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7 Christmas Pictionary Ideas For Friends This Holiday

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Love drawing? Don’t want people getting bored during your party? Then these Christmas Pictionary ideas are for you.

I love drawing games when they’re collaborative, and Pictionary fits the bill. People love the chance to be creative and show off what they can do. You can never anticipate what’s going to spring forth from people’s imaginations, especially after they’ve had a few drinks.

You will need to provide drawing paper and pens and pencils to enjoy these Christmas Pictionary ideas. Let’s get you started.

Reverse Pictionary

In this game, players listen to 60 seconds of someone describing a scene. Then they’re given 30 seconds to draw it. The first person to complete a drawing that closely resembles the given scene is awarded a point.

Draw And Fold

This Christmas Pictionary idea’s a take on a traditional game known as an Exquisite Corpse. Take a piece of paper and fold it horizontally into three parts, making sure the creases are visible. The first player draws a head then folds the paper back to hide their drawing. The next player draws the body, and a third draws the legs. By the end, the paper is unravelled to reveal the complete drawing.

You can make the drawings as random as you like, or you can also play the game by setting a theme. Themes can include a profession, a famous person, an expression of emotion, an animal, or Christmas-related. You can also make the game more elaborate by having five folds instead of three. This allows you to add a neck and feet to the resulting drawing.

Quick On The Draw

This game is a fast one. Divide your players into equal teams, and give the “artists” of each team 60 seconds to draw as many objects as they can think of. It’s up to their team to guess correctly to win points. You can also give drawers a prompt, by whispering a topic idea into their ear (make sure their teammates can’t hear what’s being said).

Draw Something

This Christmas Pictionary idea’s slightly more complex than the others. It requires requires a bit of grammar knowhow and word knowledge and also some advanced planning. Nominate a player to start the game. This person is given a word to draw, that everyone else has to guess the meaning of in order to score a point.

The game can get progressively harder when they’re given more difficult words to draw. Try your luck trying to draw ‘dodecahedron,’ ‘armature’ and ‘cascade’!

Broken Pictionary

If you love creating stories, then you will love this game. The first player is given a sentence they must draw. The next player then has to guess what the sentence is based on the drawing. They then fold that drawing and create their own. This second drawing is passed to the third player to take a guess, and so on. When the sentence is revealed at the end, you will be guaranteed some laughs.

Artistic Pass Along

Unlike the other Christmas Pictionary ideas in this list, this game requires a bit more skill and attention. You will need to give everyone with drawing paper and pen/pencils. Set a short time limit and ask players to start drawing an object or a scene from their life. The drawings don’t have to be detailed but they do need to be clear.

When the time is up, they pass their drawing to the person on their left who incorporates a different object to the drawing during the next round. Keep the game going until the original drawings are back with their owner. You can set a theme for the game; these can include Landscape, City, Work.

If you want to make the game harder, you can use props to give players a few visual cues to play with.

Alphabet Landscape

Have you ever seen kids’ picture books where each letter of the alphabet is presented by an animal? So the letter B is drawn as a bee (with yellow and black stripes and wings), or the letter L is drawn as a lizard? This game takes its cue from that. I like to play with 5-letter words which means you need five players. Each player gets their own word and 30 seconds to draw the first letter as an animal.

When the 30 seconds is up, each player passes their drawing/word onto the person to their left, while receiving a drawing from their right. Then they draw the second letter of the word they’ve received, and so on. Everyone should have received a completed drawing of their original word at the end of the fifth round.

Keeping your friends and family consistently entertained through the holidays can be tricky (and exhausting). Having a few Christmas Pictionary ideas lying around can take the load off. People always love the chance to be creative, so let them do that.

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