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15 Games To Play With Nothing But People (No Props Required)

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You love entertaining your friends, but right now you don’t have a lot of money to splash out on entertainment. You’d love to organise a few fun games to play with nothing needed for you to play them –  no props, cards or spending money. Are these types of games even possible?

Yes, there are plenty of party games without props or gear out there, some of them are more obvious than you think. It’s just finding them that’s the problem.

We at Together Kit love finding fun games to play with nothing but people to play them. The best fun can come from nothing but imagination, right? Like a magician who can pull a bunny from their hat and create instant laughs, this page will help do you the same. Let’s get you started.

Games to play with nothing at all

Laughing Game

Kicking off these games to play with nothing at all is one of our favourites. To play the Laughing Game, get everyone standing together in a circle. Each person takes it in turns to say ‘Ha ha’, ‘Ho ho’ or ‘Hee hee’. Anyone who starts laughing at any moment during this sequence is knocked out of the game. Keep the game going, and speed it up as you go around the circle, until one person is left.


Players you recruit for this game should know something about popular music, film and television. The game goes like this: the person who goes first picks the name of a famous person. The next player then needs to come up with the name of another famous person using the initial of the surname from the previous famous person. Here’s an example: Kylie Minogue > Michael Jackson > Jennifer Lawrence > Leonardo DiCaprio > Daniel Craig. Make sure the famous people chosen have 2 names; avoid singular names such as Drake, Madonna and Bono.


Technically, these are all party games without props, except for this one. The only prop you need is an item from your pocket or your bag, such as a coin, a cigarette lighter or your phone. Show your item to everyone in the room, then ask everyone to leave before hiding it somewhere. When you’re done, everyone is called back in and is asked to go look for the item in complete silence. As soon as a person spots the item, they are to sit down immediately and say nothing. The last person to spot the item is the loser, and becomes the person to hide an item in the next game.

I Went To The Store

Get everyone sitting or standing together in a circle. The person starting the game says “I went to the store and bought a razor” and then does a mime of using the razor. The next person then says “I went to the store and bought a toothbrush” and must repeat the razor mime before adding their toothbrushing mime. The third person then declares what they bought from the store, before repeating the 2 previous mimes and adding their own, and so on. Anyone who forgets the first mime in the sequence can start a brand new sequence.

How’s Yours?

Often, the best ideas for games to play with nothing are right under our noses, such as this game. To play, select someone to be the “It” then ask them to leave the room. Everyone else must decide between them a common trait that they are all going to be, for example, a tree, an animal, a piece of clothing, a household item. When the “It” returns, they go around the room asking each person at a time “How’s yours?” That person must answer using a one-word adjective answer to describe the trait, but without giving away what the trait is. If the common trait is “chimpanzee,” for example, then the adjectives might be: jumpy, excitable, sweaty, hairy.

If you’re playing with less than 10 people, you can wait until the end for the “It” player to guess what the trait could be. If you’re playing with 10 or more people, you should have them try and make a guess after each person they meet.

The Sculptor

This game was originally created by the Victorians who were fans of games made from thin air. To play, get everyone up on their feet and standing as still as they can as a statue. As the host, your job is to move around the group and change the pose of each player, by adjusting their arms, head or body. Each person needs to maintain their new pose for as long as they can without laughing and moving; anyone who breaks their pose or starts laughing is out of the game. The last person standing is the winner.

You can play this game as a series of rounds, where you adjust 1 or 2 body parts per person in each round. If you’re playing with 10+ people, ask someone to help you monitor the group for anyone breaking their pose.

Danger Mime

This is the perfect example of party games without props. With Danger Mime, players take it in turn to mime a potential disaster that could happen at home, for example: an electric shock from a socket, cooking then burning an omelet, not waking up when the alarm clock goes off, slipping on a spill on the floor.

Everyone else whose watching must guess what the danger is. You can also play this game with rotating pairs of people acting out a scenario together for an audience.

Twenty Questions

Nominate a player to go first and have them think of a person, place or thing. Each guest takes it in turn to ask a question to try and guess what this person is thinking, and where the answers can only be yes or no. The game ends when 20 questions have been asked or if the player’s person/place/thing has been discovered along the way.

Acting Whispers

This game is all about secret words. Split your friends into 2 teams, and decide which team will the audience for the first round. The non-audience team chooses a word between them, and then each team member has 10 seconds to act out the word, using mime, for the other team to guess. Once everyone in that team has acted out the word, the audience-team takes a guess at what the word could be. Whether they got their guess right or not, teams switch places for the next round.

You can also change up this game, by having teams act out a scene from daily life instead of using a word.


You need plenty of floor space to play this game. Get everyone in single file on their hands and knees, with each person holding onto the ankles of the person in front. Once assembled, everyone should work together to crawl together along the floor as one being without breaking formation.

Piggy Back Racing

Out of all the games to play with nothing, this one brings you back to childhood. First of all, mark out a starting line and a finish line, making sure there’s a fair distance between the two. Pair everyone up, then have them standing at the start. On Go!, get one of the pairs to piggy back the other and run for the finish line. The first couple to reach there the quickest is the winner.

Clump Freeze

This is a brilliant physical game. Depending on the size of your group, get 5 to 10 people on their feet and stood close to each other in a circle. Players now need to form a physical “clump” or shapeless shape, but without any close body contact. Touching is okay, being physically near each other is okay, but try to avoid leaning in on each other.

When the clump has been assembled, the group starts moving together as a single shape, pulling faces as they go. When you shout “Freeze!” the group needs to freeze in place immediately. Anyone who doesn’t freeze straight away is knocked out of the game; likewise, if anyone from the clump giggles or wobbles in their position, out they go. To get the clump moving again, shout “Unfreeze!” You can vary the timing of “Freeze/Unfreeze” to keep things unpredictable. The last person standing – who does the freeze right away – is the winner.

Guess The Steps

Clear your party room of any furniture and place a finish line somewhere. Everyone then needs to guess how many heel-to-toe steps it will take for them to reach the finish and declare this out loud. On Go!, players cross the room, going heel-to-toe according to their estimate. The first person who is closest to the finish line is the winner.

Sing Along Ping Pong

Here is another fun example of party games without props. The person who starts the game needs to sing a chorus of a well-known pop song. As the host, shout out “same”, and the next person in the round should sing a chorus of a song by the same artist. If you shout out “word,” then the next chorus sung must contain a word from the previous chorus and by a different singer. This is a fast-paced game and anyone who gets the chorus wrong, according to the shout out, needs to stay silent for the next round.

Here’s an example: “When you call my name, it’s like a little prayer” is from Like A Prayer by Madonna. If I shout out “word,” the next chorus sung could be the chorus of Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi, with “prayer” as the connecting word. “If I shout out “same,” then any Madonna song would be the next song. The entire game ends with a singalong of the last chorus sung.

Add To It

This game is a variation on I Went To The Store. The person starting the game makes an action, then the player to their right repeats the action and adds one of their own. The third person does both actions and then adds one of their own, and so on. This game is best played with up to 10 players, because there’s going to be a lot of actions for the last player to remember otherwise! If someone forgets an action, the next person starts off a completely new sequence.

Coming up with games to play with nothing, but imagination and suspended belief can take some doing. We hope you found inspiration from our list.

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