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5 Wine Tasting Birthday Party Ideas For Friends

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Finding the right wine tasting birthday party ideas can be a challenging task given that wine is such a broad category, there’s so much to choose out there.

But throwing a wine party is also a unique and exciting experience and will set your event apart. Wine is seen as a sophisticated drink compared to beer and not everyone is a wine drinker. And those of you who are wine drinkers will probably have a lot to say about wine, about the types you prefer, whether you can taste the fruits and flavours precisely. Wine lovers might also have preferences from regions, countries or grape.

With all that in mind, let’s give you some wine tasting birthday party ideas to help your wine-loving friends have a great time.

Wine By Country

Wine is produced in different countries around the world so this wine idea is all about geographical themes. France, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Italy, the United States, Spain, Chile and Portugal are the top 10 countries producing wine (they’re not listed in order).

Each country gives you the opportunity to create a party that celebrates the food, wine and history of that country. In fact, having a country theme is easy when it comes to wine tasting birthday party ideas, it’s easy to research that country on the web and find decorations and food ideas. You can use these theme to teach your guests about specific wines.

So if you want to introduce friends to dessert wine, for example, you can try Port Wine, a high alcohol dessert wine from Portugal, and use this wine as a starting point for the rest of your party.

Wine Based On Food

Wine tasting parties don’t always have to be about drinking. Like the Wine By County idea above, you can use wine to help teach your guests something new. Such as, what to each with which type of wine. 

Pairing wine with the right food can be tricky for people to figure out. White wine is paired best with light meats (fish or chicken) whereas red wines should be paired with red meats. The wine should be more acidic and sweeter than the food you’re serving, otherwise the flavours will be drowned out.

You should use this theme as a way to experiment with wine and food pairings. What wine (in your mind) would go well with pizza? With roast lamb? With vegan noodles? This is your chance to explore the flavours of wine and test the results with your friends.

A Classic Wine Tasting

Unlike the other wine tasting birthday party ideas here, this idea really is a classic proper tasting. The objective is to educate everyone in the art of flavour, which means friends can only swirl the drink in their mouths before spitting it out; there’s no drinking allowed. Because of that objective, you need to be careful who you invite; you want to choose guests who are interested in wine, not people there to get drunk.

Wine tastings are blind tastings. The wine bottles are presented with the labels covered up and everyone is given a scoresheet. Each wine gets lined up on tables around the room and after each guests sips a bit of wine (which they must swirl n their mouth and then spit out, not swallow), they must write down their thoughts on a scoresheet each person is given.

How many wines you use at this party is up to you but bear in mind, the more wines, the more expensive things will get. To ease the pressure, you could ask your selected guests to chip in with the budget, e.g. $10-20 each. That way, you can bring them the best wines you have in mind.

Because wine tastings are expensive, you need to limit your number of guests. I would say 8-10 people maximum. You can use this number as a testbed for future tastings, if you’ll invite more people next time. For a first tasting though, 8-10 people is probably enough.

Wine tastings involve a lot of preparation work too. You’ll need to remove the wine labels from the bottles or cover them up; create a scoresheet so guests can assess the wine on flavour, then print these up; rearrange your room (a dining room is best) and cover the tables with white cloth. 

Although it sounds like a lot of work, you’re also giving your friends a worthwhile and unique experience, so bear this in mind.

To stop your friends feeling drunk after the tasting is over, have some hot food to hand and also water. The point of the scoresheets is to have your friends discuss the wines tasted and to guess which is what (which one was the red, the sweet wine etc) before each one is revealed.

Celebrity Wine

It seems not a single day passes without hearing about a famous celebrity launching a wine brand. It’s a lucrative market and given that we love celebrities and wine, no wonder these people are cashing in on this as a side hustle. When we’re buying wine from people will associate with music, fashion or acting, we’re also making a statement about ourselves, of the types of people we identify with.

Celebrity wine is a great theme you can approach in different ways, e.g. by celebrity, by category (musicians only, movie actors only, European celebrities only etc). You can use the celebrity’s wine as a starting point for the music you’ll play, decorations and even fancy dress ideas for your guests.

Here are some of the celebrity wine and alcohol brands to know about:

  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt — Miraval Rosé
  • Justin Timberlake – Sauza 901 (liquor)
  • George Clooney – Casamigos Tequila
  • Drew Barrymore – Barrymore Wines
  • Pharrel Williams – Qream With A Q (liquor)
  • Kylie Minogue – Kylie Minogue Wines
  • Danny DeVito – Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello

Wine Dress Up

Now you know about the different types of wines, why not throw a fancy dress party, inviting your friends to dress up in their favourite colour of wine? This type of wine tasting birthday party idea’s going to be one of careful thought on everyone’s behalf and also give you some interesting photos and decoration ideas.

To help everyone understand what they need to do, you need to give them instructions in their invitation. Make the colour choice really simple (because too many ideas can confuse people) but then allow your guests legroom to decide what to wear. I would narrow down wine to 5 basic types: Red, White, Rose, Sweet (or Dessert) and Sparkling.

The drinks, food choices and decoration colour palate should stick to their 5 colours. Try and hide away anything that isn’t this colour range, by using tablecloths, drapes and throws.

When it comes to wine tasting birthday party ideas, already you’re facing a challenge, thanks to the abundance of drink out there on the market. Not everyone is a wine drinker either – but those friends of yours who are will give you a sophisticated and classy type of guest. Wine is a complex drink after all. I hope at least one of the ideas above will give you a starting point to creating a unique event.

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