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10 Housewarming Party Games To Celebrate Your New Home

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When we think ‘housewarming’, we don’t usually think of housewarming party games. We don’t even think we can use games at these events, not all of us anyway.

As game lovers, I know you think we add party games to just about any event. And you’d be right about that! But where housewarming games are useful is in giving your friends an alternative way to learn about your new home.

The only time we get to show off our new place is by giving friends a tour, and that’s it. “Here’s the bedroom, and here’s all the extra closet space I never had in our last place,” etc. Most people come to housewarmings for the food and drink and just the general celebration of moving to a new place. This means the atmosphere of housewarmings can get boring after a while.

So adding a few housewarming party games to your event can change up the vibe. Games give you the opportunity to show off your new home in a more fun and inviting way.

Here are our housewarming games to get you fired up. All of them need a bit of advance planning, but none require any expensive gear to play.

Home Scramble

Create a list of scrambled words associated with the topic of Home. Try and choose words that require guests to think, for example: domestic, mezzanine, dwelling, parlour, habitation, domicile, hearth, yurt, bedchamber, household, hermitage, kitchen. Then give each guest a copy of this list to unscramble. The first guest to unscramble the list wins a prize.

New Area Trivia

If you’ve moved to a new town or county, you can play a trivia quiz using facts and knowledge about your new surroundings. A search on the web or via your local tourist board can help you out. If you’ve just moved to another part of the same city you’ve always been in, you can still use this quiz idea, you just need to make your questions more obscure.

Singing Home Trivia

This housewarming party game’s all about song titles containing the word Home. You need to compile a playlist in advance then ask your friends to guess the title of the song by playing them the song’s verse (but omitting the chorus). Some examples of these songs include Green Green Grass of Home (Tom Jones, 1967), Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1974), Won’t Go Home Without You (Maroon 5, 2007), Almost Home (Mariah Carey, 2013). You can beef up the game by including trivia related to the singers and their songs.

Room Memory

Pick a favourite room in your new home. Then show your guests into this room and give them 60 seconds to look around. Gather everyone together afterwards and ask them to write out a list of whatever they can remember. The person with the longest (and most correct) list wins. 

Another version of this game is by asking your friends specific questions, for example, “what colour was the rug? How many items were on the shelf by the window? How many plants were in the room? What 3 items did you notice on the floor?” Try and mix up both easy and challenging questions so guests don’t complete the quiz so quickly.

Keep Your Key

Everyone arriving to your home is given a key or a sticker and informed that certain words during the night have been banned, e.g. home, house, room (and whatever you can think of). If someone hears another person using any of these words, the person saying them must give them their key/sticker. The person with the most keys at the end of the night wins a prize.

House Scavenger Hunt

Like Room Memory, this housewarming party game’s about getting your friends used to your home, by getting everyone to count items based on specific questions. It’s still a hunt only this time you’re asking them to respond to questions on your list, e.g. how many windows are there, what watt bulb is the desk lamp in the living room, how many books line the top row of your bookcase. Guests should be given pen/paper and work solo (or in pairs, if you’ve hosting a large housewarming).

Pick A Key

You will need to buy/obtain as many keys as you can for this game. The idea is that you have a bowl filled with similar keys including your house key. Guests pick one key from the bowl then try their luck trying to open the door; whoever succeeds wins.

You can play in this game in 2 ways: everyone gets a key each from the bowl before taking their turn trying the door; or each guest takes it in turns pulling a key from the bowl. Every key that doesn’t work should go back in the bowl and the bowl shook up before the next guest has their go.

Famous Homes

Print out as many pictures of houses made famous by TV shows or movies. The goal of this housewarming party game’s to figure out which TV show or movie the house belongs to – which they can do by either matching the picture to a word list, or searching on their phone after you give them a little clue.

Some famous houses are known by their names or addresses, e.g. Southfork Ranch (Dallas), 112 Ocean Avenue (The Amityville Horror). It’s up to you to decide if you include the name/address with the photo.

Home Charades Relay

Before playing, write out a list of 10-15 scenarios connected with activities you do at home. These could include: buttering up some bread, loading the washing machine, washing the windows, turning your mattress over, emptying the trash. Divide your guests up into equal teams of Team A and Team B. Everyone in Team A leaves the room, except for one player, while Team B is the audience for this round.

Quickly show one of your scenarios to the player of Team A still in the room. After 10 seconds, ask a 2nd team member to return. Teammate 1 now acts out the scenario (using mime) to Teammate 2, who must act it out to Teammate 3 and so forth. The last person of Team A then has to guess what the scenario was. Once done, Team B takes their turn with a new scenario.

Neighbourhood Hunt

Another hunt idea here, only this time of your (new) local area. You need to decide the distance of the hunt from your home and set a time limit for the game proceedings. Then ask them to look for unusual things such as, a happy animal, a hot drink, a yellow ball, a shopfront etc. Guests should pair up and photograph all the items from your list. Whoever completes the list wins.

Now you’ve reached the bottom of this list, you can definitely see the potential fun from adding housewarming party games to your event. They’re a great way of connecting your friends to your home, which is another way to helping you celebrate moving in. They also keep your housewarming upbeat and vibrant.

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