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30 Fantastic Adult Party Game Ideas You Need To Know

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Finding the right adult party game ideas is a difficult challenge for any party.

You want to entertain your guest and keep everyone happy, right, but also keep everyone feeling included. No one wants to feel left out of a game. Party games shouldn’t cost the earth either, party planning being expensive already.

We’re a big fan of party games so I’ve compiled our favourite adult party game ideas to get you started.

Wink Murder

You need 6-10 players for the best play and a set of index cards with a letter each on one side – only one card with M written on it (for murderer), one with D (detective) and everything else labelled with V (for victim). Shuffle all the pieces in the hat, then everyone picks one piece each.

If you’re the detective, your job is to work out who the killer is. If you’re the murderer, you kill by giving a subtle but evil wink at your intended target. If you’re a victim, make sure to die an over-the-top death as soon as someone winks at you. The game ends, when the detective finds the murderer.

Then, go for a second round, with the pieces of paper returning to the hat. The winner of the entire game is the detective who spots the murderer with the fewest kills.

Blind Man Walking

Make sure your room is safe for playing. You’ll also need to place random balloons all over the place. Blindfold your first player. Then spin them on the spot three times, before giving them a pin. With that pin, they must find the balloons and burst as many as they can within 2 minutes.

They’ll be disorientated from the spinning, of course. So to get to the balloons, they must follow the directions called out by other players.

Whistling Crackers

Give every person 3 soda crackers (or rice cakes or whatever fried snack you like). On Go!, everyone now their cracker in their mouth all at the same time. The first person to whistle wins.

You can make the game extra messy, by adding toppings to your crackers or by substituting crackers with slices of chocolate cake.

Alphabet Letters

Play this either in pairs, even teams or a group of people playing to an audience.

Players must form alphabet letters or 2-3 letter words based on what a leader calls out.

Balloon Relay Race

Love silly adult party game ideas? I hear you. Divide everyone into 2 teams with no more than 6 maximum. Each team is given a newspaper and a balloon. Assemble both teams into lines. The first person of each team holds out the newspaper and the balloon. On Go!, they must drive the balloon toward the next player in their lineup, by flapping the newspaper and creating a draught. They must also keep the balloon from veering off course, again with more flapping.

Once the balloon reaches the second player, that player grabs the newspaper and flaps it to the next player. Make sure nobody touches the balloon directly – with their hand or the newspaper. If that happens, this team must start again (ouch!)

The first team to get the balloon from first to last player wins.

No To No

Super easy rules here: just ban everyone from saying yes or no, before the game starts. Choose one person to begin. He/she has only 30 seconds to answer as many questions from the group as possible, without answering yes or no. If they make it to the end without tripping up, they get a point. All questions must to be answered during their round, any hesitations, ums, or uhs, and you impose a 10-second penalty, shortening the time they have. The player with the most points wins.


You’ll need Post-It notes, Sellotape and a pen. A different ingredient for the burger is written on each note and then taped to the back of each player. Players now rearrange themselves in the correct order a burger is made. You can also play this game as a competition, by having 2 teams do this as a race.

The Continuing Novel

Get everyone sat together in a circle and give one person pen and paper. This first person is given 30 seconds to write a story just 5 lines long. When the time is up, fold the story so only the last line is showing. The story is passed to the next person to continue. The last player reads out the whole thing out. You can add a fun theme too to kick off the novel, e.g. got kicked out of a bar for having no pants on.

Leaking Bucket Relay

This adult party game idea’s messy and quite physical so needs a lot of playing space to be successful. You will need to set up a race course outside made up of 2 empty plastic barrels at one end, and 2 barrels filled up with water at the other. Break everyone into 2 equal teams. Each team is given a bucket with holes cut into the bottom (use a penknife to do this).

Line your teams up with the water-filled barrels. On Go!, the first players fill their bucket with water by scooping it into the barrel. Putting the leaking bucket on their head, they must now run to their empty barrel and fill it with the water. Once the bucket’s empty, they run back to their team and pass it to their teammate. The first group to fill their tub to the top is the winner.

Two Truths And a Lie

Choose 3 players for this game. Each person writes down 2 true personal facts and one that isn’t (the lie). Then they must read out all 3 cards each for everyone to guess which one is the lie. Whether the lie is exposed or not, guests get the chance to share more about the truths.

