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Not In The Christmas Spirit? 10 Ideas To Get You In The Festive Mood

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Christmas might be around the corner, but it doesn’t mean we’re always ready for it. You might be more busy with life than usual. If you’re not the Christmas spirit and want to be, then getting unstuck quick matters, especially if you’ve got plans made for the season.

If you’re a big fan of Christmas, then not getting excited can be disastrous the further into it we go. You’re going to start feeling peer pressure as everyone around you starts putting up their tree or present-buying. You’re going to be badgered by invites to parties. You’re going to be bombarded by Christmas all around you, from storefronts to the sounds of church bells or someone wishing you ‘Merry Christmas.’

To get you back into your snow boots, I’ve created a list of suggestions to help readers who are not in the Christmas spirit right now feel the vibe again. Let’s get started.

Enjoy A Few Carols

What would Christmas be without a few Christmas carols? Hearing a few bars of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing’ can put us right in the mood immediately. Even their song titles alone can stir up a nostalgic feeling.

And if those songs don’t do it for you, then ’12 Days of Christmas’ will have you ready for Santa by the outro section.

Sip Some Seasonal Drinks

If you’re unsure how to get into the Christmas spirit, you can bet companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts won’t be feeling the same. In fact, you can be sure companies like these will be rolling out their seasonal drinks right on schedule.

Get yourself down to Starbucks for a Peppermint Mocha or treat yourself to a Holiday Eggnog Signature Latte at Dunkin.

Dance To A Pop Star Christmas

Holiday albums have become a prime staple for pop and rock musicians over the years. It’s always interesting to hear your favourite performers sing their take of what Christmas means to them.

There’s a wide variety of albums to choose from for every musical tastes. If you like acapella, then ‘A Pentatonix Christmas’ (2016) by Pentatonix is there for you. If you like songs sung with range, then there’s ‘Wrapped in Red’ (2013) by Kelly Clarkson. If you’re tired of sentimental music, then I’d recommend ‘Snoop Dogg Presents Christmas in tha Dogg House’ (2008) by Snoop Dogg. Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Sia have also got your holiday album covered.

Lighten Up Your Mood

When you’re not in the Christmas spirit, one way to offset the mood is to turn your mind to doing something practical. And what better way than to string up a few fairy lights. Unless you’ve got the energy, you don’t have to include Christmas tree lights in the mix. You can lay strings of lights along bookshelves, the mantelpiece, around your plants or tape them to the wall.

When you’re done, close the curtains, switch on the lights and feel good about a job well done.

Watch Something un-Christmasy

There are plenty of Christmas movies out there, right? ‘A White Christmas’, ’It’s A Wonderful Life’ – these are nice films. When you’re not in the Christmas spirit, then films like these can make you feel worse.

So instead, why not select movies that are set during Christmas, but offer a totally unique take on the season? Here are some suggestions for you to think about: ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ (animation), ‘The Grinch’ (comedy), ‘Black Christmas’ (horror), ‘Holiday in the Wild’ (drama), ‘While You Were Sleeping’ (romantic comedy), ‘Last Holiday’ (with Queen Latifah), and ‘A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas’ (also a comedy).

Get Out The Cosy Clothes

Winter is the perfect time to swap out your t-shirts for cosy scarves, woolly jumpers and ugly Christmas sweaters. Better yet, put on some Snoop Dogg, pull up a warm blanket on your sofa, and relax into the warmth and comfort. Don’t forget the hot chocolate.

Yes, Hot Chocolate

If you’ve done the fairy lights and slung on some carols, but are still not in the Christmas spirit, then brew yourself up a hot chocolate and forget it all. Nothing says winter more than warming your hands around a cup of cocoa, especially when it starts to feel a bit nippy. Top off your drink with a few marshmallows, cream and chocolate sprinkles.

There are also different varieties of chocolate you can choose from; read our post about a chocolate party for ideas.

Enjoy The Christmas Lights

Just like Starbucks, you can be sure your local town or city will have hung up their Christmas lights right on cue. A lot of lighting designs can be breathtaking to look at and also mesmerise you after a while. Make sure to take a trip down to your local lights.

If you combine your trip with some festive shopping, you’ll soon know how to get into the Christmas spirit easily.

Fill Up Your Stockings

Present-buying can be such a stressful part of the season. You’re often stuck not knowing what to buy people and then having to face the crowds when you do.

One way to get around this and simplify your buying is to fill up stockings with candy treats, pastries and other fun knick knacks. Stockings can be even more fun than normal presents; you’ll be giving your friends lots of mini presents I’m sure they’ll enjoy.

Time With Those You Love

If you’ve read all this and still not in the Christmas spirit, then go and ring your friends and family right now! Because I’m sure one of them is going to be excited for Christmas and will help you get out of the doldrums. The prime motivation of Christmas after all is having people come together.

Life can overtake us all the time. If you’re not in the Christmas spirit as you’d like to be, hopefully at least one of the above ideas can help you get back to yourself so you can enjoy the season.

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