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How To Throw A Hotel Birthday Party (The Right Way)

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Knowing how to throw a hotel birthday party from the offset can save you time, money and stress.

Hotels can be a fantastic location for your party, and also a surprisingly affordable one. Many are located in prime locations you’d be hard pressed to find with regular venues.

You can provide visiting guests with accommodation without worrying about where to put them. Guests can also use the hotel’s amenities including the bar, pool, and the fitness centre. You could even turn your birthday party into a hotel pool birthday party or a birthday wellness party.

And then there’s the hotel itself. From decadent to vintage, from retro to ultra sleek, you have a wide range of hotels to choose from. Each hotel can dazzle your guests based on interior design alone. Creating atmosphere is key when learning how to throw a hotel birthday party.

Hotels can also save event organisers money, by providing them with everything they need onsite.

That said, before we dive into birthday planning, there’s one important thing you need to know first.

How to throw a hotel birthday party the wrong way

In general, if you want party at a hotel, the one of the biggest hotel party mistakes you can make is by partying in a guest room. That’s right, you can’t party in a hotel room.

Hotels HATE parties in guest rooms. Hotels are designed for rest and relaxation but not for parties.

There are 3 things a hotel worries about when it comes to parties: property damage, noise complaints, and injuries. Under no circumstances should a party disturb other hotel guests. A hotel has the right to call the police if things get out of hand or throw people out without any warning.

And if you think you can get around this by booking a guest suite, guess again! Guest suites are geared towards high-end business travellers so are often expensive to book. A hotel will know you’re planning a party if you try to rent one of these and don’t fit the customer profile.

A hotel can be very accommodating towards your party, if you tell them you want to book it in one of their meeting rooms (or convention spaces).

Meeting rooms are perfect for parties for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re better insulated for sound. Meeting rooms can also accommodate any number of guests. Rooms can also be adapted to suit whatever your party needs.

Now we’ve got these hotel party mistakes out of the way, let’s dive into the best way to organise a hotel birthday.

How to throw a hotel birthday party with success

Before sending your invites, make sure you’re 100% clear about the hotel’s position on birthday parties. As the host/organiser, you don’t want to deal with any sudden surprises while planning your event. Using someone else’s property also means you need to abide by their terms and conditions.

Meeting room costs and policies

Even if you know how to throw a hotel birthday party, each hotel will have different rules regarding use of meeting rooms for events.

The first thing you need to do is find the right hotel for you, one with a meeting room and also a policy for parties. Not every hotel has a meeting room so you’ll need to make a few phone calls. Find out the maximum number of guests the room will allow; if the venue has parking and is wheelchair-accessible; and if the hotel provides catering.

Then you need to visit the rooms that best fit your list. After selecting your favourite room, find out how much it costs to rent and what’s included in the price. Some hotels may provide bar and catering staff for you to hire.

Make sure you do visit any meeting rooms you find, so you can visualise the spaces for your event first hand.

It’s also important to know the hotel’s policy on guests bringing alcohol to the party. If this is not permitted, make sure everyone knows.

The hotel may also have strict policies regarding how you can run your party. Here are a few questions you need to ask:

  • Does the hotel have a time limit for the duration of parties?
  • Will any hotel staff be on duty during the party
  • Will you need to pay bar staff for any overtime?
  • What to do about hotel security?
  • What to do about post-party cleanup?
  • Who to call if there’s an accident during the party?
  • If the hotel expects a deposit as insurance against any damages

Storage space

The hotel should allocate you some storage space for catering deliveries and other equipment. Food must be stored in a freezer area separate from what is used for hotel guests. Make sure you’ve got a secure and lockable space for storing gear such as DJ equipment and lighting. Ensure both these spaces can only be accessed by you and anyone working with you.

Guest room policies

Find out from the hotel what their policies are regarding number of guests allowed per room. For guests travelling from out of town or bringing kids, you want to find out if the hotel will charge extra.

Also find out from the hotel the number of guest rooms available on the night of your party. If friends want to stay overnight, you need to make sure you’ve got enough rooms to cover them.

If you can guarantee a bulk number of the rooms will be booked, ask the hotel if it’s possible they can give you a discount on the final cost.

You also need to decide how these rooms will be paid for: are your guests expected to pay the full amount or will you stump up part of the cost?

Guests and rooms

When you’re sending out invites, let people know about the guest rooms, especially for anyone travelling from out of town. Tell them about the cost and what’s provided, e.g, breakfast, free wifi, maybe free cocktail hour. Let them know you can liaise with the hotel to get them anything special they might need, i.e. gluten-free breakfast, extra linen.

Arriving guests

Finally, on the party night itself, arrange with the hotel a welcome area to accommodate your arriving guests. This space could be a cordoned-off area in the hotel bar or a designated room just for your party.

If you’re inviting more than 50 people, it’s a good idea to arrange for some signage in the lobby to direct guests to the right place. Ask the hotel to inform reception staff of proceedings, in case arriving guests ask for directions.

Alternatively, you can also arrange for friends to meet and greet arriving guests and direct them on where they need to head.

You as the host

To ensure your birthday event is free of any hotel party mistakes, you as the host will need to act as the liaison between your guests and the hotel.

You will be held responsible by the hotel for any disturbances, noise complaints and damages incurred by your guests. Make sure your guests know in advance of your party what behaviour is expected; you can provide them with some house rules or a guest policy. Let everyone know you’re going to get into serious trouble if they break any rules you’ve set.

If you’ve organised the party well enough, and guests and the hotel are happy, everything should go off without a hitch.

Thanks to their amenities and ease of access, a hotel is a wonderful location for a party. Guests won’t have to worry about accommodation and the hotel can keep them occupied during your party set-up. Getting the lowdown on how to throw a hotel birthday party will help you pull of a successful party (and prevent you from pissing off a hotel, too).

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