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A Winter Solstice Symbols (and Facts) Quiz

Winter Solstice Symbols Quiz - the sunThis Winter Solstice symbols quiz is the perfect intro for newcomers interested in celebrating the Winter Solstice.

The celebration of the returning sun, is what all Winter Solstice symbols honor. The Solstice itself is celebrated at the heart of midwinter – December 21 or 22. From this night onwards, the days will start to grow longer, with the long cold nights shifting away.

Playing this Winter Solstice Symbols quiz is a fun way to get to know the origins of this holiday.

If you’re a Solstice veteran, you can use it to test what you already know. Or mix it up with other trivia quizzes, for a weirder game!

Need a downloadable version of this trivia quiz?

Click here for your PDF copy of this Winter Solstice trivia quiz.

1 Which four colors are most associated with the Winter Solstice?

a. Brown, yellow, orange, crimson
b. Red, green, gold, white
c. Silver, pine, ash, mauve
d. Amber, blue, gray, mahogany

2 The word “solstice” comes from the Latin word ‘sol stetit’, which means?

a. “The sun stood still”
b. “The silent sun”
c. “Sun after night”
d. “Sheltering sun”

3 The Dōngzhì Festival is held in parts of east Asia on or around the Solstice. What does “Dōngzhì” translate as?

a. The arrival of winter
b. The extreme of winter
c. The tears of winter
d. The hardship of winter

4 Which of the following names is not a reborn Sun God?

a. Aker
b. Lugh
c. Freya
d. Nurelli

5 The practice of cutting down trees for Winter celebrations was introduced by Germans when?

a. The 5th century
b. The 8th century
c. The 14th century
d. The 17th century

6 Who celebrated the Winter Solstice with an event called Saturnalia?

a. The Druids
b. The Egyptians
c. The Romans
d. The French

7 Bring this home, and you’re bringing the blessings of the Sun God to you. What’s the item?

a. A log
b. Mistletoe
c. Beeswax
d. Candlelight

8 Who celebrated the first recorded Winter Solstice celebration?

a. The Druids
b. The Egyptians
c. The Romans
d. The French

9 What’s the perfect drink to go with Winter Solstice?

a. Whiskey
b. Mulled wine
c. Potato soup
d. Peppermint tea

10 And to go with the perfect drink, what’s one of the yummiest things to eat for this holiday?

a. Donuts
b. Gingerbread
c. Treacle tart
d. Fruit loaf

11 Which country celebrates the Winter Solstice ceremony called Goru?

a. Sri Lanka
b. Bolivia
c. Mali
d. Peru

12 How long ago was the first Winter Solstice celebration?

a. About 4000 years ago
b. About 1000 years ago
c. About 800 years ago
d. About 350 years ago

13 Which of the following words is NOT an alternative name for Winter Solstice?

a. The Longest Night
b. Yule
c. Close Winter
d. Midnight

14 How many carols are played during the music ritual ‘Blowing in the Yule’?

a. 8
b. 4
c. 12
d. 7

15 What was used as an amulet to protect against bad weather?

a. Pepper
b. Granite
c. Silver
d. Holly

Winter solstice symbols and facts – the answers:

1. b. Red, green, gold, white / 2. a. “The sun stood still” / 3. a. The arrival of winter / 4. c. Freya / 5. b. The 8th century / 6. c. The Romans / 7. a. A log / 8. b. The Egyptians / 9. d. Peppermint tea / 10. b. Gingerbread / 11. c. Mali / 12. a. About 4000 years ago / 13. c. Reflection / 14. b. 4 / 15. d. Holly.

Image: Puck777