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6 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Games For Adults This Holiday

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Having an ugly Christmas party this year and want to know what ugly Christmas sweater party games are out there to include? We hear you, because we had these thoughts once too.

We love the idea of having guests dressed in ugly sweaters and anything in bad taste. When Christmas can be so formal sometimes, with everyone on their best behaviour, people get to let their hair down by turning up in their “worst dressed” clothes.

Your guests needs to be in their best tacky gear to get into the spirit of these ugly Christmas sweater party games, even if those games are taking place on Zoom. Let’s get started.

Ugly Sweater Contest

No ugly Christmas party can exist without an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Your friends have gone out of their way to dress badly, the least you can do is give them some credit for their designs. Ask your friends to cast their votes during the early proceedings of your party, then hand out tacky prizes. Some of the categories they can vote on include: Best Sweater, Worst Knitted Sweater, Best Sweater To Put Off A First Date.

Ugly Dancing Chain

Get everyone on their feet in a circle, and nominate someone to start the game by doing a “small ugly dance move.” Moves can include picking your nose, patting your belly, or making some weird gesture. Then the person next to them copies this move before adding their own. The game continues until everyone had add their own move while remembering all the others preceding it. This of course leads the last person in the game to dance all of the moves! Once they’ve accomplished this, or least tried to, ask the whole group to perform the group dance sequence at least twice before ending the game

Pin The Ornament

You know how ugly sweaters come in the most mind-blowing of awful colours? This ugly Christmas sweater party game’s all about celebrating these hues. Pick a spot to hang up a sweater, then highlight a specific element in the design you want people to aim for. Then blindfold each player and have them take it in turns hanging their ornament. The player who gets their ornament closest to the target area is the winner.

Unravel That Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater party game’s all about the “craftsmanship” of this garish gear. You need to buy a large ugly sweater then cut the bottom so you can eek out one thread from each. Divide everyone into two teams, with one person from each team with a thread each. Then against the clock, players must pull the thread as far as it can go before time is up and another team member takes over. Whichever team unravels the sweater first or has the longest string is the winner.

The Ugly Chocolate Game

For this game, you will need a large bar of thick chocolate (frozen overnight); a pair of dice, ugly clothing (a hat, a scarf, and a pair of mittens); and a knife, fork and plate. Unwrap the chocolate at least two hours before the game. Have everyone sitting on the floor in a circle, with the clothes, chocolate and cutlery at its centre

Players take it in turns trying to toss a double with the dice. Whoever manages  to do so goes to the centre, puts on the ugly clothes (starting with the hat) then tries to cut and eat the chocolate using the knife and fork. They keep going until another double is thrown. This second player takes the clothes and has their attempt at eating the chocolate. Keep the game going, until all the chocolate is gone.

Steal The Ornament

This ugly Christmas sweater party game’s all about stealth. Give each player their own ornament to hang on the back of the neck of their sweater. Then let everyone carry on having their party as normal, while trying to steal each other’s ornament without the other person knowing. Whoever ends up with the most ornaments within a time limit set for the game is the winner.

Now you’ve got this list of ugly Christmas sweater party games, you’ll never be short of what to do, when you want to let your hair down (and get tacky) this festive season.

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