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11 Cool Spring Party Themes For Adults

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Are you happy Winter is finally over? We’ve got plenty of Spring party themes for adults to help you get the brand new year started.

Although we now consider January 1st as the New Year, back when the Romans used the lunar calendar, March was considered as the real start of the year. It made perfect sense as well. Spring is a time of renewal, and with the flowers out and the weather warming up, the original New Year fit perfectly.

I like making the most of this time and have come up with a lot of Spring party themes for adults over the years. Let’s get you started.

An End of Year Party (With A Twist)

Clearing out stuff from the previous year can be quite liberating in many ways, but it can also be overwhelming. If you’ve got too much stuff to get rid of, what should be simple starts to feel like a chore. That’s why roping in your friends makes it fun. This is perfect too, if you’ve got old rooms in need of clearing or a garden in need of digging and weeding.

To make the spring cleaning more fun for your friends, throw in an incentive to every task you want them do, like: “Complete 5 tasks in an hour and you’ll win X.” “Whoever clears the flower beds in the fastest time wins Y.” Make sure not to give everyone the tasks you don’t want to do, like the dirty or heavy stuff. Be the perfect host, but make sure to join in.

A Book Exchange Party

Still with the goal of clearing out the old, why not invite your friends to swap unwanted reads or books that never got finished. You can trade books by genre, for example, a comic book exchange, horror books, or hold a mini homemade book fair.

Alternatively, you could also host a mystery book exchange. This time, wrap each book in newspaper or tissue paper, and present each one, as a gift, without guests knowing what’s underneath.

A Garden Party (With A Twist)

Spring is the perfect time to focus on your garden, now the permafrost is melting away. Divide your friends into different helper groups such as Diggers, Planters, and Heavy Lifters, to help dig up the soil and do some planting.

It’s also the perfect time to start encouraging birds back to your garden, by building a bird table. You can find wood at local merchants (usually free for rejected pieces) and use your local DIY store for the rest. Supply tools, work space, entertainment and food/drink during the building

An Easter Dinner Party

No list of Spring party themes for adults would be complete without the main holiday of this season, Easter. There are many ways to celebrate Easter even when you can’t or don’t go to church. You can send Easter cards and invite your friends to come together to dye Easter eggs or make chocolate eggs.

You can also host a traditional Easter dinner. Traditionally, families come together on Easter Sunday to enjoy a traditional ham dinner, although lamb can also be served. Some kind of potato dish, salad and bread is also provided. There are plenty of vegetarian options to try, from carrot soup to lentil Shepherd’s Pie and a couscous salad.

You also mix up a cocktail as an icebreaker whilst your guests arrive. Try to mix up a fruity, sweet cocktail using citrus fruits. This being Spring, it’s the perfect excuse to bring lightness into your menu.

A True Spring Dinner

Keeping on the theme of dinner, Springtime is a great opportunity to educate your friends on foods you can eat seasonally and how to eat seasonally. For these meals, you need to find produce grown only in the Spring and found locally rather than imported.

Spring vegetables include artichokes, asparagus, carrots, spring onions and mint while grapefruits, apricots, cherries and strawberries are some of the fruits. Ham and lambs are the typical meats during Spring.

A Vintage Board Game Party

The best games for any Spring party themes for adults I think are traditional board games like Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Backgammon, Monopoly, Chess or just card games. If you’re planning a picnic or you’ve got a garden, they’re the perfect games to play on the lawn, they don’t need plugging in or the internet.

A Scavenger Hunt Party

If you’re looking for active Spring party ideas, then this game is for. This is another party you can play outdoors, and is perfect if you’ve been climbing the walls during the winter months. This scavenger hunt is all about photos and you’ll need plenty of time to prepare this game, ideally a week or so beforehand.

Make sure everyone has a camera on their phone with enough space on their memory card. You can hold the hunt around your home; if you’re hunting in your local street or within a small part of your neighbourhood, make sure everyone gets a map. Some of the items or peoples to find and take a photo of could include:

  • A newly-planted flowerbed
  • A miniature bird table
  • A person wearing bright yellow
  • Something freshly painted
  • A person singing

Set up a base camp with food and drink, so everyone know where to come back to. Depending on the number of guests, you can organise several scavenger hunts and provide prizes at the end for the best teams.

An Earth Day Party

The best Spring party themes for adults should celebrate Nature and Earth Day is the best excuse for this. Celebrated around the world every April 22nd, Earth Day is a day of raising awareness of both Nature as well as the environment. It’s the perfect theme for any eco-lover friends you’ve got.

Some activities you could do on this day:

Local conservation love: Have you never volunteered with a local conservation group? Now’s a good time as any. There are local groups always in need of help, for tree planting, weeding, door-to-door recycling, and the like. Sign up a few friends and band together to work on a job.

Organize a tree hug: This is meant to be an educational task, to teach your friends about trees and those in your neighbourhood. You’ll need to plan beforehand where your trees are, what they are and the route you’ll take your friends on. Make sure where you hug you have permission to enter, and that your hug activities don’t annoy people not taking part.

Weed your community gardens: Scout your local area, to see what’s in disrepair, then approach the owner to see if they want some help. Owners can include community centres, churches and neighbours’ gardens. Check in with the owners first, otherwise you might get in trouble for trespassing. If the owner of it agrees with you, start recruiting your helpers. You’ll need to provide or organise tools including work clothes.

A Spring Work Lunch Party

Spring party ideas don’t just have to be for home, work can be included too. Why not celebrate the Spring by hosting a potluck your teammates contribute to. To make it extra fun, decorate your lunch area with posters and play music about nature. 

If a supplier usually supplies the company lunch, in the form of a sandwich firm or food truck, you could coordinate with them to create a one-off Spring menu.

An Outdoor Cinema Party

This is a very cheap but memorable way to watch a film with your friends. Hang yourself a large white cloth between two trees, high fence posts, or along a highly-strung clothesline. This cloth is your viewing screen, and you can project onto it, using a movie projector or your laptop.

Make sure you have a good speaker system set up, so everyone can hear and arrange folding chairs in a horseshoe formation around the cloth. Prepare snacks, drinks and food on a nearby table. If you’re watching at night, think about hanging up fairy lights between the trees and plants, for a cosy nocturnal effect.

Check out our extensive list of movie night ideas.

An Alternative Dinner Party

Spring really is the season for great dinner party ideas! And this one is all about your leftover food.

I don’t mean last night’s dinner, but maybe there was something you intended to eat last year but forgot all about. We’re talking frozen food, cans, jams and maybe week-old bread.

Check the use-by dates for everything first, before using. Throw out anything with mould or just looks/smells/tastes dodgy. Canned food should be OK, since they’ll be heaped with preservatives, but make sure you check anyway.

You can prepare the food in different ways, for example grilling the meats and veg, with herbs and oil while wrapped in foil. Got old bread? Cut into slices and lightly fry in olive oil, then eat hot with butter. Hard bread can be used as croutons in soup. Got old cakes? Serve warm with hot custard or syrup. Uneaten food? Give it to the birds, badgers or the compost.

As you can see from this list, Spring party themes for adults are expansive and don’t have to be expensive. In many ways, Spring is the best time for partying, there’s less pressure than there would be during other seasons of the year. Now the sun is back out, you should make the most of it.

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