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19 Cool Valentines Day Party Ideas For Adults, From Couples To Singles

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When you’re looking for Valentines Day party ideas for adults, chances are you’re under pressure to create something original and memorable.

The commercialism around February 14th can really pile on the pressure, can’t it? And when everyone wants to know how your Valentine’s Day went, coming up with creative ideas can be nightmare.

So here are some ideas I’ve used in the past which will help you have a fun time with your partner and friends this year.

Valentines Day party ideas for adults – for couples

Why not take advantage of the idea and use it to get in some quality couple time? If you don’t feel comfortable doing it alone, why not invite some other couples you know and spend the time together?

Get a Couples Massage

Getting a massage together at a luxury spa is one of the most glamorous ways to spend Valentine’s. What is more romantic than lying side by side with the one you love in a stress-free setting? Let yourselves be pampered.

If a full body massage isn’t for you, then consider other types including a foot massage and head massage.

Create Music Together

And by music, I mean a special playlist that can grow into a soundtrack for your relationship.

Think about songs you were playing during special times together. What was the song on your first date? What’s that song he’s always humming when he cooks dinner? What’s that album she’s always playing at her place? Start building out your playlist from there.

A Day Trip Home

Valentines Day party ideas for adults don’t have to be limited to your current home. This one’s all about getting to know each other by visiting your childhood hometowns. It’s always nice when one of you gets the chance to show off where you grew up and take your partner to some of your favourite childhood haunts.

If it’s not possible to visit your partner’s hometown, suggest they take you somewhere reminiscent of some of the things they liked growing up – a trip down childhood memory lane. So if they loved playing LEGO as a kid, go to a LEGO theme park together.

Go Camping Together

Talking of visits to other places, going camping is another great couples idea. Make sure you have the right camping gear first – the right tent, sleeping bags, equipment for cooking and keeping warm, warm clothes as well.

If you haven’t, you can book a chalet on a camping site instead. Going camping together, you get to sleep under the stars together and get away from the city.

A Valentine’s Day Workout

Maybe one of you is a sport nut or you both kind of are. Either way, why not use Valentine’s Day to get active together. This can involve taking a class together, or if you like cycling, taking a bike ride somewhere or trying something new together.

You don’t have to do anything intense when it comes to a workout; something like beginners pilates or even miniature golf can be just as fun.

Do The Unexpected

Related to the above, why not spend this year doing something memorable and different to your everyday life?

The unexpected might be: going to the opera; taking a naked drawing class; going to a techno club; going up a rock wall; attending a meditation; going on a wine bar crawl together; take a hula hoop class.

Even if you’re not Valentine’s Day fans, you can use the day as an excuse to try something new.

Be a Kissagram

This idea is a bit daring so it might not be for everyone. But why not surprise your partner by turning up at their work with a gift?

OK, this idea requires some courage because dressing up is involved. Pretend to be a pizza delivery boy or that you’re attending a meeting at your partner’s workplace. Time your arrival to fit your partner’s work hours. Literally turn up, burst into song and leave them with flowers, chocolates, or other thought-out gift.

Make Love Somewhere Different

Because why not? For example, why not book yourselves a room in a fancy hotel, you give yourself the chance to be pampered and taken care of by the hotel as well. If the day is warm enough, find somewhere grassy or up in the hills.

Go on a Double Date with Your Friends

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be spent alone with just the two of you. Why not reach out to a couple you know well and do something together.

Ideas of these kinds of dates including going to see a match together, spending the day out being tourists in your own town or booking a weekend trip. Make sure the couple you’re partnering with you know fairly well, so both of you get some couple separation time.

Make Dinner Together

There’s nothing more intimate than cooking a meal together. Deciding what to make them and then both of you working together to accomplish it is a great chance to exercise your teamwork.

The dinner you’re cooking doesn’t have to be your dinner. You can both cook a recipe you both have never had before. You can also take a cooking class together then try and reproduce the results at home.

Even simpler than cooking together is ordering takeout together. Given this special day, try and go beyond bog standard pizza or doner kebab; try something you both have never had before.

Together Without Excuses

The simplest Valentines day party ideas for adults are right under our noses. Making the most of hanging out together at home is easy to overlook, since you see each other there most of the time. This is a great opportunity to relax, especially for busy couples.

When planning a Valentine’s at home, use it only for relaxing. This might include an extra hour’s lie in, a lazy afternoon together, preparing dinner together. Make sure you don’t spend the day doing chores, catching up on paperwork or wanting to team up with your friends for a beer. This should be time just for you.

