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15 Creative Glamping Party Ideas For Relaxing Outdoors

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Looking for unique glamping party ideas to give your friends a special time? We’ve done the work for you.

Finding ways to party outdoors can be hard, given the unpredictable weather. That’s where glamping party ideas might just be the right theme for you.

The concept of glamping has been around since the 1900s but has only recently caught on as a way of camping but with all the mod-cons. The term glamping is short for ‘glamorous camping’ and I think makes for a brilliant way to party outside. Your guests get to experience the outdoors while keeping warm and cosy.

There are a few things we need to talk about first before getting to your glamping party ideas.

The Equipment You Need

Glamping tents

The difference between camping and glamping is in the size of the tent. Camping tents are made of thin waterproof fabric and are designed for occupants to lie horizontally on the ground.

The most common glamping tents are made of a thick cotton canvas in a bell-shaped design, with a pitched roof around a wide circular base. This is so the tent can accommodate a bed or table and chairs.

Ideally for your party, you should to buy just one glamping tent. Don’t just think of the tent as for parties only; if you decide to go glamping with your friends, for real, you can take it with you.

If you want friends in separate glamping tents, then I would recommend teepee tents. These are inexpensive and made of waterproof fabric rather than cotton.

What about camping gear?

You don’t really need camping gear to give these glamping party ideas the real touch. However, if you own items such as folding furniture or sleeping bags, these are highly useful. You can display your food on folding tables and sit in folding chairs. These can then be hidden away when you convert the tent into a sleeping space.

Make sure every guest gets a sleeping bag and a pillow or a thick blanket and a pillow. Air mattresses are also comfortable alternatives.

How to decorate your tent

You don’t need any open fires for glamping when string fairy lighting, vintage lanterns and scented candles are the way to go. You can also accessorise the ground with thick rugs and hang flags on the doorframe of the tent.

Have plenty of cushions on the floor and low-level tables people can sit around without needing chairs.

Glamping Party Ideas And Activities

Glamping is still like camping, in that you’re outdoors and under the stars. Here are some glamping party ideas to try out.

Telling Silly Stories

Get everyone seated around some candles or near some candles. Give everyone 10 slips of paper and ask them to write down 10 nouns each; nouns are: people, places and things. Collect up the slips and shuffle them in a bowl or a hat. Choose someone to start the game by asking them to pick out a slip of paper. They now get a minute to start a story using their chosen word.

When time is up, a new person takes their turn. They now build on the story told with their new word. You can keep the game going until everyone’s had their turn or until the nouns run out. You can add themes to your story by choosing theme-related nouns.

Enjoy Game Night

We love game nights at Partycurrent and since you’re outside already, it means you’re mostly away from phones, the internet and all things tech. With a few drinks and food on the side, playing board games together is a great opportunity for conversation, laughs and intimacy. Card games such as Solitaire and Hearts and board games like Scrabble and Backgammon are perfect starters.

Outdoor Dining

Since you’re outside, why not make use of the surroundings by making dinner around a barbecue? Unlike regular camping, you’ll be in easy reach of your kitchen and you won’t need a camp fire either. You will need to make sure you have enough charcoal for your outdoor grill (and that the grill works).

If you’ve got everyone staying over for the night, treat them to an outdoor breakfast.

Holding an outdoor wine party is also a nice treat. There are many different themes you can try, for example: wine by country or experimenting different wines with different foods. Learn more about this with our post on wine party ideas.

Create a Group Novel

Get everyone sitting a circle and give one person a pen and a piece of paper. This person then gets two minutes to write a short story about a third of a page long. They don’t need to write in great detail, just whatever comes to mind. When the time is up, fold the story so only the last line shows. Pass the story to the next person to continue. The last player reads out the whole thing out.

Bobbing For Grapes

Set this up at a dining table, but make sure you’ve got lots of physical space between your players. Present each person with a bowl of whipped cream in which 5-10 grapes are buried. On the word Go!, players must find the grapes with their mouths and eat them without using their hands.

Roasting Marshmallows

Bring out some skewers and get everyone roasting some marshmallows over a ground-level grill or small campfire. You can use plain marshmallows for this or you can prepare some marshmallows in advance with different toppings and dips. Some of our favourites include sprinkling sea salt on the marshmallows, chocolate-covered marshmallows and marshmallows mashed together with potato chips.

Play Picnic Games

Get your glamping party ideas really going with competitive team games. Games such as horseshoes, ring toss, lawn bowling and cornhole are simple to play and don’t need any instructions. They’re also fun to play as your evening darkens and when you’ve got only tent illumination to light up your game area. Here’s a list of picnic games you can use with your glamping.

Make Shadow Puppets

If you’re partying into the evening, you can keep your guests entertaining by making shadow puppets on the inside of their tent. Shadow puppets are made using just your hands or items lying around and are lit by dim lighting source.


If you own a telescope and can get someone to loan you want, you take full advantage of sleeping outdoors by taking a look at the starts. This is such a touching experience, if you ever get the chance, and also a great opportunity to learn about the cosmos.

If you know of any upcoming lunar events, for example an eclipse or a full moon, you can schedule your glamping party to catch this experience.

Encourage Socialising

Being outside in your tent is such an intimate and relaxing experience, so why not make the most of the peace by learning more about your friends? You can do this by using conversational starter card games such as Never Have I Ever and Loaded Questions. Be prepared to discover little known facts about your friends that will surprise you.

Singing Songs

This is the simplest of glamping party ideas, all you need is a guitar, someone who knows a few chords, and a list of well-known songs so any guest can join in. You can also sing without any instruments, acapella singing is just as wonderful and entertaining.

Get Meditating

If you’re partying outside on a cool summers night, you can make the most of the quiet by inviting everyone into a group meditation. All a meditation requires is for everyone to close their eyes and focus on their breathing.

As the party host, I would recommend you lead the meditation, which means you provide verbal instructions such as “everyone now close their eyes… now, breathe in deep, then breathe out slowly” and so on. You can also meditate to a guided meditation played from your phone.

When it comes to glamping party ideas, you’ve got the best of both worlds when it comes to partying – the lovely outdoors and warm comfortable fun. Glamping as a party theme is by itself an unusual and memorable experience to give your friends. I hope this list of ideas gives you a good starting point for your next party planning.

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