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12 Brilliant Christmas Themed Games For Adults

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You’ve open all the presents, scoffed all the Christmas dinner, and watched all the holiday movies. With all the usual festive things done and out of the way, now’s the time to finally let your hair down and break out a few Christmas themed games for adults.

Doing something together is where memories are made and games are perfect for adding a touch of zing. A little friendly competition, especially after you’ve had a few drinks, can go a long, long way. Christmas themed party games are especially unique, because they keep the mood firmly in-season.

Games can be a welcome shot in the arm, whether you’re hosting a large Christmas party, or desperate to change up a dull family gathering.

Some of these Christmas themed games for adults will test your knowledge of the season, while others are just silly for the sake of it. The holidays are an excuse for fun, so why not make the most of it before January has you back at the office and gloomy all over again. Let’s get started.

Some Christmas Themed Games For Adults

Carolling Challenge

Like Santa Claus, there’s no escaping Christmas Carols this time of year, so instead of running, when you take advantage of it. Get everyone sitting in a circle and the first person chosen to start must sing a line from a Christmas carol. Once they’re done, the person to their left must sing the next line and so on. 

To change things up, call out “Change!” every now and then; whoever hears this instruction must immediately start singing the line of a brand new carol. A new round then begins, with the next player singing the line of this song.

Anyone who can’t sing a line or gets it wrong can do a forfeit, such as a silly dance or sip of their drink.

Oven Mitt Chocolates

Before playing this game, go to the supermarket and buy a couple of bars of Chocolate that’s been specifically created for the season. Freeze this chocolate overnight in the fridge until it’s rock hard, then put it on a plate.

Get your friends sat around a table and put the plate of chocolate, along with a knife, fork and pair of oven mitts in the middle. Give one player a pair of dice; whoever rules a double (e.g. Two 4’s or two 5’s, etc) puts on the oven mitts and tries to eat the chocolate with the knife and fork.

Everyone else continues rolling the dice until another double is thrown. When this happens, the new player takes over the mitts and the chocolate-eating. Keep the game going until all the chocolate gets eaten.

Guess Whose Christmas

We’ve all had embarrassing Christmases at various moments in our lives, going all the way back to when we were kids. This Christmas themed party game’s not only a great excuse to dig out and share those stories, but it’s also a nice way for everyone to get to know each other.

As everyone arrives at the party, give each person 2 strips of paper and ask them to quickly write down 1 embarrassing tale on each. Collect everyone’s papers in a bowl, shuffle the bowl, then ask people to pick out 2 each when it comes to playing the game. People take it in turns to read their strips, for the rest of the group to guess their owners.

Christmas Unwrapping

Before playing this game, fill a small cardboard box with lots of chocolates and candy, and then wrap it as tightly as you can with multiple sheets of Christmas wrapping paper and tape. Get your friends sitting in a circle and put on some festive music.

On Go!, have them pass the box around the group until the music stops. Whoever is holding the box at this point gets 15 seconds (use a timer) to try and tear open a layer of paper. When the time is up, restart the music.

Continue playing the game until the last sheet of paper is ripped away. Whoever succeeds and is holding the box gets all the sweets inside.

Spoon & Ornament Race

You might know the egg-and-spoon race from childhood.

Well, this is the festive version, only this time, players must balance a bauble on a spoon and race to the finish line without it falling off. You can play this game indoors or outside. To make the game extra hard, create a race course filled with obstacles players will need to move around, for example, going around a chair, skipping over a line made up shoes or spinning twice on the spot when you shout out “Spin!” 

Players can either run to the finish line or reach there and run back to the starting line. If you’ve got lots of guests, this second version works well, as you can play this game with teams of people passing the spoon and bauble back and forth. First team to have completed the game wins.

Quick On The Draw

This Christmas themed party game’s a fast moving one, perfect for injecting quick energy into your group.

Split your friends into event teams, and give the “artists” of each team 30s seconds to draw as many objects as they can think of that are associated with Christmas. The rest of their team must guess each item correctly to win points.

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More Christmas Themed Games For Adults

Memory Game

This game can be very challenging after a few Christmas drinks. As host, put together a tray filled with 2o to 30 fun Christmas items, for example, different ornaments, wrapping accessories, various colored candies, knick knacks from the dollar store and other weird items. Guests are shown the items on the tray before you cover it with a cloth.

There are 2 versions of this game. In the first version, remove 2 to 3 objects from the tray. Players are then re-shown the tray, and whoever call outs the missing item is the winner of that round. Return the items to the tray for a new round.

In the 2nd version, players write down as many items as they can recall from the tray. Whoever identifies the most correct items wins the game.


Charades is a classic game that has easy rules, no complicated explanation need. Before playing, write out a massive list of Christmas film titles, Christmas book titles, and objects and places associated with the holidays, cut into strips and shuffle in a bowl.

Divide your groups into 2+ teams. A player from the first team is given 30 seconds to act out as many strips as they can using only mime for their team to guess. When the time is up, the next team takes their spot.

Christmas Cupboard Challenge

This Christmas themed party game’s all about the excess food we usually end up buying (and not always consuming) during the holidays. It’s a game where you challenge your friends to create a dish together using only the existing food items in the house.

Whether that’s tinned goods, frozen peas, and staples, everyone will be forced to think creatively on what they can cook based on what they’ve got. Players shouldn’t have to go to the supermarket for extras other than oil and condiments (if you’re out of these). Should additional foodstuffs be needed, send them out with only a single $5 note in order to limit what they can buy. Depending on guest numbers, you can split everyone into teams or have solo players for this challenge.

Gingerbread House Contest

That’s right, decorating gingerbread houses can be an activity for adults too. To reduce stress and hassle, stock on pre-built houses or just plain gingerbread men as an alternative.

Set the table with a decoration station filled with candies, icing guns, melted chocolate, and other tasty adornments and set a time limit on the challenge. Players can vote who has created the best house or best dressed gingerbread guy.

Go Snowmen

You need to provide your friends with generous amounts of white toilet paper. Divide everyone up into pairs or trios and give each one their own toilet rolls.

Players must decide will be the snowman “creators” and who will be the person to be wrapped up with the toilet roll to become the snowman. Then on Go!, everyone races against the clock to create their snowman from head to toe the fastest.

Festive Tune

Before your party, create a playlist made up of well-known Christmas ditties, carols and festive music from all decades and muscal genres.

To start the game, play the first 10 seconds of a Christmas song. Points are awarded to the first person who can call out the song title and also sing the next line. Extra points are given if they can identify the singer(s) and the year or decade of the song’s release. The person with the most correct songs answered is the winner.

Get Your Christmas Themed Party Games!

You’ve done and planned everything right for the holiday and everyone is having fun. Keeping that momentum going is key to lasting memories, and having a few themed Christmas games for adults in the bag will help you do. Happy playing!

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