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15 Joyful Mother’s Day Party Activities For Adults

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Sure, mothers everywhere will appreciate whatever gift or surprise they get. But Mother’s Day party activities for adults aren’t just about celebrations, it’s about letting your mom get in touch with her more personal side. It’s about quality time with her where she can stop being the mom, and just be appreciated for all the skills and qualities she has (and has built your family with).

There are so many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ideas for you to help you get started. Let’s start creating new memories with your mom right now.

Breakfast for Mom

The most simplest Mother’s Day party activities for adults are often right under our noses and this one certainly is that. Before your mom is even awake, you should be out of bed, preparing breakfast so that the table is covered with hot food. Food stuffs to think about could include fruit, waffles, fruit, eggs, coffee and the special things she likes to eat.

You should be thinking about this breakfast at least a week in advance, so you can tick off everything you need. This also gives you time to order in any special goods.

Get pampered

Treat your mother to some well-deserved pampering by organising she get a massage. Alternatively, you can both enjoy a spa day together at a wellness centre and combining it with swimming and other relaxation activities.

Grill an evening dinner

Here’s another way of enjoying food together, by organising an outdoor barbecue with family friends and neighbours. You will need to check your barbecue works and have enough charcoal and meat and vegetable supplies for the day. You will also need to send out invites and arrange provision of plates, cutlery, beer and other items. Get some help too, don’t try to juggle arranging all of this all alone.

Take her shopping

Mother’s Day party activities for adults are a great excuse to get lavish, so why not consider having a bit of a splurge by exploring clothes together. Pick at least 3 different stores you know she will enjoy visiting and go browse something together. Let her know that anything she likes from what she sees, you will be picking up the tab for.

You can make this shopping day into an event, by combining lunch and inviting her friends to join you. It’s fun to watch your Mom and friends fawning over clothes.

Enjoy the outdoors

If there’s a park nearby, a forest or beach within easy reach by car or train, suggest to your mom about spending time there on Mother’s Day. How you spend that time is up to her. If she’s the sporty type, you can plan your day around that. If she prefers relaxing in the sun, then organise a picnic and bring with you deckchairs and a bluetooth radio.

Get practical

Mother’s Day party activities for adults don’t always have to be about lazing around, you also can use the time to get jobs done around the house. In fact, some of the Mother’s Days I’ve had have evolved around completing projects my Mom has already started in the house, for example repainting a room, digging out the flower beds or assembling new bookcases. It’s not all work and no play though, we always have a luxurious takeout lunch to go along with the work and sweat.

Get out the games

This idea isn’t just for your Mom but all of the family as well. We’re a fan of board and card games here, they’re also the perfect distraction from TV, the internet and phones. Plan your games night to include some food and drink.

Go sightseeing

Why not use Mother’s Day as holiday day and treat her to a tour or local sightseeing? Tours are a nice way of getting to know your Mom a bit more as well as giving her a great day out. There are many types of tours you can look for include a culinary tour, a walking tour (in your local neighbourhood or to the nearest city), a history tour, a tour of bookstores or a bus tour instead of walking.

Do a class together

This is one of the more high-end Mother’s Day party activities for adults looking for excitement, that of booking you and your Mom for a class together. Find out what your mother loves doing then choose a class that’s at the more high-end level of that same activity.

For example, if she enjoys flowers and gardens, treat her to a flower arranging class where she can walk away with an arrangement you’ve both made together. If she enjoys interior design TV shows, then treat her to a crafts class where she and you can learn about furniture design. If she loves watercolour, then join a painting class where she gets to paint on a larger canvas to her heart’s content.

Go away for the weekend

If you’ve got the budget for it, then use it book a weekend trip for the two of you. You don’t have to travel too far from home, you can choose a neighbouring city or somewhere near the coast or a national park. You can book an Airbnb if you can’t stretch to a hotel, then take local walks and window shopping trips in your new surroundings.

For wine lovers

For Moms who love a glass of wine every now and then, throwing a wine-themed party can be a treat. There are many different ways of throwing wine-themed Mother’s Day party ideas, for example: wine by different country of origin (e.g. Portugal, Australia), the classic wine tasting idea or celebrity wine. You can learn more about such themes in our post about wine party ideas.

Bake a dessert together

Is there a cake or dessert your Mom loves to make for the whole family? While it might be odd to ask her to be baking for you, this being Mother’s Day, you will be doing it with her. Turning her trip to the supermarket into a shopping expedition then lend her a hand in getting the cake made. You can even bake the same cake alongside each other and see if yours ends up even close enough to hers!

Just hanging out

It’s too easy to spending lots of money you don’t have on Mother’s Day party activities, for adults in particular who don’t have deep wallets. Sometimes, all you need to have a great time is to just to hang out with your Mom and go with the flow of her day. She might be the kind of mother who prefers not to cause a fuss or doesn’t like the attention. Instead, she might just to chill out.

If you’ve got a Mom like this, all you need to do is find out she likes to enjoy relaxing, then turn it up a notch. Say for example she likes a bit of wine; so why not buy her a more expensive bottle than usual? Is she a fan of 1950s black and white movies? Then why not stream something together and combine it with popcorn? Does your Mom enjoy reading? If so, why not join her with your own book, and mix it up with cake, tea and lazing around in the garden together?

Going to the market

There’s nothing more fun than heading out early with your Mom to the nearest farmers, flower or flea market for a spot of browsing and spontaneous purchasing. The earlier you get there, the better chances you will get the nicer items too. You can vary up your visit with some coffee and lunch.

Take her out on a hike

Get the most out of the summer by treating your Mom to hike out of town. This doesn’t have to be a vigorous hike to the top of a mountain or one that needs any gear, you can just buy a map or hiking guide and use one of the featured tours. Make sure to take along water and snacks for the occasion.

There are so many types of Mother’s Day party activities for adults, no? The more you hone in on what she likes to do, the better the time you will have together. We hope some of our ideas above (especially #6) will surprise you. Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

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