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A Chocolate Trivia Quiz: 
Know Your Ghirardelli From Your Cadbury?

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Got chocolate trivia on the brain?

Love chocolate so much, it’s in your heart and soul?

This chocolate trivia quiz has been written for the chocolate fanatic in mind.

Even if you’re only half a chocolate lover, that’s okay. By the time you’re done with these mouthwatering questions, you might find yourself becoming a 100% chocolate fan.

Here are your chocolate trivia questions.

1. The word ‘chocolate’ originates from the word ‘xocolātl’ which means what?

a. Bitter seed
b. Bitter plant
c. Bitter earth
d. Bitter water

2. What is Hershey Sidekick (in Canada) known as in the US?

a. Dagoba Chocolate
b. Reese’s Fast Break
c. Hershey’s Symphony
d. Almond Joy Bar

3. Which type of chocolate is considered good for your health?

a. Dark
b. Milk
c. Semisweet
d. White

4. In Belgium, which form of chocolate is added to steamed milk to make ‘chocolat chaud’?

a. Chocolate liquor
b. Chocolate powder
c. Chocolate squares
d. Chocolate chips

5. Which Cadbury’s brand of chocolate had the famous slogan ‘A glass and a half in every half pound’?

a. Milk Tray
b. Dairy Milk
c. Eclairs
d. Bournville

6. What is ‘Closeup Flavalicious’?

a. Chocolate flavored lipbalm
b. Chocolate flavored floss
c. Chocolate flavored toothpaste
d. Chocolate flavored mouthwash

7. Which character was the second to be disqualified in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’?

a. Augustus Gloop
b. Violet Beauregarde
c. Mike Teavee
d. Veruca Salt

8. ‘Long flakes of milk chocolate covered in chocolate coating’ describes which chocolate bar?

a. Twirl
b. Whip
c. Flake
d. Wispa

9. Which other ingredient is added to Delafee Chocolates?

a. Pepper
b. Caviar
c. Gold
d. Hemp

10. Thanks to its distinct regional flavors, chocolate is often likened to what?

a. Coffee
b. Wine
c. Cigars
d. Whiskey

11. Who was the main actress in the film ‘Chocolat’?

a. Juliette Binoche
b. Audrey Tautou
c. Sophie Marceau
d. Catherine Deneuve

12. Which country is the 2nd largest producer of cocoa beans after Ivory Coast?

a. Indonesia
b. Ecuador
c. Brazil
d. Ghana

13. In what year was Godiva Chocolatier founded?

a. 1906
b. 1916
c. 1926
d. 1936

14. In 2010, New York set a world record for what?

a. Largest cup of hot chocolate
b. Largest chocolate sculpture
c. Largest chocolate cookie
d. Largest chocolate rabbit

15. Which chocolate bar is famous for its fingers?

a. Crunchie
b. Pinky
c. Double Decker
d. Kit Kat

16. Crowded House’s chocolate-titled song was called what?

a. Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk
b. Chocolate Cake
c. The Land of Chocolate
d. The Chocolate Soldier

17. Frozen Haute Chocolate sells for how much per order?

a. $2,000
b. $10,000
c. $25,000
d. $50,000

18. Products labelled ‘Milk Chocolate’ in the UK are labelled as what in mainland Europe?

a. Flavored Milk Chocolate
b. Family Milk Chocolate
c. Factory Milk Chocolate
d. Sweet Milk Chocolate

19. Which chocolate maker won the title of ‘biggest Easter Egg of all time’ in 2005?

a. Guylian
b. Sucré Chocolates
c. Ghirardelli
d. Thorton’s

20. ‘Suklaa’ is the word for chocolate in which language?

a. Swedish
b. Estonian
c. Finnish
d. Belarusian

Chocolate trivia – the answers:

1. d. Bitter water / 2. b. Reese’s Fast Break / 3. a. Dark (70% cocoa+ is best) / 4. d. Chocolate chips / 5. b. Dairy Milk / 6. c. Chocolate flavored toothpaste / 7. b. Violet Beauregarde / 8. a. Twirl / 9. c. Gold / 10. b. Wine / 11. a. Juliette Binoche / 12. d. Ghana / 13. c. 1926 / 14. a. Largest cup of hot chocolate (almost 500 gallons) / 15. d. Kit Kat / 16. b. Chocolate Cake / 17. c. $25,000 / 18. b. Family Milk Chocolate / 19. a. Guylian / 20. c. Finnish.