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How To Dance At A House Party: 7 Tips For Success

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You probably know people who can dance instantly at a party without any problems. While you’d love to do the same, you can’t; you worry about being laughed at, you feel self-conscious. You might not even know how to dance at a house party at all!

Because dancing at a party is way different to dancing in a club.

How different is dancing at a party? Well for one thing, there’s less people at a party than club. And most of those people are going to be family and friends. The heat is on not to mess up! You never know whose going to start filming you (and embarrassing you later).

Dancing in a group also makes people feel vulnerable and self-conscious. There’s a pressure to feel confident and “in the groove” the second you get to your feet. You want to start impressing.

If you want to know how to dance at a house party and well, here are a few tricks to help you start.

Things to do beforehand

When you’re dancing at a party, you want to feel you can cut loose and enjoy the music in the moment. And to be able to do that, you need to know how to dance at a house party that feels comfortable to you.

1. Get comfortable with actually dancing

One of the best ways to get acquainted with dancing is to practice at home. Just put on some house music and just see where your body goes. If you feel a bit awkward doing this, that’s okay – just own the feeling but keep going.

The goal of dancing at home alone is to train your body and help it understand what dancing feels like. That way, the second you start dancing at a party, your body knows what to do.

Try and practice different moves as well. By doing that, you can quickly eliminate what doesn’t work for you and get comfortable with what does.

Practice by dancing with all your body – how you move your legs and feet, what you do with your arms. Discover if you’re a dancer who likes to move all around the room or prefers to occupy a single spot. The more you know what you like, and how to dance at a house party using your particular style, the better you will feel.

2. Practice to different music styles

You just never know what music you’re going to get at a party so you need to be prepared. Mix up what you’re used to listening to with different genres, from indie rock to R&B, to find out how you like to move.

Perhaps your dance style doesn’t change at all and that’s fine. You don’t have to become an R&B dancer and a pop music dancer and a rock-loving one, with a different style for each. Practicing to different music means you can stay confident and in the flow by shifts in a party playlist.

3. Learn to move with music every day

Once you start feeling comfortable with dancing with yourself, start applying it to your daily routine. For example, when you’re preparing dinner, put on some music and dance as you cook. Groove to some hip hop while washing the dishes. Dancing to household chores can help them go by briskly!

By allowing music to be part of your life, you stop feeling self conscious when you fancy some toe tapping or feel an urge to dance.

More importantly, when you learn to feel music as a joyful part of life, you won’t be intimidated by people around you at a party. What I mean is: we often feel awkward dancing at parties because we think everyone is watching us.

But if your focus is solely on the music and the pleasure it brings you, all of those other people won’t matter. You’re dancing your thing for you only, and that’s a fantastic place to get to.

Dancing should make you feel good.

At the party night itself

Now you’ve done all that practice, time for the party.

Unlike dancing at home, you won’t get to control the dancefloor. You might be dancing in someone’s living room or their backyard. Maybe the dance area is in the middle of a party space with food and socialising placed around the sides.

Perhaps there are ten guests or a hundred guests at the party; from close friends and family, to colleagues or complete strangers. Do not worry about them. Forget about them, they’re not important, only you are.

So you’ve had a few drinks and a few chats, you’re feeling a bit mellow and toe tapping to some tunes, right? But now you want to go further than that.

The next step in how to dance at a house party is how to get up and do it, without feeling self conscious.

(You can do this next step whether the dancefloor is crowded or not).

1. Get on the dancefloor by doing this

One of the major worries partygoers have when dancing at parties is the feeling they’re being watched… gorked at. The way to conquer that is to dance as close to the DJ/music area as possible and turn your back on the crowd so you’re facing the music area.

You can do this, by working your way towards it by moving in from the sidelines.

Why do this? Going closer to the music gives your body time to get comfortable with the rhythm and find its moves. Turning your back on the crowd makes you feel less self conscious. When you’re joining the dancefloor, you want to feel relaxed, sink into the mood, build up your confidence.

And don’t think the DJ will judge you either. A DJ will be so preoccupied with playing their music, they might not even notice you (or too spaced out by their tunes to care).

2. Smile!

After a while of being near the DJ/music area, you will feel the dance in your body and you will start to relax. Sooner or later, you will find yourself moving away from the DJ and naturally into the crowd. Smile, as you do this.

Dancing should make you feel happy, and smiling helps spread good vibes amongst other dancing guests.

3. Dance with people

Another way to join the dancefloor is by encouraging a few friends or guests to join it with you. Your initiative might just be what these people need to get dancing, and break out of their nerves. Doing some goofy dancing with friends can help them relax.

4. Dance with space around you

Hopefully, during your home practice, you will have figured out the kind of dancer you are – if you like to move around a lot or stick to one spot. Now you need to adjust how you dance with the dancefloor around you. If you need a lot of room to dance, you might not get the space you need, so you need to adapt.

Always make sure you keep a little distance between you and other people when dancing. You don’t want to bang into people with all your bopping! Similarly, having some consistent space means you can enjoy your dancing without anyone interrupting your grooves.

Learning how to dance at a house party can put you at ease at any social occasion. You won’t feel intimidated by the dancefloor or feel self-conscious dancing among friends and family. You will know how to enjoy yourself, and ultimately that’s how you want to be feeling at every party you go to.

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