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15 Crazy Halloween Party Drinking Games For Adults

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Halloween is one of the best times of the year to party, hands down. Some would say it’s even better than Christmas! Not only is it an excuse to dress up in wacky outfits, it’s also an excuse to have a few drinks without feeling bad about it. And you can’t have a few drinks without a few Halloween party drinking games thrown in.

Like most holidays, Halloween is generally marketed towards kids or families. So how is a grownup supposed to celebrate? It’s not like trick or treating can work for us anymore. We’ve made you a list of fun Halloween drinking games, because we at Together Kit understand adults need fun too.

You won’t need to break the budget to play any of these Halloween party drinking games. A few games will require props or some advanced preparation, but it’s not too challenging. Let’s get on with the show!

Death By Pumpkin

The first of these Halloween party drinking games is a version of a well-known drinking card game. In the regular version, the cards are placed under a beer can in the middle of the group. Someone who takes a card from this pile must perform a specific action.

In this version, everyone pours a portion of their drink into a plastic pumpkin that’s placed at the center. Deal out the card then players take it in turns to show their card; anyone getting a 6, 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace takes a drink from the pumpkin.

Boozing For Apples

This is an irresponsible version of bobbing for apples that still needs apples to play. There are 2 ways to play this game. In the first version, set aside a large bowl filled with water, apples and small liquor bottles. Each player dunks their face into the bowl and must push around the apples to grab a bottle using their teeth.

Another version is to play with just apples (and no liquor bottles), but this time you add a liquor shot to the apples before playing. That way, the player has no idea what they’re in for once they’ve gotten their fruit.

Halloween Costume Bingo

There are some dead certs when it comes to Halloween outfits, i.e. Witch’s hat, broomstick, a cat, ghostly makeup, trying to look like the undead, etc. This game is played throughout the night as more guests arrive at your party.

Every time someone arrives wearing a stereotypical costume such as a wizard, a ghoul, or a zombie, or wears a Halloween-related object with their outfit, everyone except the person who pointed out the costume has to take a drink at the same time.

Every time the doorbell rings, the whole room needs to take a drink including the person who pointed out the ringing.


Time for some team Halloween party drinking games! For this game, you will need to provide generous amounts of toilet paper then divide your friends up into pairs or trios.

After each team has been given their toilet rolls, players decide between themselves who will be the mummy-wrappers and who will be the mummy. Then on Go!, everyone races against the clock to wrap their mummy head to toe the fastest.

The slowest and therefore the loser team has to down their drinks in one.

Name That Bone

To play this game, you will need to buy a plastic skeleton, preferably one that displays all the bones. One by one, players take it in turns to guess the name of a bone, making their way from the skull down to the toes. If they can’t name a bone, they must take a drink. Those who name a bone correctly get to top up other people’s drinks. You can use Google to check the bones are being correctly named.

Here’s an easier version of the game: buy a paper outline of a skeleton, then write down the names of the bones on strips of paper that players can pin to the drawing. Players get 3 goes to pin their name to the right bone; if they get it wrong on the 1st go, then it’s 1 drink, 2nd go is 2 drinks, 3rd go is 3 drinks.

Eyeball Pong

If you prefer fun Halloween drinking games that take zero effort to set up, this one is the perfect choice. Just use a Sharpie pen and draw eyeballs onto plain white ping pong balls. When you’re done, use these balls in a game of beer pong.

To give things that Halloween feel, use red-colored punch as your drink instead of regular beer.

Halloween Cocktail Contest

In this twist to Halloween party drinking games, players need to make their drink first and against the clock before gulping it down. Set up a cocktail-mixing station lined with a selection of spirits (vodka, rum, etc), mixers (Cola, soda, fruit juices, etc), and finishing pieces (fruit slices, leaves).

Seat participating players opposite those not taking part in the round and give them only 5 minutes to create the most dazzling cocktail ever. After the clock strikes 5 minutes, have everyone else taste each drink and vote for the best one.

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Thriller Flip Cup

You will need to find a copy of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (the title track) and put on full blast to play this game.

