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11 Movie Themed Party Games For Adults And Film Nerds

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Planning a party around movies and pop culture? Unsure how to keep people happy during the night? Then make sure you’ve got a few movie themed party games to hand to keep people entertained.

And entertained they will be, as I’ve put together a list of games that will test your friends’ knowledge of the movies by asking them to act, draw or think on their feet. While we all may love movies, talking about them can sometimes descend into a dull battle of the wits about which film is best.

Let’s get started with these movie themed party games.

Describe That Movie

This movie game encourages quick thinking and ingenuity. Before you play, write out a list of names of well-known movies. Divide your guests into two equal teams and stand next to a buzzer you place at the front of the room. Ask one player from each team to stand either side of the buzzer.

Explain to everyone that you will show these two players a movie title and ask them to describe it to their team using a word limit you will set. Both players then play head to head, coming up with a description. If someone from their team guesses, they must run to the front, shout it out, hit the buzzer then swap places. Keep the game going through three consecutive rounds. The first team to complete all three rounds is the winner.

So how do you play this game? Let’s say the movie title was Star Wars. If you had to describe the film in two words, you might say “cosmic swords”. If you had to describe it in four words, you might think up “mythical battle, with robots.” Five words? “Space battle, good versus evil”. Make sure people know they can’t use words featured in the movie title. You should change up the word limits with each round, to keep things fresh and unpredictable.

Movie Reverse Charades

This movie themed party game’s a version of Charades that is the opposite of the normal game. Write down on strips of paper the names of famous movies, then jumble them up in a salad bowl.

Select one person to be your guesser and ask them to close their eyes. Then quietly and quickly pick a name from the bowl to show everybody else, before ask your player to open their eyes again. Everyone must now act out the movie title together for this person to guess. The guesser has just a 60 seconds to guess as many correct movies as they can.

Movie Drama

This game involves acting out famous scenes from movies. You can either select well-known movies or narrow it down to a specific movie you know everyone is a fan of. For example, say, that movie was an Avengers movie. Scenes from this movie could include: Iron Man about to take off from the ground; Thor getting ready to swing his hammer; Captain America ducking behind his shield. Write out two identical lists of the same scenes. Then divide everyone into two equal teams, with one player from each team acting out their scene for everyone to guess. The first team to complete the entire list is the winner.

Famous Who

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played this game. This simple movie themed party game’s one you can play in any party environment and it’s guaranteed to get you laughs.

Decide a movie theme first then give each person a Post-It note. Ask everyone to write down the name of a famous person that fits your theme (e.g., movie stars, live-action superheroes, cartoon characters). Each person then sticks their note on the forehead of another person so this person can’t see it but everybody else can. Now pick one person to start the game; they get to ask ten Yes/No questions that everyone answers, before taking a guess at the end. There’s no forfeit if they get their name wrong, it’s just a fun time together and perfect as an icebreaker. When they’re done, a new player takes their go.

Movie Title Charades Relay

Like Movie Drama, this game involves a bit of acting. Before playing, write down a list of 15 to 20 movie titles along with a description of each film that people could easily act out. For example: Light saber fights (Star Wars); throwing her lasso (Wonder Woman); a UFO landing (Independence Day). Divide people up into two equal teams, Teams A and B. Everyone in Team A leaves the room, except for one team member; Team B meanwhile serves as the audience for this round.

Quickly show one of these movie descriptions to the member of Team A still in the room. After ten seconds, ask a second member to return. Teammate 1 now has to act out a clue (using only mime) to help Teammate 2 guess the scene. After ten seconds have passed, invite a third member to return. Teammate 2 now acts out what they think the scene is, and so on. The last person of Team A then has to guess the name of the movie. Once they’ve done that, Team B takes their turn.

Movie Draw to Score

This movie themed party game’s about speed and fun. You will need to provide sheets of drawing paper and pens and play in a large space.

