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9 Going Away Party Games For Happy Friends

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Going away parties are always bittersweet. You want to be happy for the friend who is leaving but at the same time you’re going to feel emotional and heartbroken. So is it possible to have fun going away party games in an atmosphere such as this? Very much so.

There are many different reasons why people leave and say goodbye; it could be for work, military deployment, for school, or travelling abroad for a year. Some of these moves might be temporary, others might be more permanent. The people making these choices are heading out into unknown territory.

You want your friend to leave feeling loved and appreciated. Party games aren’t just something frivolous; they enable people connect through fun.

These going away party games will stop the mood descending into sadness. Let’s get started.

The Friendship Hot Seat

How well do you know your guest of honour anyway? This party game puts the guests under the spotlight. Before you play, work with your guest of honour to put together a list of 5o or more fun questions, so players don’t run out of things to ask during the game.

Assemble everyone, and put a chair at the front of the room, aka the Friendship Hot Seat. Then pick someone to take the chair. Give the other guests 30 seconds to ask them as many questions as they can about the guest of honour. When those 30 seconds are up, someone else takes over.

Here are some examples of quiz questions:

  • How many dogs does Jason have?
  • What was the last job Jason had prior to his current position?
  • When is Jason’s birthday?

You can go super-broad with questions or super-specific, depending on the type of friends invited to the party.

Make sure to keep track of everyone’s answers. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Dangling Donuts

If you want to change up the mood completely, try this silly party game. To play, you will need to buy plenty of donuts (plain, jellied and custard) as well as ribbon and a clothesline. Decide whether you want to play outside or indoors.

Hang up the clothesline, then tie the donuts to the line using the ribbon so they come up to chin level (or a bit higher if you’ve got tall friends). Players need to stand under their donut and on Go!, must to eat all of it, without using their hands.

Roast And Toast

This is a simple going away party game’s one without prizes to win, just the reward of a good friendship. Have everyone sharing memories together, with a toast after each one. If you’re feeling stuck for conversation starters, you can write out a series of cards with prompts and place these at the centre of your group. Example prompts: “a story about food,” “one fun night together,” “that time at ___’s house,” “favourite movie.” Be prepared for tears, laughter and potential drunkenness.

Karaoke Sing-Off

Feeling emotional about your friend and want to sing out how you feel? Then what perfect way than with this entertaining game. Before playing, decide how you’re going to do the karaoke, whether you hire a system or just use karaoke lyrics on YouTube. Give everyone the chance to find a song that encapsulates the feelings about their friend. This game is great for bonding together.

Never Have I Ever

This going away party game’s all about shifting the mood. To play, get everyone up on their feet and in a circle. Have somebody say “Never have I ever…” and then finish the statement with something they’ve never done, e.g., been on a trampoline, slept in a bunk bed, bobbed for apples. Anyone who has done it holds up one finger; if no one has, then keep asking “Never have I ever…” statements until someone does. The first person to reach five raised fingers is out of the game. Encourage people to share their stories.

Blindfold Guessing

This going away party game’s quite a rowdy game so you need to have plenty of playing space. Blindfold your guest of honour while everyone positions themselves in different areas of the room. Spin the blindfolded several times on the spot, then cut them loose. Their job is to try and tag another player in the room. When someone is tagged, the blindfolded needs to take a guess as to who they are. If the guess is correct, the players swap places and a new round begins. But if the guess is wrong, the game resumes until the blindfolded gets it right.

Challenge Limbo

Limbo is a classic party game, and is great for breaking the mood and playing people off each other. You can use a long length of ribbon or a clothesline as your limbo bar. Players can limbo individually or in pairs, while the music is playing. Each time a limbo ends, lower the bar an inch for the next round. The winner is the last person or pair who can limbo the last level with success.

Four Lines And A Story

Write out four phrases on a sheet of paper you stick to the wall. Phrases could be:

  1. Where have you been?
  2. I miss you.
  3. What did you eat for lunch?
  4. I’m sorry.

Nominate two guests to the front of the group. They must now work out how to create a scene related to the guest of honour by using these phrases as the dialogue. The audience can offer them suggestions on areas such as the setting and the backstory. Give the pair five minutes to come up with their tale, before presenting it to everyone.

Identity Game

This going away party game’s another one centred around celebrating your bonds and friendships. Ask everyone arriving at your party to write an anonymous note on their way in. The note should contain some information about the guest of honour, something special or memorable. The guest of honour then reads out each one and tries to guess who wrote the note. You can add an edge to the game by having the guest of honour do a forfeit anytime they make a wrong guess. And if they guess correctly? Both parties can share a hug or a reward together.

Having your friend leave on a good note is everything we wish for at their leaving party. Adding a few going away party games to the mix guarantees everyone good memories and a good time together, without too much sadness to be had.

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