While the music is playing, everyone dances around a table, and when it stops, they drink then flip the cup in front of them. The last person to flip their cup successfully is out of the game. Then the music resumes and the last player left from all the rounds is the winner.

Ghost Ping Pong

You will need a large white bedsheet (aka the Ghost) and split your friends into even-numbered teams with players holding sheet at opposite ends. A ping pong ball is placed in the middle of the sheet and the goal of the game is for teams to shift the ball to the opposing team. Anytime this is achieved, everyone in that opposing team takes a drink.

If the ball falls from the sheet, everyone takes a drink. The game ends when an opposing team has lost 5 rounds. This game is not exactly typical of Halloween party drinking games, but by heck is it a lot of fun!

Halloween Murder Mystery

Get everyone sitting together around a table and give them each a card. Each card has a letter written on one side: D (detective), M (murderer), V (victim). There should only be one M card and one D card. Whoever gets the detective card now has to work out who is the murderer.

The murderer kills its targets with a subtle wink; victims must die an over-the-top death and as they do, everyone takes a drink. The game ends either with everyone dead or the detective exposing the murderer.

The murderer also needs to work out who the detective is so they can avoid killing them. If they kill the detective without realising that person is the detective, they take 3 drinks.

Halloween Beats

Forget ping balls and sheets for a second, now is the time to get everyone on their feet and dancing. Before starting the game, everyone sits in a circle and decides which Halloween character they want to be and a visible gesture to communicate that.

If they choose to be a zombie, for example, then they could thrust out both of their arms or shake their head from side to side. A ghost could shake arms around. A cat would present claw-like hands.

Then get everyone dancing to this beat: slapping their thighs twice and clapping once (similar to the song “We Will Rock You”). The player nominated to start continues the beat then inserts their gesture along with another person’s gesture. For example: slap-slap-zombie, slap-slap-witch. Whoever chose the witch gesture takes their turn.

Anyone who messes up someone’s signal takes a drink; when anyone messes up the beat, everyone takes a drink.

Oooooooh No

Simple rules here: everyone is banned from saying yes or no. The starting player has 30 seconds to answer as many personal questions as they can without answering yes or no.

Every time they say no, they drink; every time they say a yes, everyone drinks. Any hesitation, ums or ahs, the player drinks all their drink. The player with the most points is the winner.

Halloween Never

This is a variation of the classic Never Have I Ever game and is a Halloween game of skill and wits.

Get everyone standing together around a table and the starting player kicks things off by creating a statement that starts with “I’ve never,” for example, “I’ve never been on a motorbike.” Anyone around the table whose been on a motorbike has to drink; if no one has, then the statement-asker takes a drink. 

The goal of the game is to think up a statement where the entire group takes a drink at the same time.

Halloween Names

What about fun Halloween drinking games that focus on the topic Halloween itself via the knowledge of Halloween/horror pop culture? This drinking game is played against the clock and involves spelling, quick wittedness, and Halloween nerdism.

The starting player kicks things off by saying the full name of a person – alive, dead or fiction – connected with Halloween, horror or all things scary. The person to their left is given just 10 seconds to call out another name using the first letter of the first name.

If I called out Buffy Summers (from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer), for example, then the next name could be Boris Karloff (an actor in “Bride of Frankenstein”). One-word names such as Leatherface are also allowed. If someone can’t think of a name, they take a drink. If someone else can and calls out a correct name, everyone takes a drink. This person can then call out a different name and the person to their left must follow on from it.

Halloween Callouts

To finish up this list of fun Halloween drinking games, get everyone on their feet and dancing to a playlist of horror-themed music. As they dance, call out a random object associated with Halloween such as “ghost,” “pumpkin,” or “zombie.” Everyone must act out this object as soon as they hear it; the last person to respond takes a drink.

Make the object as difficult as possible to throw people off and get as many drinking as possible.

Halloween party drinking games are a brilliant and unique way to celebrate the holidays, mainly because families and kids can’t use them, only you. Why can’t adults also have fun this time of year? You deserve it. We hope you found a few games to add to your next celebration. Have fun!

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