Before playing, write out a list of famous movie titles for people to draw. Split everyone into two or more equal teams, giving each team its own referee and area in the room. On Go!, the first player of each team must run up to you, be shown the same movie title, and run back to their team. They then draw something related to the movie for their teammates to guess (and keep drawing until someone gets it right). When it is guessed correctly, the next player from the team runs to you for the next title.

As this is a drawing game, players can only draw; speaking and writing are not allowed. That’s why each team needs a referee, to catch anyone doing this. The team with the most points wins. Any team caught talking or writing during the rounds loses one point per error.

The Movie Hot Seat

How well do you know your movies? Do you have any wannabe film nerds in your group you’d really like to grill the heck out of? Then this game is for you. Before you play, you need to decide which movies you will be quizzing people on, whether that’s by genre, actor, year, or series. Then you need to put together a list of at least 100 questions in advance, so question-askers don’t run out of things they can ask.

Assemble everyone, then place a chair in the front of the room. Nominate someone to sit in the chair and tell them they have just 30 seconds to answer as many questions correctly as they can. Other guests line up and fire off their questions. When the 30 seconds are up, the next player takes over. The player who gets the most questions correct is the winner. Make sure you keep score during game play.

Guess Which Silent Movie

Before playing, cut into a bowl a list of well-known movies, at least 30 to 50 names to make the game last. Jumble the bowl, then pick someone to come to the front of the room and have them pull out a name.

This player now acts out the name of the movie, in mime only, for everyone else to guess. When guessed correctly, somebody else takes their turn to act out a movie.

You can also play a variation of this game by using sound effects only. Players must act out the movie title using sounds made from their mouth and hands.

Famous Movie Lines

Write down a list of famous lines or quotes from famous movies. For example: “To infinity and beyond” (Toy Story); “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” (Gone With The Wind); “There’s no place like home” (The Wizard of Oz). Make sure you don’t make the lines too obvious or too well known or the game will be over too fast.

Cut your list up and shuffle the strips in a bowl. Players then take it in turns to read out a line for everyone else to guess. Whoever makes the most correct guesses wins the game.

To increase the challenge, extra points can be awarded to players who can name the character and actor who said the line. The player reading the quote can also gain their own bonus points, if they can act out the scene that includes the line.

Movie Scavenger Hunt

This game needs to be played outside your home. Everyone needs a working camera and to be working in teams of three. You need to set a time limit for this game, so people get back in time to share their results. A time limit prevents people from wandering too far from your house.

Before playing, write out a list of movie titles and give each team a copy of this list. The goal is for everyone to take photos of items that correspond to each movie title, as best they can. For example: if the movie was Toy Story, then they need to find action figures or something child-like. Mulan? An item of red clothing or something resembling a sword. Nightmare on Elm Street? A block of knives or an open Swiss army knife could do. Let people be as imaginative as they can. Whichever team completes the list the best is the winner although everyone playing is the winner.

You can also limit your list to being about one movie. If you know everyone is a fan of, say, Lord of The Rings, then you can ask all the team to photograph ten items that describe the mood of the film, or a scene, or one of the characters. Leave it to your friends to decide what they want to do.

Movie Star Names

This movie themed party game’s a drinking game you play against the clock. Everyone needs a drink of choice and a good knowledge of movies.

Nominate someone to start the first round. This person begins by saying out loud the first and last names of a movie star. The next player now has just ten seconds to think of another movie star, using the first letter of the previous actor’s surname. For example: if I say “Angelina Jolie,” the next person could say “Johnny Depp.” If someone takes too long to think of a name, they take a sip of their drink.

You can also change the direction of the game. When a person correctly guesses the name, they can shout “Change!” Now the game changes direction, with the round reversing back to the previous person. Make sure the reversing doesn’t happen too often; you want everyone to play fair and not end up ganging up on someone.

Keep the game going until it has completed  three times. The player who has come up with names the quickest is the winner.

Movie themed party games are the perfect way to draw out your friends’ knowledge of films without it all turning into a nerd rant. Instead you can test what they know through fun and surprise.

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