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Cheesy Eurovision Party Ideas: The Ultimate Music Party Theme You Can’t Miss

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Love music parties but getting tired of the usual 80s music, 60s nostalgia, and Taylor Swift themes?

That’s why you need these Eurovision party ideas.

It’s a great time for music right now. But not all music makes for a great overall party theme, one that can translate into decorations and party trivia.

What the heck is Eurovision?

For those of you who don’t know, this is an event held every year in a different European city. Think of it as the Olympics of Pop Music. Known officially as the European Song Contest, it was started in 1956 as a way of uniting European countries after World War Two.

Acts are whittled down to the winner from the votes of juries of the countries participating and from the real-life audience watching the live proceedings.

What’s great about having Eurovision party ideas as a theme is the way you can combine music and theatrics. There’s no limit in music for what a singer or band you can feature.

Past Eurovision winners have included ABBA who won for Sweden in 1974 with their song ‘Waterloo’ and Celine Dion who took part in 1988, winning for Switzerland with the song ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’.

If you like cheesy fun or just want to throw a party with an outlandish concept, these Eurovision party ideas are going to be up your street. I’ve made this Partycurrent theme for anyone in mind, so even if you’re just into music or want a different way to party, you can take part easily.

Set the scene with your invitations

Because the Eurovision Song Content can be quite cheesy, try and use bright wacky colors in your invitations, as well as musical motifs. A Psychedelic Vibe invite can be created using pre-bought psychedelic-colored card and gold glitter sprinkled on the front. A Eurovision Lyric invite is fun but definitely resonates more with hardcore Eurovision fans.

One example lyric is “Your kisses for me, save all your kisses for me” from the Brotherhood of Man Eurovision song ‘Save Your Kisses For Me; you could use it as “Your kisses for me, save all your kisses for me… for this [party date]”. If you know the next host city for Eurovision, you can create invitations with tourist landmarks from that city.

Get into the Eurovision mood

You can party to Eurovision anytime of the year. But if you doing this during Eurovision week, you’ll want your TV to be centre stage, so everyone can watch the proceedings. Re-arrange your seating so everyone can see, and ass some silver tinsel trim around the edge of the TV screen. You can also hang a flag for the latest host country, with a bit of tinsel to that too.

For your walls, find some popular and traditional sayings from the language of this country, create banners with them and hang up. Choose words like ‘Welcome’, ‘Enjoy our party’ and ‘Share love and music’.

Some Eurovision party ideas for activities

Guess the Winner — Everyone gets a ballot sheet. Whoever guesses the winner and Top 2 runners-up correctly wins a prize.

Get the Eurovision Beat — This being a music theme party, it goes without saying. You can create a playlist of previous Eurovision winners and attending performers, from the various compilations they release after every song content that features all the acts. Here are a few Eurovision songs to get you started:

  • Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan (Ireland 1987)
  • Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi (Finland 2006)
  • Waterloo – ABBA (Sweden 1974)
  • Love Shine A Light – Katrina and the Waves (United Kingdom 1997)
  • Wild Dances – Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)

Eurovision Origins Quiz — Love knowledge? Test your guests’ own background knowhow of the Eurovision Song Contest with a quiz. Here are a few sample questions:

1. Which song was voted the most popular Eurovision song?

1. Boom Bang-a-Bang (Lulu)

2. Puppet on a String (Sandie Shaw)

3. Waterloo (ABBA)

4. Save Your Kisses for Me (Brotherhood of Man)

2. What is the time limit for a Eurovision song?

1. 2.5 minutes

2. 3 minutes

3. 3.5 minutes

4. 4 minutes

3. Which country holds the record for most wins?

1. France

2. Luxembourg

3. Ireland

4. Germany

4. Why was Eurovision created in the first place?

1. To unite countries rebuilding from World War 2

2. To celebrate new European music

3. To celebrate the founding of the European Union

4. To be a vehicle for unknown European musicians

Answers: 1. 3. Waterloo (ABBA) / 2. 2. 3 minutes / 3. 3. Ireland (won 7 times) / 4. 1. To unite countries rebuilding from World War 2.

Eurovision party ideas for food could include a potluck of food from all over Europe. Why not cook dishes from the latest host country itself? Eurovision can be cheesy, so what about a cheese party (I know, I couldn’t resist).

With all this talk of Eurovision, I can’t leave you without dropping a few of videos of acts from previous years, to get you acquainted.

Johnny Logan, Ireland, Hold Me Now, Eurovision 1987

Kate Miller-Heike, Australia, Gravity, Eurovision 2019

Måns Zelmerlöw, Sweden, Heroes, Eurovision 2015

Image: wstryder

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