A DIY Dinner Party

Why not team up with couples you know and throw an expensive dinner party at home? Invite everyone over dressed in their finest evening gear and order in a special dinner rather than making it yourself.

Decorate the party with candles and soft music, with couples sat opposite each other. If your budget can stretch, hire a guitar player to serenade guests and a waiter to serve food. Sling on a playlist of love songs to dance to.

Got any budding poets, singers, guitar players or performers amongst your friends? Now’s the chance to share. Divide your room into food and performing areas, with cushions for seating. Award heart-shaped prizes, like chocolates, for each performer.

Valentines Day party ideas for adults – for friends and singleton friends

I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate love and an excuse to be with your friends. Singletons often find Valentine’s Day hard so if you know anyone in that position, rope them in some of these ideas and help turn their day around.

Movie Theme Love

Why not throw a night of self-empowerment movies? We’re talking self-respect love here.

The people in these movies will have been overcoming adversity to win in their life. Whether Erin Brockovitch, Patch Adams or 127 Hours, you’ll have everyone cheering by the end.

If romance movies are more your thing, then choose movies that contain romance, but aren’t actually romantic movies like Return of the Jedi, The Fountain or The Source Code.

All Things Love

Celebrate all things loving, from personal and dog love to friends and loving your job, with this party for your partner and friends. Send out heart-shaped invitations, posing the question: ‘What person/object/thing do you love the most?’

Create a photo gallery to decorate your party space by asking your guests to send you (in secret) a picture of one thing they love in their life, e.g. A pet, favorite place, an activity they enjoy. Laminate everything you’re sent and display them as a ‘Guess who loves what’ gallery.

Throw a colourful potluck and ask your guests to share their life loves in a group share activity.

Never Been Cupid?

Why not take advantage of the day by booking a class? Book an archery class (in advance) and experience what it’s like to be Cupid. Other workshop ideas could include flower arranging, dessert making, or a painting class.

Unromantic Valentine’s Day

Who needs the glitz of Valentine’s Day when the everyday normal can be just as good. For this party idea, invites should be written on plain A4 paper. Let everyone know there’s no dress code and come as plain as possible. Flowers, chocolates and other romantic gifts are banned, as are any banners and cards with “Happy Valentine’s”.

For activities, throw a board game party, watch comedies or horror movies or play unromantic trivia quizzes – like word or useless trivia. Have a video game match.

Pig out on the messiest food you got – fried onion rings, curry takeout, fried chicken bucket, chocolate cake, takeaway pizza. Finish off with a drinking game.

Throw a Singles Wake

Being able to find someone is a dream for many. For those who kind of loved being single but longed for this dream or just couldn’t wait to be coupled up, this Valentine’s Party creative idea’s for them. Like a version of a spring clean, this is your chance to say a proper goodbye to the past and a BIG hello for what’s to come.

Invite all your friends together, giving each a paper and pen. Give everyone 30 minutes to write all the things to write down all the things they don’t miss about being single. Some ideas could be: having dinner for two; going on vacation for someone you love; pizza dinners alone on Valentine’s Day.

Once time’s up, gather the sheets, and everyone outside. Start a little bonfire and let everyone toss in their papers. Once it’s burning, join hands with everyone and give a cheesy eulogy to the single life. Then go back inside, for food, drinks and music. Post-party, mail everyone a few ashes from the bonfire in a little box.

Just the act of the bonfire can be cathartic to many.

Love Scavenger Hunt

Transform your home into a love den, for an indoors treasure hunt. Divide your friends into pairs and give everyone a list of objects to find. Play against a timer and reward the pair with the most items. Some ideas of treasures to find include:

  • A balloon that says “I Love You”
  • Three different love songs, both recorded and written
  • Heart-shaped cookies
  • A heart-shaped cake tin containing a heart-shaped button
  • A Queen of hearts playing card
  • A box of chocolate candy hearts
  • A heart outline drawn in chalk
  • A single red rose
  • A romantic novel.

Kind of Love Letters

Get together with friends and have a love-letter writing session, only write about a distant friend, not a lover.

Write down all the things and qualities you love about them, and mail the letter.

Coming up with original Valentines Day party ideas for adults can be hard work and expensive. We want that day to be memorable and special for the ones we love, whether that’s our partner, friends or ourselves, we don’t want to let anyone down. Now, you’ve got ideas that hopefully will take the pressure of you enjoying the day.

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