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An Awesome Art Trivia Quiz

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Art Trivia - art potsTest what you know about art with this art trivia quiz.

Art is everywhere in our lives. From famous works like ‘The Mona Lisa’, to well-known names like Pablo Picasso, art has become so embedded in our culture. Its very existence inspires us, moves us, helps us make sense of the world.

By practicing their craft, an artist can nudge our emotions, and wow us with their creativity.

This art trivia quiz challenges you, by mixing together historical names with contemporary ones.

Make sure to drop by an art gallery afterwards, or view art works on the web. Let your appreciation for art flow.

Here are your art trivia questions.

1. Pablo Picasso’s real name is actually how many words long?

a. 5
b. 12
c. 23
d. 19

2. English artist Andy Brown created a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II used what?

a. Used bras
b. Used tea bags
c. Used handkerchiefs
d. Used wigs

3. How many paintings did Vincent Van Gogh sell in his lifetime?

a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7

4. Which architect was responsible for the glass Pyramid at the Lourve?

a. Louis Le Vau
b. Ieoh M Pei
c. François Mansart
d. Henri Labrouste

5. Pop Art originated in which city?

a. Amsterdam
b. New York
c. Frankfurt
d. London

6. How many times has the Mona Lisa been stolen?

a. 8
b. 10
c. 1
d. 5

7. Whose art style became known as Surrealism?

a. Francisco de Goya
b. Edgar Degas
c. Peter Paul Rubens
d. Salvador Dali

8. In which year was the Bahaus School of Design closed?

a. 1914
b. 1933
c. 1952
d. 1969

9. Michelangelo considered himself a sculptor first. Which was his favorite rock?

a. Quartz
b. Granite
c. Marble
d. Onyx

10. ‘Fall of Man’ was painted by who?

a. Durer
b. Delacroix
c. Hockney
d. Gris

11. Leonardi Da Vinci invented which one of these items?

a. Kites
b. High heels
c. Gunpowder
d. Wine cork

12. Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby was affectionately known by which nickname?

a. The Founder
b. The Artist
c. The Prophet
d. The King

13. How long was the original shark used in Damian Hirst’s iconic work ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’?

a. 14 feet
b. 19 feet
c. 23 feet
d. 30 feet

14. Which types of paint does NOT use the color white?

a. Acrylic
b. Casein
c. Gouache
d. Watercolor

15. Who once declared “Art is anything you can get away with”?

a. Tracy Enim
b. Andy Warhol
c. Cornelia Parker
d. Claude Monet

16. Which artist created the concrete cast of the interior of an entire Victorian house?

a. Antony Gormley
b. Mona Hatoum
c. Rachel Whiteread
d. Edward Allington

17. Rousseau’s ‘The Repast of the Lion’ is an example of what type of art?

a. Color Field
b. Institutional Gothic
c. Maximalism
d. Naïve Art

18. Which art movement claimed to be anti-art?

a. Dada
b. Cubism
c. Art Nouveau
d. Fauvism

19. Who painted ‘The Conversion of St. Paul’?

a. Constable
b. Caravaggio
c. El Greco
d. Van Gogh

20. Name the technique that places lines closely side by side

a. Hatching
b. Screentone
c. Whittling
d. Pholage

Art trivia quiz – answers:

1. c. 23 (Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso) / 2. b. Used tea bags / 3. a. 1 / 4. b. Ieoh M Pei / 5. d. London / 6. c. 1 (in August 21, 1911) / 7. d. Salvador Dali / 8. b. 1933 (closed by the Nazis) / 9. c. Marble / 10. a. Durer / 11. b. High heels / 12. d. The King / 13. a. 14 feet / 14. d. Watercolor / 15. b. Andy Warhol / 16. c. Rachel Whiteread / 17. d. Naïve Art / 18. a. Dada / 19. b. Caravaggio / 20. a. Hatching.