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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Like A Professional: 6 Tips To Get Started

There’s always a lot of excitement around putting up a Christmas tree. You know Christmas is around the corner, and you can’t wait. That said, the decoration part can be hard work, even tedious. If you’ve ever wondered how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional, this short post is for you.

Growing up, putting up a Christmas tree set the stage for the holiday to come. It instantly put us into the mood around presents, celebration and things to do together. My parents liked to draw the curtains back so you could see the lights from the tree through the window as we came back from school on dark winter evenings. Coming home to a well-lit tree always filled us with joy.

Let’s get you started with tips on how to decorate your tree well.

Invest in a high-quality artificial tree

If you want to know how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional, the first thing is go for a fake tree. Real trees can be difficult to decorate, as they tend not to be easy to manipulate into the look you want to achieve with them. Real trees are also not an environmentally friendly option. An artificial tree, on the other hand, can be used time and again and also save you money.

When choosing your artificial tree, make sure you pick one that is made from premium materials and built with sturdy construction. You want one where the branches are able to support your decorations. The more durable your tree is, the more enjoyment you can get out of it every year. You need it to stand up to repeat use while still being a strong showpiece during the holidays.

Fluff up your tree

If you want to know how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional, one key way is making sure your tree looks professional and strong. And fluffing up your branches can help your tree achieve a confident appearance. Ideally, you want to give each branch its own space, so nothing looks twisted together. This might involve some bending and twisting. Bear in mind you also want your tree look good from a distance, regardless of what decorations you hang with it.

Keep design in mind

The best part of decorating is deciding where to hang your baubles, garlands and tinsel trains. If you want to know how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional would, then one tip is to plan your tree around a theme. A theme can encompass anything from a religious theme to a colour theme. By using a theme, you can help tie your decorations together and set the tone for the materials you want to use.

Start with the lights

The first task when decorating your tree is to start with the lights, before adding any baubles that would otherwise get in the way. Start your lighting placement from the bottom of the tree, where the lights are closest to the sockets; you don’t want to start at the top then realise your lights can’t be plugged in. Make sure your lights don’t collect too much around the base or the centre of the tree, as you want there to be enough length to reach the tree’s apex.

You may need to uncoil your lights from the branches a few times to get it right. When weaving your lights around the branches, make sure a bulb is placed under one branch with the next light over another branch, to provide balance.

Choose the right decorations

Going back to tip #3, when you’re designing with a theme, you want the end result to look coherent and confident. Knowing how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional is knowing how to choose and hang the right items. You want to hang everything in a way where there is a balance across the tree and nothing looks overcrowded. You should also choose decorations that look right for the size and height of your tree.

 Give attention to your baubles

Baubles are always great fun to hang. But for a professional-looking tree, you want to think carefully about their placement. You want to give your tree a strong and full presence while at the same not overpacking your tree with designs. Think about clustering different sized baubles together, in order to give your tree depth and shape. Decide how many baubles should be in each cluster and which colours and shapes complement each other.

If your tree looks a bit lacking with decorations, don’t hesitate to go out and buy some additional ornaments. But before you do, think carefully about what’s needed and where they will contribute in the overall colour scheme and mood.

Putting your Christmas tree up can be equal parts fun and stressful. Knowing how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional can ease the stress and also teach you how to create a tree that looks elegant and strong. You want the final result to dazzle your friends and family and look fabulous throughout the festive season.

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