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15 Energetic Garden Party Games For Adults

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No summer BBQ, outdoor birthday or garden party cookout would be complete without a few garden party games for adults added to the mix.

Outdoor games are the perfect way to let off a bit of steam, get the energy going again after dinner, and have your guests mess about. Gardens offer you more opportunity to get creative when deciding your games due to their small size and limited playing area.

Take a look at our round up of garden party games for adults for inspiration.

Marshmallow Sculptures

Kicking off this list of garden party games for adults is one of the silliest games you need to give a try. Give each team a bag of marshmallows and a pile of cocktail sticks. This is a race-against-the-clock game where each time must build something out of the materials they’ve been given, while the music plays. The best construction wins.

You can make the game even tougher to play by setting a theme, e.g. Vehicles, animals, faces.

Ice Cubes

This garden game is perfect for cooling down in the hot weather. Split everyone up into 2 even teams. On Go!, the first player of each team picks up an ice cube and tries to melt it as fast as they can.

They can do this by rubbing it between their hands or on their clothes or neck. What they can’t do it is put in their mouth, stamp on it and use any equipment to help it melt. 

Nobody is allowed to hold onto the cube for more than a few seconds; if they don’t melt it, they pass it onto their team member. The first team to melt their cube or tray of cubes is the winner.

Guess Whose Summer

We’ve all had embarrassing summers at various points in our lives, going all the way back to our childhoods. This game is not only the perfect excuse to share our stories, but it’s also a fun way to get to know each other.

Give everybody 2 strips of paper and ask them to write down 1 embarrassing tale on each strip. Collect people’s papers, jumble them in a bowl, then ask everyone to pick out 2 each. Each person takes it in turns to read out what they’ve got, for the rest of the group to guess their owners. In a variation of the game, players act out their strips of paper instead of reading out what they see.

Guess The Fruit & Veg

Out of this list of garden party games for adults, this game is probably the most prop-driven of them all. Way before your party, shop around for fruits and vegetables at your local market and pick a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar items. Cut these up into chunks and create plates with one item of each. 

Blindfold your players and give each person their own plate to taste. After they’ve tasted each chunk, ask them to write down what they think it is. Whoever identifies the most correct items wins.

Balloon Relay Race

Get everyone into 2 teams of 6 players max. Assemble both teams into lines and give each one a newspaper and a balloon. 

The first person of each team holds out the newspaper and the balloon, and on Go! must drive the balloon toward the next player, by flapping the newspaper. Once the balloon reaches this player, it’s their turn to flap in onwards to the next person. Make sure nobody touches the balloon with their hand or the newspaper. If that happens, the balloon must go back one person. 

The first team to get the balloon from the first to last person is the winner.

Who Is It?

Stand in a circle, then blindfold someone, have them stand in the middle and spin them 3 times on the spot. On ‘Go!’, the blindfolded player reachs out to the circle, and asks “who is it?” to the first person they touch.

Whoever they nab must answer using as weird a voice as possible, to evade being identified. If the blindfolded player guesses this person is, the players swap places, if not, they continue trying to nab someone until they’ve gone a correct guess.

Leaking Bucket Relay

Set up a race course made up of 2 empty plastic barrels at either end of the course and 2 barrels filled up with water at the other. Divide into 2 even teams. Each team is given a bucket with holes cut into the bottom. 

Line your teams up at the water-filled barrels. On Go!, the first players fill their bucket with water by dunking it into the barrel. Putting the bucket on their head, they now run to their empty barrel to fill it with the water. Once done, they run back to the next teammate who repeats these actions. The first group to fill their tub and also where everyone has had their turn is the winner.

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Garden Limbo

You need a limbo bar for this garden game, which can be a long length of ribbon or a clothesline and ask 2 people to hold either end. Players can limbo individually or in pairs while the music is playing, and whoever loses has to do a forfeit such as taking a drink or something embarrassing.

Each time a limbo round ends, lower the bar for the next. The winner is the last person or pair who has managed to limbo all the way with success.

Alphabet Garden

Do you remember those picture books you got as a kid where each letter of the alphabet was presented by an animal? The letter B was drawn as a bee, for example, or the L  was a lion? This garden game takes its cue from that. Everyone gets into teams of 5, where each person has 30 seconds to draw their own letter as an animal.

What makes this game a tough challenge is that each team has to try and create a word that is only 5 letters long. For example, if the first 2 letters are B R, then whoever goes next must think of the right letter to ensure the finished word is 5 letters. The team who creates their 5-lettered word the fastest wins.

Shave The Balloon

If you’re looking for messy garden party games for adults, this is the one for you. You need to warn everyone in advance of what this game involves and make sure you have plenty of towels available for the post-game clean-up.

Give everyone an inflated balloon, a Sharpie pen, and 2 minutes to draw a face on their balloon. Next, apply shaving cream to the balloons and hand these players a plastic knife each. On ‘Go’, everyone attempts to shave their balloon successfully without it bursting all over them first. The first person to succeed wins.

If you’re game for something way more messy, then fill up your balloon with confetti, water or even whipped cream before handing them out. Let everyone know what they might be in for should you opt for this version of the game.

Garden Gnome Dress Up

Stuff a sports bag with as many weird items of clothing as you can find. You can also borrow these from your friends or grab some finds at the local thrift store. Items could include a dress, belt, wigs, leggings, sandals, bangles, mini skirts, hats, tank tops, and sunglasses.

Start your music and then when it stops, the person left holding the bag puts the first item they grab from the contents. Restart the music and pass the bag round. When all the items are used up, ask everyone to vote which person is the best Garden Gnome. Guests are allowed to touch up and accessorise how they look before the voting round.

Basket Head

You need smalls bucket and some simple sponge balls for at least 4 teams. Split people into pairs, where one person is holding the bucket on their head while the other throws the ball. Standing 5 metres apart, the game starts when the music starts. The first team to catch all the balls during the song play wins.

Pass The Orange

Divide everyone into 2 even line-ups of varying head heights. The first people in the line are given an orange to place between their chin and neck. On Go!, the orange is passed down each team’s line, from one chin to the next chin.

Unless the orange drops during the game, no one is allowed to use their hands. If the orange drops, it’s passed back to the player it dropped from to have a new attempt. To win the round, the last player with the orange must transfer it back to the first, aka more chin action. You also can play with smaller line-ups for faster rounds. You can also have everyone assembled in one circle and play this game as a group.

Dancing Chain

Time to inject some music into this list of garden party games for adults. Get everyone together in a circle, and pick someone to start the game. To begin the dancing, ask this person to create a simple dance move such as waving their hands, taking a kick,or jumping on the spot. The next person to their left now copies that move and adds one of their own, and so on.

Make sure everyone knows to keep their dance move simple. Once the entire move has gone around the circle, have everyone must dance the entire movement together at least once, for the game to end.


This is the perfect game to play as the sun sets and the evening starts to draw in. String up a white tablecloth or bedsheet along the garden wall closest to your porch, then place a stool on one side and a lamp on the other. Pick someone to sit on the stool and face the cloth. Make sure the lamp is switched on and can cast a good strong shadow straight onto the cloth.

Everyone else now take it in turns to create a shadow of an object for the person on the stool to guess. If a guess is correct, they swap places, if not the game continues.

Nothing beats being out in the sun and having a few drinks and food in the garden. Keep your friends entertained and rooting for each other with a few garden party games for adults added to your next get together.

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