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Top 10 Messy Party Games For Daring Friends

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Messy party games are like the black sheep of party games, right? Without a doubt, everyone playing them will have a good and memorable time.

But they’re also the type of games that have the potential to exclude people or make your guests feel uncomfortable when they’re announced. Nobody wants to feel humiliated in front of everyone else during game play, nobody wants that.

I like using messy party games on the condition that everyone who plays knows what they’re in for. I like to lay down some ground rules before play, so nobody gets hurt.

How To Plan For The Mess

When I’m planning to include any game, I anticipate a guest’s potential mess concerns, by foreseeing two major obstacles.

Protecting my guests’ clothes

This can be easily solved, by providing guests with spare clothes they can change into before the game. Make sure to have some aprons and overalls on standby as well, for any guests who need them.

I also let everyone know they get a free shower and hot drink and will cover any dry cleaning bills, in the event things get crazy

Choosing only constructive games

We love games that have an end result, which is what we mean by ‘constructive’ games. In this case, the mess should only be part of the fun and not the main reason for playing.

Constructive games can help you in your game design. If you’re making mud castles, for example, you can think about how much mud you need, how to create that mud, where to store it and moulds you need for the castles.

Time To Get Messy

Now we’ve covered those problem areas, here are some messy party games you can try.

Pie Racing

Before playing, buy several creamy pies or whatever creamy cake you prefer. Place the pies on a long table, with everyone lined up behind their cake.

Now tie your players’ arms behind their backs, so players can eat their pie but only using their mouths. The first player to eat it up completely, no crumbs left, is the winner.

Balloon Shaving

Give everyone a balloon and a marker pen. Now they now have 2 minutes to draw a face on their balloon, and then apply shaving cream over it. When done, ask everyone to pass their balloon to the person on their left. Then give everyone a plastic knife act as their razor.

On Go!, players must now shave their balloon, all without it bursting. The first person to achieve a shave without mishaps is the winner.

You can also create an extra layer of mess by filling the balloons with whipped cream.

Bobbing For Grapes

First, you need to make sure you’ve got plenty of table space between players. Each person gets a bowl filled with cream with at least 5 grapes buried inside.

On Go!, players must find and eat their grapes as fast as they can, but with their hands tied behind their back.

Mud Money Hunting

Of all these messy party games, your players need to be dressed up in shorts and t-shirts before they can start playing. Make sure you supply these for your guests and guarantee everyone a shower afterwards.

Fill a large padding pool with soil. Then add buckets of water to make it muddy.

Once you’re done, tie your players’ hands behind their back. Then have them face away from the pool while you bury 20 coins. On Go!, players race against the clock to find as many coins as they can. The player with the most coins wins.

Ice Cream Feast

You will need 2 players, 2 blindfolds, 2 bowls of ice cream with spoons and plenty of audience members to watch.

Blindfold your players and have them sat down and facing each other. Give each person a spoon and place their bowl of ice cream in front of them. On Go!, players now try to feed each other.

The player who feeds their opponent with less mess is the winner.

Lost Your Marbles

Players will need to roll up their trousers for this game. You need to empty a bag of 20-30 marbles into a large plastic pub and then fill that tub with mud.

Using toes only, players must take it in turns to pick out the marbles. Set the clock for a minute. The player who picks out the most marbles in that time limit wins.

The Shaving Game

This another shaving game, but this time using real people and shaving foam. Divide into pairs, with one half sitting down and the other blindfolded. Apply shaving foam to the seated person’s face.

The blindfolded player now tries to shave their partner with a plastic knife. Whoever does the best job wins.

You can add more mess, in a new round, by using melted chocolate not foam. Make sure you give the seated person a waterproof bib to protect their clothes.

Water Balloons

The most classic of games, to play this you need to fill up 10 balloons. Then throw them out to your players and see you can catch them without breaking them.

To fit the messy party games angle, you can fill the balloons with shaving cream or coloured water (by using food dyes).

Find the Bubble Gum

Give each guest a bowl with a piece of unwrapped bubble gum inside. Make sure the the gum is covered in whipped cream. Players now feel around in the cream for their piece of gum using only their mouth. First player to find their gum, chew it and blow a bubble is the winner.

Jelly Donuts on a String

T0 play this, you need jelly (or custard) donuts, with as many donuts as you have players. The donuts need to be hung from a clothes line outside, ideally between 2 distant points. Your line needs to be higher than your tallest person playing, so people stretch upwards on their toes.

Then tie ribbons to each donut which are hung from the line at equal distances. Each player now stand under their donut and on the count of 3 eat all of it without using their hands. The first person to do that and without falling over wins.

Messy party games will guarantee everyone a memorable time, provided they understand what’s involved and how messy things might get. If you’re using the precautions laid out above, you will definitely avoid this problem. Happy messy times ahead!

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