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15 Drinking Games With Nothing Required To Play Them

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When you’re out drinking with your mates, you can always be guaranteed a good night of bonding and larks. Then someone inevitably asks if anyone knows of any games they can play. What they’re asking about is drinking games with nothing required in order to play them.

And it’s true you do need props with some drinking games. Beer Pong springs to mind, as well as Drinking Jenga. You might also be drinking in a space like a bar or at a restaurant where it’s not possible to play games with any equipment.

When all you’ve got to hand are your drinks and your friends, what more do you want? Here’s our list of drinking games with nothing needed to play any of them.

Most Likely

You need four or more people to make this an effective game. One person in the group asks everyone who they think is most likely to do something. For example: “Who would be mostly likely to bring work home in the evenings?” or “Who would be most likely to choose a dish they’ve never eaten before?” Then on the count of three, each person points to the person who would most likely do the said question. Anyone who is pointed at has to take a drink according to the number of fingers they receive, i.e., three fingers means three sips.

Opposite Moves

Get everyone on their feet in a circle. There are only four commands to give: In, Out, Left, Right. Players must do the opposite action of the command you give to them. If you shout out “jump left,” players must jump to the right. Anyone jumping to the left need to take a drink. Keep the game going until it ends naturally.

Freeze Or Drink

Unlike other drinking games with nothing on this list, this one is played continuously throughout the night. Choose someone to be your Mister Freeze. This person can stop and freeze like a statue at any moment during the night. Anyone who notices them doing that also does the same. The last person to notice must drink half of their drink. Then a new Mister Freeze is chosen.

Two Truths And A Lie

Okay, this isn’t a game with nothing, as you will need a notepad and a pen to play. Choose a person to start the game. Ask this person to write down two true facts and one that isn’t. They then read out all three facts for everyone to guess which is the lie. If the lie is spotted, the person who made the lie takes a drink. But if the lie pointed out is wrong, everyone has to take a drink (except the player).

Quick On The Draw

This is a fast drink and draw game. Pick someone to start and whisper into their ear a theme or topic. Then give them 60 seconds to draw as many objects they can think of related to that theme, for everyone to guess what the items are. When the clock stops, the artist takes a drink for every item wrongly guessed.

I’d Like To Introduce You To…

If you’re looking for drinking games with nothing but quick thinking to hand, this party game is the one to test your friends.

Have everyone seated around a table and choose one person to start. This person must introduce themselves by adding an adjective to their first name based on the first letter. For example: “Hi, I am Messy Mark.”

Now the person to their right has to introduce themselves while also including the name of the person to their left, like this: “Hi, I’d like to introduce you to Messy Mark. I am Delightful David.”

The next person then says: “Hi, I’d like to introduce you to Messy Mark, Delightful David. I am Enthusiastic Ellen.” Anyone who gets a name wrong must take a drink; everyone takes a drink if a player gets the name order wrong. The winner is someone who can introduce everyone in the correct order.

Never Have I Ever

Get everyone in a circle and holding out their hand so it shows all five fingers. Begin by asking the group “Never have I ever…” before finishing the phrase with something they’ve never done, that can be racy, risqué or weird, depending on who you’re playing with. Anyone who has done the thing being asked puts their finger down and then takes a drink. This game can become rowdy. If you’re not comfortable sharing personal information, let the host know beforehand so he or she can set some ground rules. You don’t want to embarrass anyone.


In Greek mythology, anyone who gazed into Medusa’s eyes was turned into stone. In this less extreme version, have your players seated around a table so that everybody can see everyone else. Then ask each player to put their head down on the table. On three, everyone needs to raise their head at the same time and stare directly at someone. Anyone who locks eyes with someone must shout out “Medusa!” The last person who says it takes a drink.


Choose an everyday scenario that two people can be in, for example, sitting next to each other on the train or playing tennsi. Two players then go back and forth with statements that are filled with innuendos, ending each one with “if you know what I mean.” Each round should be played against the clock. The first person to run out of innuendos needs to take a drink.

What’s My Name

Ask each person to write down the name of a famous person onto a Post It, which they stick to the forehead of another person who can’t see it. Now pick one person to start; they get to ask ten Yes/No questions that everyone answers, and for every no, they have to take a take a drink. At the end of the ten questions, they take a guess; if they get the guess wrong, they need to take two sips. Keep going until everyone has had their turn.

All In A Name

This game is another one played against the clock. Everyone needs a drink of choice and a good knowledge of famous people.

Nominate someone to start the first round. This person begins by saying the name of a famous person, and the next person needs to say a name using the first letter of the previous actor’s surname. For example, Ewan McGregor could be followed by Michael Caine. Every time a name is said, everyone takes a drink. If someone takes too long to think of a name, that person takes two sips of their drink.

Keep the game going until it has completed at least  three rounds.

Thunder Dome

This party game pits your friends up against each other. Get everyone in a circle with two people stood in the middle. Everybody on the outside starts shouting in unison, “Thunder Dome! Thunder Dome!” Then you shout out a category like, “Famous cars!” and the two people in the middle start taking it in turns to name a famous car until one of them runs out of ideas. This person needs to step out of the circle and take a drink while a new challenger takes their place. Be prepared for some serious competition.


This drinking game is one where everyone playing needs to pay close attention.

Each player takes it in turns counting, with the first saying ‘1,’ the next person with ‘2,’ and so on. Whenever a player hits a prime number (numbers that can’t be divided by anything but 1 and itself), they must say ‘buzz.’ If the player doesn’t say ‘buzz,’ they take a drink. If a player says ‘buzz’ by mistake, everyone takes a drink.

This game also works, if you pit 2 teams against each other. Make sure each one has a referee, then stay out of their way. Gameplay can get pretty rowdy!

Straight Face

Ask everyone to write down a sentence on a strip of paper that will make another person reading it laugh, appalled or uncomfortable to read. Jumble the slips in a pile. Going round the group one at a time, each person takes a slip and reads it out with as straight a face as they can. If the reader laughs, smiles or looks gruntled, they take a drink. If they manage to keep a straight face, the writer of the sentence needs to own up to it, then take a drink.

The Clap Game

If you’re looking for drinking games with nothing but bare hands to play, this is the game for you. Lead the game, by starting to clap three times (which everyone then needs to repeat), then six times, then nine. Once everyone has done the sequence at least once together, you can start changing up the speed of the clapping. You can also pauses as well, or encourage people to clap above their heads, or quietly, or loudly.

Anyone caught out by not doing the clap as instructed has to take a drink. Anyone who breaks the sequence or misses a beat also needs to take a drink.

You can never anticipate what mayhem can happen when you’re drinking with friends, and where that fun might lead. You might end up in a situation where you want to play drinking games with nothing but the drinks and people in front of you. This list will help you maximise on that moment.

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