: split everyone into two even teams and have them race each other for a really cool prize. Players would need to reach the finish player before a teammate can jump in the pool.

Water Parcel

This game is a poolside version of Pass The Parcel, using a ball or an actual parcel that’s been waterproofed for the pool. Playing it is the same as the regular game, the parcel is passed between players, who must grab for it when the music stops. Whoever misses grabbing the parcel when the music ends is out of the round.

Watermelon Relay

If your friends love a challenge, then this game is for them. The first player of two teams must hold onto a watermelon and swim the length of the pool and back before switching players. The one catch is the watermelon has been covered in grease to make it slightly harder to hold onto. Each time the watermelon slips out, the team loses a point. The first team with the highest points (taking into account all the penalty points) is the winner.

Tug Of War

On the face of it, the idea of Tug of War looks simple, until you get swimming involved. You need a long piece of rope and everyone in equal teams. The goal is for one team working together to pull the rope to their side and force the other side to let go. Players can increase their pull by swimming or other water motions.

Beer Pong Float

This pool party game’s for adults familiar with Beer Pong. To play this watery game, you can buy an inflatable pool beer pong table or use a large mattress pool lounger as an alternative. A pool beer pong table will have space down the sides for individual solo cups; alternatively, you can place your cups on the bank. The game also differs from regular beer pong in that you can only have one set of cups on the float at any time instead of the standard two. Two players or teams face off against each other and take it in turns to land a ping pong ball in one of the cups. If they succeed, the opposing player takes a drink. The game is won when the first player or team eliminates all of their opposition’s cups the fastest is the winner.

Water Tag

This game like a version of Tag only with a water gun. Nominate your first player, give them the gun and have them try to squirt another player. It doesn’t matter where the water lands – chest, face, hands, shoulders, etc – whoever gets hit swaps places and has their turn with the gun.

Inflatable Chair Racing

You need a pair of inflatable chairs. Nominate two players to sit in the chair, then paddle it with their feet and hands to try and get to the finish line. You can play this game with individuals or teams competing against each other.

Water Sponge Toss

This game is similar to Ring Toss (or Coits) where players take it in turns trying to land a ring around a stake in the ground. For this pool version, you’ll be using frisbees floating upside down, each marked with a number (i.e., 5, 10, 15 points). Players take it in turns tossing sponges into the pool to try and land them in one of the frisbees. The player with the most points after three rounds is the winner.

Pools are awesome by themselves. And when you’re splashing out (excuse the pun) on a party, make sure you add a few pool party games for adults to keep swimmers and poolside lovers happy alike.

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