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8 Crazy Musical Party Games For Adults

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While including music at a party is a no-brainer, finding decent musical party games is a lot harder, especially when most of the games are geared towards kids. We aim to correct this massive oversight by providing you with a list of gems. Let’s get started.

Musical Laps

This is the first of two musical party games involved chairs. For this one, you need to have as many chairs as there are players. Then have one extra person walking around the circle while people are sitting. When the music stops, everyone needs to find a lap to sit on; the last person to find a lap is out of the game. Then remove one chair and resume the game. The last couple is the winner.

Musical Challenge Limbo

Limbo is a fantastic game to play to music. You can use a length of ribbon or a clothesline as your limbo bar, with two people holding either side of it or have it pinned to your door frame. Players can limbo individually or in pairs, while the music is playing. Each time a round ends, your need to lower the limbo bar for the next. The winner is the last person or pair who completes the final limbo without a single problem.

Conga Character Lineup

This musical party game’s one that gets everyone doing something silly for the sake of the group. To play this game, you need everyone standing in a conga line. The person at the front needs to think of  a character walk, such as a skip, a quick jump or a weird strut. Then every person behind them repeats the character walk one by one before doing it together. Once this is done, the person at the front goes to the back of the line while the newest at the front takes their turn. Play this game with energetic music to keep things fast and lively.

The Group Song

Get everyone seated in a circle and give one person pen and paper. This person is given 30 seconds to write a song lyric or made-up rhyme just three lines long. When their time is up, fold over the piece of paper so the last line can be seen. Pass the paper to the next person to add their lines. The last player in the game reads out the complete set of lyrics. Then everyone works together to try and turn it into an actual song, complete with beats and melody.

Famous Song Titles

This musical party game’s one that tests people’s love of popular songs. Write down a list of lyrics from well-known hits, for example: “Annie are you okay, so Annie are you okay, are you okay Annie?” (Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson), “Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone, I hear you call my name, and it feels like home” (Like A Prayer, Madonna.) Chop up the list and jumble in a hat. The first player pulls out a slip and reads it out for everyone to guess. Whoever gets the most lyrics correct is the winner. Bonus points can also be awarded if they can sing the full chorus of the song.

Scavenger Musical Chairs

This musical party game’s part challenge, part speed. Get some music going and invite everyone to bring a chair to the party room and have them sit together. Then you call out something like “desk lamp” or “yellow mug,” and get everyone running off to take a photo of this item in your home. While they’re gone, take away one of the chairs. Whoever comes back and can’t find a chair to sit on is out of the game.

As soon as people are seated again, quickly call out a new item for them to hunt. You can also change up the vibe of the game; jus as everyone starts to return, call out another item for them to find and remove another seat while they’re gone. This version takes away two chairs.


This musical party game’s also a memory game. Get everyone standing in a circle and explain to them how this game works. Each person will need to make a single hand or leg movement. Pick someone to start; once they’re done, the person to their left makes their own movement and also repeats the move of the previous person. The last person is left to do the dance movements of everyone in the circle. Once they’ve completed the moves, have everyone try and dance the whole sequence of moves together.

Keep things lively as you can by playing music throughout the game. Make sure you play in a large space so people have got plenty of room to move around in.

Musical Hula Hoops

You will need as many hula hoops as you can, depending on the size of the playing space and the number of guests participating in the game.

Get everyone dancing to music. As soon as the music stops, players must jump into a hula hoop (one per person) and start to hula three times. Anyone not in a hula has to do three press-ups. Then resume the music.

There’s also a variation of this game that doesn’t involve hula hoops. At the point the music stops, players must start making a weird movement with their body. The last person to make their move needs to do three press-ups.

Musical party games can bring out the kid in us, and it’s about time adults had games like these for themselves. I hope at least one of these games provides you with inspiration.

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