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Must-Have Halloween Origin Trivia Quiz

Although celebrated every October 31, the Halloween origin stuff is never given that much thought.

Why do you wear masks on Halloween? Was pumpkin always the original vegetable? Why the heck do you ring a bell on Halloween anyway?

With these many mysteries in mind, comes this Halloween Origin trivia quiz, that’s part super-fun, part gob-smacking education.

Here’s are your Halloween Origin trivia questions.

1. What vegetable was traditionally carved before the pumpkin?

a. Beetroot
b. Melon
c. Turnip
d. Swede

2. What is the day after Halloween called?

a. All Sinners’ Day
b. All Saints’ Day
c. After Hallow’s Day
d. Hallowmass

3. What does the Halloween color orange represent?

a. The harvest
b. The twilight
c. The burning of spirits
d. The voice of spirits

4. What was the 6th most popular adult Halloween costume of 2009?

a. Bat
b. Pirate
c. Hangman
d. Cat

5. Apart from eating, how else are apples used on Halloween?

a. Bobbing for apples game
b. Good luck charms to hang on doors
c. Carve for miniature Jack O’ Lanterns
a. Protective potions using apples

6. Why do you wear masks on Halloween?

a. To protect our faces in case the dead attacks us
b. To keep the dead from recognizing the living
c. To protect the dead from seeing us happy
d. To stop the dead from touching our faces

7. How long does it take a pumpkin to grow?

a. 30-60 days
b. 40-80 days
b. 60-90 days
d. 90-120 days

8. Halloween is the third largest US party day of the year. Which is the second?

a. Christmas Day
b. Super Bowl Sunday
c. Thanksgiving
d. New Year’s Eve

9. Barnbrack is a traditional Halloween food. What is it?

a. A fruit cake
b. A meat dish
c. A pumpkin punch
d. A special bread

10. How do you spell ‘Sow-en’, the Celtic harvest festival where Halloween originated?

a. S-O-W-H-U-A-N
b. S-A-H-M-H-E-N
c. S-A-M-H-A-I-N
d. S-A-R-H-A-R-N

11. Jerry Ayers is the world’s fastest pumpkin carver. How fast was he?

a. 22 seconds
b. 37 seconds
c. 45 seconds
d. 53 seconds

12. In England, are white cats believed to be?

a. Bad luck
b. Good luck
c. Devil’s luck
d. Spirit protection

13. What was the trick originally in ‘trick or treat’?

a. Knock on the door and then run away
b. Throw water at the person opening the door
c. Sing a song to the person giving you the candy
d. Recite a good luck protection spell

14. What is Nos Calan Gaeaf?

a. Halloween in Irish
b. Halloween in French
c. Halloween in Icelandic
d. Halloween in Welsh

15. What does the color black signify in Halloween?

a. Death
b. Darkness
c. Uncertainty
d. The Devil

16. The pumpkin is related to the potato…


17. Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday after what?

a. Easter
b. New Year’s
c. Christmas
d. Thanksgiving

18. Why do we ring a bell on Halloween?

a. To welcome the spirits
b. To scary away the spirits
c. To dance with the spirits
d. To comfort the spirits

19. Who was Jack O’Lantern?

a. A banished demon
b. A mischievous elf
c. A guardian angel
d. A shifty villain

20. In question 10, I asked you to spell ‘Sow-en’ (‘sow’ rhymes with ‘cow’). What does ‘Sow-en’ mean?

a. End of summer
b. Start of autumn
c. End of sunlight
d. End of autumn

Halloween Origin trivia quiz – Answers

1. c. Turnip / 2. b. All Saints’ Day / 3. a. The harvest / 4. d. Cat / 5. a. Bob for apples game / 6. b. To keep the dead from recognizing the living / 7. d. 90-120 days / 8. b. Super Bowl Sunday. New Year’s Eve is the 1st. / 9. a. A fruit cake / 10. c. S-A-M-H-A-I-N / 11. b. 37 seconds / 12. a. Bad luck / 13. c. Sing a song to the person giving you the candy / 14. d. Halloween in Welsh / 15. a. Death / 16. False / 17. c. Christmas / 18. b. To scary away the spirits / 19. d. A shifty villain / 20. a. End of summer.

Image: Mark J P