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15 Father’s Day Party Ideas for Memorable Time with Dad

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Looking for things to do with Dad? Little Father’s Day party ideas that are special and go beyond just giving him a card?

We know there are many hundred different ways to celebrate Father’s Day but we’ve chosen to focus on the one thing that matters to us – spending quality time with Dad. It’s all about being with him, enjoying who he is and creating more good memories.

He’s the number one guy in your life, the rock or shoulder to lean on, always there with a wise word of advice to impart. Let’s get going with some ideas.

Breakfast just for Dad

What better way to kick off a few Father’s Day party ideas than right to heart of the stomach. You can present this to him in bed or better yet, have the table laden with his favourite foods before he’s down the stairs. Think of waffles, jams, eggs, cereal, fruit, coffee and anything in particular you know he loves eating.

You need to be thinking about this at least a week beforehand, so you can prepare your shopping list and know what to buy. Then you need to be over at the family home (unless you’re visiting already), early in the kitchen to get everything ready.

Some outdoor grilling

Another food idea, why not celebrate outside by bringing everyone together around a barbecue with some meats and vegetables? Like the breakfast idea, you will need to prepare your shopping list in advance.

There are two extra things you will also need when pulling off this idea: charcoal for your outdoor grill (and making sure it works); and invitations sent to neighbours, family and friends to come over for the party.

Wine tasting

For Dads who love wine, holding a wine-centered party is an ultimate treat. There are many different wine-themed Father’s Day party ideas, for example: wine by country, experimenting different wines with different foods, and a classic wine-tasting. Learn more about how to organise such an event with our Partycurrent post on wine party ideas.

Join a local tour

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to get to know Dad even better, and one way is to join a tour you know he will already enjoy. My dad is a fan of different types of cuisine so in our case, going on a food tour to different restaurants went down a treat.

There are many types of tour you can look into including: walking city tours, walking tours in your father’s neighbourhood (or hometown, if you’re lucky enough to visit there), historical tour, night tour, and tour by bus instead of walking.

The lavish dinner

This is one of the more high-end Father’s Day party ideas, gifting your Dad a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant. We’re talking foods such as steak, sushi or seafood. Make this a night on the town for both you, him and your family, with everyone dressed up in fine clothes.

Make sure he knows the tab is in you, you don’t want to end up fighting over who pays at the end of the night.

Treating him to a massage

This idea is also one of expense, but I think Dads everywhere deserve it. You can organise this with your local massage parlour and enjoy a spa day with him at a wellness centre. Give your Dad the opportunity to be pampered and looked after for a change.

A kind of beer crawl

We had the wine earlier, but for Dads who love beer, why not help Dad enjoy a refreshing pint down at his local. Better yet, you can use this opportunity to plan an afternoon together where you sample different beers at different places. Bear in mind, you could both end up getting drunk from all these visits, so make sure you visit somewhere for a small meal in between.

Enjoy game night

This one’s not just fun for your Dad but a great time for your family. We love game nights and it’s the perfect diversion away from phones and the internet. With a few drinks and food on the side, playing games together is a great opportunity for conversation, laughs and bonding.

Outdoor movies

With Father’s Day typically falling into the summer, this is a perfect season for making use of outdoor cinema. Take a look at what’s playing locally and just pick a film you know you will all enjoy. You can also set up your own backyard cinema for a more private screening, using a portable white screen, projector and a laptop.

Taking him shopping (kind of)

Yes, I’m well aware Dads are not typically fans of clothes shopping and would rather be elsewhere in the mall as you browse for gear! But this brand of shopping I’m suggesting is online shopping. If you know of at least 3 different online stores that he would enjoy visiting, then why not browse them together?

You can make it known to him that you and your family will be picking up the tab for anything he sees he’s interested in buying. He doesn’t have to buy anything, of course. Just sitting together and discussing his interests can make more for a memorable conversation.

Enjoy the outdoors

If there’s a lake nearby or a park or forest you can get to by car, suggest to Dad about spending some time there on Father’s Day. What you do while outdoors is ultimately up to him. If he’s already the sporty type, for example he enjoys fishing, cycling or playing soccer, you can plan your activities around his ideas.

If your Dad enjoys lazing around in the sun with a book and beer, then organise to bring some deckchairs with you and a bluetooth radio. If he enjoys sightseeing, then look for parks and outdoor venues with an observatory or museum you can visit together.

Make lunch together

Maybe it sounds a bit strange for your Dad to be doing the cooking on his special day. But this is for Dads who get a kick out of cooking for the family or who have a special dish they love cooking for everyone. Join him on his grocery shopping excursion then offer to plate the food and clean up afterwards.

Go to a car show

If your Dad is into classic cars, then suggest taking him to a show and letting him explore what he sees and talk to owners. This Father’s Day party idea’s one that needs a lot of advance planning, as you will need to research what car shows there are, dates and how to get there. A car museum is also another good option.

You don’t just have to focus on cars, you can go to anything you know he will enjoy such as an air show or racing cars.

Just hang out with Dad

It’s easy on this holiday to go nuts with Father’s Day party ideas because you want to do something special for him. But sometimes, all you need to do to have a great day is just hang out with him and just go with the flow. Find out what he likes doing when he’s relaxing and ask if you can tag along.

Perhaps he just enjoys going for a walk or a hike, visiting the local library or watching sports on the TV. If he enjoys hiking, ask him if you can plan a hike together that he leads. If he wants to just enjoy the library, you can read a few books of your own whilst visiting with him, then add a beer or a late lunch afterwards.

Go to a match together

If your Dad likes a particular sport, look into getting tickets for the next game – even if the season for the sport isn’t in the summer. Okay, that might sound a bit disappointing to you, since you can’t actually go until after Father’s Day, but actually it’s not. This gives both of you something to look forward to and presenting him the tickets now can give good feeling. 

If the sport Dad likes is in season in the summer, such as baseball or horse jumping, try and get tickets beforehand so you can watch something together.

Father’s Day party ideas are a great way to spend time with your Dad and an opportunity for new memories together. There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday, but we believe centring on what your Dad enjoys (such as Idea #12) is the best way to go. Wish you a happy Father’s Day.

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