Group Silent Charades

Break into 2 teams of even players (it must be even players for this game to work). Each person in Group 1 thinks up a charade each, writing 2 copies of it. Shuffle all the papers, then distribute, so everyone in both groups gets a slip. On Go!, players  simultaneously act out their charades in total silence, while also looking for another player doing the same charade. When their “partner” is identifed, they must make a silent gesture indicating the players are the same. Both must sit down at once wherever they are in the room. The last pair to sit is out.

With everyone sat down, pairs now share their charades. If pairs are the wrong match, those players are out. The remaining pairs split into 2 new teams, for a new round featuring new charades. The last pair standing in the final round wins.

Blowing The Ball

Set out a finish line and give each player a ping pong ball. On Go!, players get on all fours and blow their ball towards the finish. First one to do this is the winner.

If you’re playing off more than 6 people at one time, make sure your race course is wide enough. To make it extra hard, try blowing the ball up a slope.

Clump Freeze

This a fun physical game. Three to 6 people form a physical “clump” or shapeless shape but without close body contact. Touching is okay, being physically near each other too, but without leaning in or trying a clever pose.

The group then moves as one, pulling faces to the crowd as they go. Then you, as host, shouts “Freeze!” The group must freeze in place. Anyone who doesn’t freeze straight away is out of the game. Then shout “Unfreeze!” for the clump to move again. You can vary the timing of “Freeze/Unfreeze”. Last person standing – who does freeze right away – wins.

Malteser Game

Empty a bag of Maltesers (or other ball-like chocolate candy) into a bowl and place in the middle of the table. Give each player a straw and have them sit around it. Each player now has 30 seconds each to use their straw to suck and transport their Malteser from the bowl to their hand. The player with the most candy wins.

Charades Relay

Looking for teamwork adult party game ideas? This one’s for you. Before starting, write down a list of 15-20 everyday life scenarios. E.g. Marriage proposal, tread in dog doo, miss the bus. Then everyone up equally into Teams A and B. Everyone in Team A leaves the room, except for one team member; Team B will serve as the audience in this round.

Quickly show one of your life scenarios to the member of Team A still in the room. After 10 seconds, ask a 2nd member of their team to return. Teammate 1 now has to act out a clue (using only mime) to help Teammate 2 guess the life scenario. After 15 seconds have passed, a 3rd member of Team A is asked to return. Teammate 2 now acts out what they think the scenario is. And so on

The last person of Team A then makes the final guess. Once done, Team B takes their turn.

Ice Cubes

Divide everyone into two even teams. On Go!, the first player of each picks up an ice cube and tries to melt it as quickly as they can. They can rub it between their hands or their clothes – but what they can’t do is put it in their mouths, stamp on it or use any equipment on it (e.g. a lighter). No one is allowed keep a cube for more than a few seconds, so make sure the cubes are being passed between players. First team to melt the cube (or tray of cubes) wins.

Sing Song Ping Pong

Decide early on what type of songs to use, if you’re go broad or specific. Decide who goes first, with that person singing a line of the chorus, always easier. The rest of the group then think of another song featuring any of the words currently being sung. For example, “Whoa-oh, we’re living on a prayer” is from the Bon Jovi song, Living On A Prayer. The next chorus that is sung could be from Like A Prayer, the Madonna song. Players get a point each, for each correct connecting word. Round out these adult party game ideas with a singalong.

Who Is It?

Stand in a circle. Blindfold a guest and have them stand in the middle. On ‘Go!’, they must reach out to the circle, and asks “who is it?” The first person they nab must answer, only in a weird voice. If the blindfolded one guesses who this person is, the players swap for a new round. But if they guess incorrectly, the game resumes, until they’ve guessed correctly who they’ve caught.

Pass The Orange

This is the most classic of adult party game ideas here. You will need two oranges and plenty of playing space. Break everyone into 2 equal line-ups, each with varying head heights. The first players are given an orange to hold between their chin and neck. On Go!, the orange is passed down each respective line, from the chin of one person to the chin of their teammate.

There are strict rules for playing this game. No hands are allowed to touch the orange during its passage unless the orange drops. If that happens, the orange is passed back to the first player and their whole line starts again. To win the round, the last player with the orange must transfer it back to the first, via their chin. You also can play with 4 smaller teams with the fastest team as the winner. If you don’t want to play as a team, you can have everyone assembled in a circle and play that way. 

