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18 Fun Socializing Activities For Adults And Friends New And Old

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If you’re looking for socializing activities for adults, chances are you totally value hanging out with your friends. We’re with you on that.

Finding time for quality hangout time with your friends can be difficult. People are always busy, which limits you to evenings and weekends and even then, you might not do much together.

Then there’s long-distance friends to think about or those you’ve reconnected with. How do you start getting to know these people again?

Of course there’s social media for keeping in touch, but we both know that’s not enough. We enjoy being with our friends face to face.

Let’s start making new memories with this list of activities to do with your friends.

Outdoor socializing activities for adults

Hanging out ideas needn’t cost the earth, nor do you need to try hard to create your entertainment. Not when the outdoors is your stage.

Feel the buzz of almost free music

Check out your local listings for discount gigs, free outdoor concerts and entry to launch parties. Pack a lunch or dinner to take with you.

Cycle for joy

Exercise and experience your hometown at the same time by biking around.

Let your friends create a bike route with you, including places they like to visit, but don’t forget to add landmarks you know. Instead of eating at places you know, why  not try eating in unfamiliar restaurants during your ride.

Stare down nature

If you live close to a beach, forest or hills, you should take advantage of them by ditching the city for a few hours. Make a day of it by bringing a packed lunch, a blanket and some old books and music.

Enjoy walking of all kinds

If you enjoy walking, why not use the opportunity to take a walk around the city without map. Who knows what you might share along the way or where you’ll end up. You can walk the route or a specific tram or bus route, do some night walking together or join any official tours in your city. Don’t forget to check for rain and pack waterproofs and an umbrella.

If you’re walking off the beaten track, make sure to pack a lunch and some water.

Organize a garden party

As city lovers, gardens are at a premium so if you’ve got one, you’re lucky and should make the most of it. Make your garden a to-die-for paradise for the rest of us who live in tiny apartments.

Spontaneous museum/gallery visit

Literally, close your eyes and point to the first listing of your local listings guide. Don’t work out how to get there and leave your smartphones at home. Turn a museum visit into a whole adventure.

Indoor socializing activities for adults

Warm up the fire and have your friends over, for a cosy night of sharing experiences and life stories. Here are a few ways how:

Throw a board game party

Easy to plan, stress-free fun, playing together helps you relax faster.

Depending on the friends present, decide the type of game you want, e.g. competitive games, acting games, games that make you think.

Board games icebreaker

Similar to the above, the Lifestories board game is an excellent way to get friends talking about their dreams and hopes, in a natural fun way. You’ll definitely find out things you’ve never known about them.

Play this Group Storytime Game

  • Sit in a circle and ask everyone to write out 10 nouns on 10 slips of paper such as tornado, rowboat, pigeon.
  • With one person starting, shuffle the papers.
  • Then give them 1 minute to tell a story using the first slip they pull out.
  • When time’s up, a new person continues the story, by incorporating the next slip of paper. And so on.

Time for a TV series binge

Lazy activities are also cool and throwing a movie marathon with mates even cooler. Netflix, DVDs, good old fashioned VHS, it doesn’t matter. To avoid any conflicts about what to watch, get everyone to write their choices and toss them on a salad bowl. The first choice pulled from the bowl is the first choice for the night. Make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks, popcorn and shakes.

Comfort food recipes

Getting together with your friends is the perfect opportunity to find out what they love about food, by asking them to cook something with you. A friend of mine makes the greatest apple crepes which is just as well, because I don’t know how to make crepes myself. Cooking with friends is a lot of fun and you can mess up as many times as you like, no one will judge. Your friends are also the perfect test eaters for any recipe experiments.

A local hilltop, meadow or forest to conquer

The sounds of Nature are a lot clearer, during rain, so why not make the most of that by heading outside. You might choose to cycle to the nearest hill or go hiking and camp out over night. If you prefer to stay home, then open the windows and let in the sound of rain.

A messy garden that needs weeding

Post-rain is the perfect time for a spot of gardening, as the soil will be moist. It’s a good time to put on your rubber boots and raincoat, pick up your spade and rope your friends in for some hangout time in mud.

Wacky socializing activities for adults

When you choose any of these, not only will you and your friends doing it be memorable, but the activity itself will be remembered.

Dinner party, gonzo style

Why not cook for each other, using only the ingredients already in your cupboards and fridge? This is a cooking activity I love. Unless all you’ve got in your fridge are oil, spices and condiments, buying new groceries is not allowed. The challenge is to make use of what you have, whether that’s canned goods, pasta, bread, or cereal or other stranger things you might have.

Go on a road trip with friends

Driving can be relaxing for some, and you can take to the open road quite easily with some planning. Try and get out of the city and plan a route that takes in a few hotspots to visit. You might combine things with a picnic or a trip to the beach. I like playing car games with my friends during any long trip.

Race You to Dinner

This is a fun dinner-making activity that’s also part game. You need 8 friends confirmed, in advance of the night.

Of the 8, choose 2 chefs, and instruct the other 6 to bring two food items (one carbohydrate, one protein).

Stock up on spare food, in case you don’t have all the 12 items.

  • On the dinner night, each chef chooses 6 items
  • They then have 90 minutes to create a 2-course meal to feed four.
  • Divide the remaining guests into 2 teams, assigned to the chef whose using their protein.

Once dinner’s made, everyone gets to eat and vote on the best dish of the night.

Enjoy a goofy activity together

Miniature golf, speed dating, nude drawing classes, clowning classes, yodeling, balloon animal making, go karting, unicycling, go to the movies in drag, attend a silent retreat – these are the perfect goofy socializing activities for adults, without a doubt. You don’t have to spend much money to have goofy fun together. Going to a local arcade or a fun fair can be just as great.

Laugh until it hurts

And do it, by signing up you and your friends up to a comedy club open mic. Ever wanted to be a stand-up? No, but here’s your chance. Your friends will support you if no one else will.

If you want to watch someone else instead, go out and see what’s playing locally

Talking of getting up on stage

Why not give an open mic gig a try? Read out your own or those you like. Or get someone to do some comedy while you accompany them on a guitar.

If you take up any of these socializing activities for adults, you’ll be in for a memorable time. There’s no substitute for seeing your friends and doing something together, not even social media can do the job. Now you’ve got no excuses for what to do when you hang out.

Image: mckaysavage

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