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Calling All Word Trivia Fiends

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This fun word trivia quiz is a perfect timeout for a party in need of chilled activities.

Maybe you love word trivia so much, you’re always springing the latest vocabulary on your friends. Or perhaps you enjoy working out the crossword.

Either way, this quiz has been created with all word lovers in mind.

Get ready to transform your players into verbivores (a person who devours words) or logomaniacs (person obsessed with words).

None of you will (hopefully) be logophobic (have a fear of words) after playing.

Need a downloadable version of this trivia quiz?

Click here for your PDF copy of this word trivia quiz.

Here are your word trivia questions.

1. When you’re capernoited, what are you?

a. Slighty afraid
b. Slightly drunk
c. Slightly embarrassed
d. Slightly out of tune

2. Cleromancy is divination involving what?

a. Dice
b. Glass
c. Twigs
d. Ink

3. What does a nuxodeltiologist prefer postcard scenes of?

a. The road
b. The trees
c. The ocean
d. The night

4. What do you have when you’re sciapodous?

a. Huge nose
b. Huge chin
c. Huge feet
d. Huge ears

5. What are you full of when you’re gambrinous?

a. Beer
b. Joy
c. Chicken
d. Sweat

6. Tropoclastics is actually the science of

a. House keeping?
b. Ancient writing?
c. Breaking habits?
d. Eavesdropping?

7. What do you most fear in hormephobia?

a. Saliva
b. Shock
c. Static
d. Silence

8. What does ponophobia mean?

a. The fear of overheating
b. The fear of oversleeping
c. The fear of overthinking
d. The fear of overworking

9. Iatrapistia is the lack of faith in what?

a. The medical system
b. The judicial system
c. The educational system
d. The legal system

10. Where is the dactylion?

a. Thumb
b. Forefinger
c. Middle finger
d. Ring finger

11. Presbycusis is the loss of what at old age?

a. Smelling
b. Hearing
c. Tasting
d. Feeling

12. An icononmicar writes about what?

a. Illness
b. Religion
c. Farming
d. Desserts

13. When you’re a stagiary, what are you a student of?

a. Medicine
b. Law
c. Geology
d. Philosophy

14. What do you love eating as a pagophagiac?

a. Fingernails
b. Ash
c. Pips
d. Ice

15. What does napiform mean?

a. Turnip-shaped
b. Car-shaped
c. Hinge-shaped
d. Arch-shaped

16. What’s another word for chirotonsor?

a. A masseur
b. A carpenter
c. A barber
d. A dentist

17. What’s limerance the initial thrill of?

a. Getting a job
b. Falling in love
c. Learning to write
d. Buying a house

18. What is a wheeple?

a. A poor attempt at whistling
b. A poor attempt at listening
c. A poor attempt at sneezing
d. A poor attempt at hugging

19. What does psithurism describe the sound of?

a. Flowing water
b. Rustling leaves
c. Keyboard typing
d. Hammer nailing

20. A person who’s a fysigunkus lacks what?

a. Humor
b. Wisdom
c. Curiosity
d. Temper

Word trivia quiz – the answers:

1. b. Slightly drunk / 2. a. Dice / 3. d. The night / 4. c. Huge feet / 5. a. Beer / 6. c. Breaking habits / 7. b. Shock / 8. d. The fear of overworking / 9. a. The medical system / 10. c. The middle finger / 11. b. Hearing / 12. c. Farming / 13. b. Law / 14. d. Ice / 15. a. Turnip-shaped / 16. c. A barber / 17. b. Falling in love / 18. a. A poor attempt at whistling / 19. b. Rustling leaves / 20. c. Curiosity.