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14 Awesome Things To Do For Winter Birthdays

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If you’re struggling to think of interesting things to do on winter birthdays, that’s perfectly understandable.

This isn’t the time of year typically associated with parties, except of course for Christmas. You deserve to have a massive birthday blowout just like everyone else, why let the cold and snow put anyone off?

We’ve come up with a list of indoor and outdoor things to do on winter birthdays. Yes, outdoor ideas! Because where else in the year are you going to find snow? You should take full advantage of this season and we’re going to show you how! Let’s get you started!

Outdoor Things To Do For Winter Birthdays

Dip Into Hot Springs

Kicking off this list of things to do on winter birthdays is something fun and refreshing. There’s nothing quite like this experience, that of soaking in a hot tub while being outside as you do it! But unlike an outdoor tub, being in a natural spring takes a dip to a whole new level.

Look around for natural springs in your local area then schedule a day when you can travel out there near or on your birthday. If you don’t have any hot springs near you, then your next best best is to find an outdoor hot tub at your local spa.

Visit A Sauna

If you don’t fancy being outdoors while soaking your body, then saunas are the next best thing. Invented in Finland more than 2000 years ago, a sauna is a small room that is heated by pouring water on hot coals. The steam and heat that results can be very relaxing.

Sauna facilities differ depending on which country you’re in. For example, countries such as France, Spain and the UK offer same-sex facilities, while in Germany it’s mixed-sex bathing. Saunas also provide areas of reading, solitude and conversation outside of the cabins themselves. Make sure to read about sauna etiquette before booking your appointment.

Ice Skating

Frozen lakes can be commonplace at the heart of winter and while you might be tempted to go venture out and skate on them, going to an outdoor ice skating rinks are your best bet. Ice rinks are much safe than lakes – no chance of the ice cracking – and also provide skating lessons if you’re a newcomer.

Research any rinks in your local area and make a full fun day of it.

Join A Polar Plunge

Why not turn your winter birthday into an even more unforgettable experience by jumping an ice cold body of water along with hundreds of other brave souls. A polar plunge, as this is known, is an event where locals and visitors from major cities worldwide willingly charge shirtless into frigid waters. 

Locations of plunges vary so make sure to do your research first. If you want to learn more about polar plunge, you can check out this article for a first-hand experience.

Go Snowboarding

If you love playing around on the snow, then make snowboarding the perfect birthday treat. Dating back to the 1960s, snowboarding is literally “surfing on the snow” and made its debut as a competitive sports during the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan.

You can learn more about snowboarding with this beginner’s guide at The Snow Pros.

Winter Cycling

Getting on your bike is probably the last thing you dream of doing on cold wintery days. Thanks to this idea, you can kill 2 birds: getting some exercise and enjoying nature in winter. 

For successful biking, create a route with friends so you can drop by coffee shops, diners and local landmarks en route. If it’s not too cold, bring a tent and camp out along the way.

Go Dog Sledding

If you love dogs, then dog sledding could be your new favorite activity. Also known as mushing, it typically involves a sleigh being pulled by one or more dogs over ice and snow. It’s not only a competitive sport, it’s something ordinary folks can also try.

Here is a beginner’s guide on dog sledding.

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Cosy Things To Do For Winter Birthdays

Enjoy Mulled Wine

Mulled wine, in the photo above, and also known as spiced wine and glühwein, is an alcoholic drink made with red wine, spices and sometimes dried fruit. It’s a traditional drink that’s associated with winter, especially around Christmas, and its warmth and fruity flavors make it the perfect birthday drink. If you want to have a dinner party on your birthday, then think about combining a roast dinner with mulled wine and adding ivy and candles for atmosphere.

While you can buy ready-made mulled wine in the shops, it’s even more of a treat if you can invite your friends over and make it at home. Here is a short mulled wine tutorial that walks you through the process.

Wintry Gratitude

The winter season is generally considered a time of reflection, while also evoking a sense of nostalgia. For your upcoming birthday, take time to look back on your past year and jot down all the events and experiences you’re grateful for.

You can turn this into a party by inviting your friends over to help create a scrapbook for the year. Ask them to bring material they’ve gathered over  the last year such as photos, ticket stubs, and favourite moments you’ve had together.

Winter Paint And Sip Party

If you’re artistic or love getting messy, then planning a paint and sip party for your birthday might be right up your alley. Known as “social painting events,” this activity gives you and friends the chance to have fun with paint and canvas while enjoying food, drink and banter.

While local art studios often hold these events, you can also host one at home. Get together with your friends and visit the art shop for supplies. You will need to provide paint and equipment to make this activity a true success.

Birthday Fondue

Whether it’s oozing chocolate or bubbling cheese, fondue is the ultimate in comfort food and also a great birthday dinner substitute.

Fondue not only saves you time with food preparation, shopping and clean-up, it’s perfect for lazy cooks. Your friends get the chance to interact with their meal and share in the cooking experience. You can choose from chocolate, cheese or meat fondues. To set up a successful fondue, check out our page of fondue party ideas.

Camping In The Garden

If you love the idea of being outdoors, but don’t want to venture too far from a heater, then this is the best option for you. Make sure you clear out your garden or backyard and set up a comfortable sleeping area for your mattress (or sleeping bags), tent (or canopy), blankets, pillows, books and other activities you want to do.

If you don’t have a garden, you can adapt a balcony or your front room to do the same job.

Birthday Binge

You’ve got heating going and a hot chocolate to hand. So why not curl up in front of a fun TV series? This is a simple way to get some downtime with yourself and your friends while also catching up on your favourite shows.  You can pick whatever’s on from a terrestial channel or go selective via Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you’re struggling to find something to enjoy, then think in terms of genre (comedy, detective, etc), favourite actor or year.

If you want to go big and have more friends huddling around the box with you, then consider throwing a movie night.

Go Winter Glamping

If you don’t want to camp outside at a tent, then glamping is the perfect option for you. Glamping is the total opposite of camping, in that you stay in a warm tent with amenities provided for you such as a wood burner or even underfloor heating (fantastic for cold days!)

Glamping eliminates the hassle of traditional camping while also providing with the opportunity to be out in nature.

Yes, coming up with things to do on winter birthdays can be tricky, especially if you enjoy partying in the sun. But the fact your birthday takes place in this time of the year isn’t a disadvantage, it’s an amazing opportunity to do things you can’t do anywhere else. We hope you found inspiration here!

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