Balloon Volleyball

Unlike regular volleyball, using a balloon means you can play indoors without risk to furniture (or people). You can also play by sitting on the floor. String up a net (with rope or a long bedsheet), then divide everyone into 2 even teams.

To start the game, instruct the first team with the balloon to hit it across the net to the next team. The other team then hits it back. If a team fails to hit the balloon, or the balloon hits the floor, the opposite team scores a point. Make sure to set a time limit for each round. The team with the highest score in a given series of rounds wins. For extra mess, fill the balloon with shaving cream (but make sure to play outside).

Dancing Chain

Get everyone standing in a circle, and nominate someone to start the dance chain. To do this, they make a simple dance move such as waving their hands in the air, kicking out a leg or jumping on the spot once. Then the next person to their left copies that move and adds one of their own. Then the next person to their left must copy both moves and add their own. And so forth.

Make sure everyone knows to keep their dance move simple, as everyone else will need to copy it. Once the entire move has gone around the circle, everyone must dance the entire move together at least once, for the game to end.

Drama Queen

Like Charades Relay, this game involves acting out life scenarios. This time, tailor them to be specific to your life, for example: someone who loves the bar scene, or who works in a busy office, or who goes to the gym every day. Write out 2 identical lists of the same scenarios. Tear up each list into strips, with each list getting its own bowl. Divide everyone into 2 even teams. Players take it in turns to act out a scenario for their group to guess. The fastest team to complete the list wins.

Laughing Game

Get everyone seated round a table or in a circle. Players take it in turns to say “Ha”, “Ho” or “Hee”. Anyone who starts laughing is knocked out of the game

Keep going until everyone’s out. The person who keeps a straight face the longest wins a prize.

Ping Pong Blow

Break everyone into 2 teams standing on opposite sides of a table. Everyone then kneels down with arms behind their backs. The objective of the game is to blow the ping pong ball off our opponents’ side. Hurrah!


Funny adult party game ideas are the best when there’s a bit of acting involved, like this Improv game. The only props you will need are small ordinary household items. Put these in a bag so no one can see.

Pair everyone up. The first pair is given an item and 2 minutes to improvise as many uses as they can out of it. Each improvisation scores a point. When time’s up, the next pair gets their item. The team with the most points wins. Need an example? Say I was given a coin: I could pretend it was a steering wheel, or pretend I was eating from a tiny plate.

Donuts and Toothpicks

Line everyone up, so they’re of equal height. Then hand your players a toothpick, which they’re to put in their mouth. The first player now puts a small ring donuts on their toothpick and has to pass it onto their teammates without making it fall.

Make sure to use sturdy toothpicks for this so they don’t break too quickly. If you want some edge, play with custard-filled donuts.

Partners in Pen

Players work in pairs, sat back to back, one player drawing, the other instructing them what to draw.. Give the people instructing a bag filled with odd objects and start the clock. The instructor now takes an object from the bag and describes it, without naming the object or saying what it’s used for. If the partner draws it correctly, they score a point. The pair to finish their bag first wins.

The Frozen Chocolate Race

Love adult party game ideas that remind you of being a kid? Me too. To set things up, you will need 2 dice and a shaker; a hat, scarf and pair of gloves; a knife, fork and plate; a chair and table; very large bar of chocolate. Freeze your chocolate overnight, then remove 2 hours before playing (keep it unwrapped). Set the table with the cutlery and plate, leaving the clothes on the chair.

Players take it in turns trying to throw a double with the dice. Whoever manages to do that takes their place at the chair, puts on the clothes and tries to eat the chocolate using the knife and fork. They keep going, until a new double is thrown. This new person takes over the hat, etc, as well as the chocolate eating.

Keep going, until the chocolate is gone.


The aim of this party game is for players to do the exact opposite of what you ask them to. So for example, if you say “walk”, then they should stand still. If you say “kick out with your left leg”, they should kick out with their right. Anyone doing exactly what you ask them (i.e. not the opposite action) is out of the game. Last player standing wins.

Bed Sheet Ping Pong

Split everyone into even teams with players holding a bed sheet at opposite ends. Place a ping pong ball in the middle, and move it about by raising or lowering the sheet. The goal of the game is to get the ball to fall off the sheet on the side of your opponent.

If you’ve picked just one of these adult party game ideas for your next event, you will be guaranteeing your guests a memorable time. With party planning already expensive, great party games needn’t cost the earth. This list is a great starting point for whatever fun you need.

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