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An Irish Trivia Quiz – 
Test Your Love of Ireland

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Irish Trivia - the Irish flag

Test what you know about Ireland with this Irish trivia quiz.

Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is the third largest island in Europe, and home to almost 5 million people. Potatoes, whiskey and Liam Neeson are amongst its many famous exports.

Then there’s Guinness. James Joyce once described this stout as “the wine of Ireland”, and he wouldn’t be far wrong.

This Irish trivia quiz challenges what you know, by mixing well-known facts with quirky ones. A fun game to play with other trivia games or on St Patrick’s Day.

Here are your Irish trivia questions.

1. The Titanic was built in which Irish city?

a. Galway
b. Belfast
c. Waterford
d. Dublin

2. What color was originally associated with Saint Patrick?

a. Blue
b. Yellow
c. Purple
d. Brown

3. What’s the name of the lead vocalist of the band The Corrs?

a. Sharon Corr
b. Jim Corr
c. Andrea Corr
d. Caroline Corr

4. How long was the Irish War of Independence (aka the Anglo-Irish War)?

a. 1 year
b. 5 years
c. 3 years
d. 6 years

5. The famous Delorean car was built in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland. It also featured in the movie trilogy ‘Back to the Future’. What was the name of the movies’ professor?

a. Doc Holliday
b. Doc Brown
c. Doc Payne
d. Doc Jones

6. What the heck are Pear Picking Porky, Joker and Polly Pineapple?

a. Whiskey
b. Cardgames
c. Mushrooms
d. Lollypops

7. Frank Pantridge was born in Hillsborough, County Down. What was he famous for?

a. Discovered the first radio pulsars
b. The development of the modern tractor
c. Creating the ejector seat
d. Introducing CPR to the world

8. Which of the following ISN’T a famous Irish brewery?

a. Guinness
b. Smithwicks
c. Bulmers
d. Harp Lager

9. You’re testing out your Irish slang and suddenly say “we had a bit of gas that day”. What are you saying?

a. Had a row that day
b. Had fun that day
c. Had rain that day
d. Had no money that day

10. What is the national symbol of Ireland?

a. Crown Jewels of Ireland
b.The Celtic Cross
c. The Celtic Harp
d. The Irish Wolfhound

11. What the heck are crubeens?

a. Boiled pigs’ feet
b. Bread fried in bacon fat
c. A type of black pudding
d. Mashed potato with scallions

12. Irish boyband Westlife disbanded in 2012 after 14 years of hits. Which of the following didn’t chart at number one in the UK?

a. If I Let You Go
b. Home
c. Flying Without Wings
d. Queen of My Heart

13. Which county is the most heavily populated in Ireland?

a. County Dublin
b. County Kerry
c. County Wexford
d. County Tyrone

14. What is Phillip Treacy (born in County Galway) famous for?

a. Ships
b. Politics
c. Farming
d. Hats

15. In which year did Ireland join the European Community?

a. 1956
b. 1987
c. 1973
d. 1968

16. Which of these men is not an Irish actor?

a. Derek Thompson
b. James Nesbitt
c. Sam Neill
d. John Hewitt

17. Complete this lyric, from the Enya song ‘Orinoco Flow’:

“Let me sail, let me sail / let the Orinoco Flow / let me reach, let me reach / on the shores of Tripoli / Let me sail, let me sail / let me crash upon your shore, / Let me reach, let me beach / ???”

a. Far beyond the yellow sea
b. Far beyond the lonely sea
c. Far beyond the open sea
d. Far beyond your eye can see

18. What are Kilkee, Youghal and Bundoran?

a. Brands of regional cider
b. Surnames of Irish politicians
c. Types of Irish fruit cake
d. Names of coastal towns

19 Which Irish band had a hit song called ‘Drunken Lullabies’?

a. Dropkick Murphys
b. The Cranberries
c. Flogging Molly
d. Two Door Cinema Club

20. Who said “I had that stubborn streak, the Irish in me I guess”?

a. Seamus Heaney
b. Gregory Peck
c. Peter O’Toole
d. Bob Geldof

Irish trivia quiz – answers:

1. b. Belfast / 2. a. Blue / 3. c. Andrea Corr / 4. c. 3 years (1918-1921) / 5. b. Doc Brown / 6. d. Lollypops / 7. d. Introducing CPR to the world / 8. c. Bulmers / 9. b. Had fun that day / 10. c. The Celtic Harp / 11. a. Boiled pigs’ feet / 12. b. Home (charted at No.3) / 13. a. County Dublin / 14. d. Hats / 15. c. 1973 / 16. d. John Hewitt (an Irish poet) / 17. a. Far beyond the yellow sea / 18. d. Names of coastal towns / 19. c. Flogging Molly / 20. b. Gregory Peck.