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A Cool Geography Trivia Quiz -
 How Well Do You Know Your World?

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Geography trivia - olde worlde world map

Add this geography trivia quiz to your night’s entertainment – and you’ll be bringing an educational touch to your quiz night.

The Planet Earth is a strange and wild place. But it gets even stranger, when you do what human beings do: create countries out of the land, name them, add dates to them.

When you play this geography trivia quiz, you’ll be learning something new. Discover which country has the longest name (63 letters). Find out when Brazil has its Independence Day. And don’t forget to play these trivia quizzes when you’re done.

Geography Trivia Questions 1-7

1. The Atlantic Ocean is one of the world’s five main oceans. Can you name the other four?

2. Which is the youngest American city?

a. Killeen, TX
b. Jacksonville, NC
c. Paramount, CA
d. Layton, UT

3. The Nile River is the longest river in the world (at 4,160 miles). Which one’s the next longest?

a. Yangtze River
b. Congo River
c. Amazon River
d. Hunang He

4. What is the 10th most spoken language worldwide?

a. German
b. Bengali
c. Russian
d. Portuguese

5. What do Grenada and Costa Rica have in common? 

a. They have no army
b. They sit on the Equator
c. Voted world’s best place to live
d. Countries with the least crime

6. Vancouver has the SkyTrain, London has the London Underground. What’s the name of Hong Kong’s metro system?

a. Metrorail
b. RTA Rapid Transit
c. Docklands Light Railway
d. MTR

7. Ouagadougou is the capital city of which African country?

a. Chad
b. Burkina Faso
c. Eritrea
d. Djibouti

Geography Trivia Questions 8-14

8. The 4th of July is known worldwide as the Independence Day for the United States. Can you match the next eight countries to the date of their own independence:

a. Brazil / b. Venezuela / c. Norway / d. India / e. Ghana / f. Lithuania / g. United Arab Emirates / h. Singapore

Mar. 6, 1957 / Nov. 2, 1971 / Sept. 7, 1822 / Aug. 9, 1965 / Mar. 11, 1990 / Jul. 5, 1811 / Jun. 7, 1905 / Aug. 15, 1947

9. As of July 2011, Kosovo and the Vatican City are still not members of the United Nations. Who else isn’t?

a. Rwanda
b. Taiwan
c. Afghanistan
d. El Salvador

10. Completed in 2012, The Shard (based in London) is Europe’s tallest building. How many floors does it have?

a. 94
b. 68
c. 72
d. 81

11. The second longest coastline, after Canada, is where?

a. Chile
b. Australia
c. Russia
d. Indonesia

12. Soekarno-Hatta, Guangzhou Baiyun and Madrid Barajas are all names for what?

a. Airports
b. Bridges
c. Race courses
d. Coastal resorts

13. Which country actually has the world’s longest official name (except it’s known by a shortened version)?

a. Libya
b. Tajikistan
c. Guatemala
d. Mongolia

14. Trabzon is a coastal city in north-eastern Turkey. Which sea does it border?

a. The Mediterranean Sea
b. The Black Sea
c. The Thracian Sea
d. The Balearic Sea

Geography Trivia Questions 15-22

15. Approximately how many people live in Greenland (to the closest thousand)?

a. 44,000
b. 32,000
c. 85,000
d. 57,000

16. You can drive on the left in which four countries on this list?

a. Ireland
b. Nepal
c. Italy
d. Malaysia
e. Fiji

17. The USA is known for giving its different states their own nickname. Can you match these eight US states to theirs:

a. Indiana / b. Missouri / c. North Dakota / d. Wisconsin / e. South Carolina / f. Maryland / g. Connecticut / h. Michigan

The Provisions State / Old Line State / The Wolverine State / The Hoosier State / The Show Me State / The Flickertail State / America’s Dairyland / The Palmetto State

18. The Prime Meridian runs through which three continents?

a. Europe
b. Africa
c. Antarctica
d. South America

19. Which is the second largest city in New Zealand, after Auckland?

a. Christchurch
b. Wellington
c. Hamilton
d. Napier-Hastings

20. One of these countries isn’t landlocked. Which is it?

a. Zambia
b. Paraguay
c. Slovakia
d. Croatia

21. In 2012, which one of the following was not the name of a hurricane?

a. Patty
b. Humberto
c. Julian
d. Valerie

22. Which country contains the most languages?

a. Papua New Guinea
b. China
c. Australia
d. Jamaica

Geography trivia quiz – the answers:

1. Pacific Ocean-Indian Ocean-Southern Ocean-Arctic Ocean / 2. b. Jacksonville, NC (22.8 years old) / 3. c. Amazon River (4,049 miles long) / 4. a. German / 5. a. They have no army / 6. d. MTR / 7. b. Burkina Faso / 8. a. Sept. 7, 1822 – b. July 5, 1811 – c. June 7, 1905 – d. Aug. 15, 1947 – e. Mar. 6, 1957 – f. Mar. 11, 1990 – g. Nov. 2, 1971 – h. Aug. 9, 1965 / 9. b. Taiwan / 10. c. 72 / 11. d. Indonesia / 12. a. Airports / 13. a. Libya (its full name is: Al Jumahiriyah al Arabiyah al Libiyah ash Shabiyah al Ishtirakiyah al Uzma) / 14. b. The Black Sea / 15. d. 57,000 (actually 56,370) / 16. Ireland-Nepal-Malaysia-Fiji / 17. a. The Hoosier State – b. The Show Me State – c. The Flickertail State – d. America’s Dairyland – e. The Palmetto State – f. Old Line State – g. The Provisions State – h. The Wolverine State / 18. Europe-Africa-Antarctica / 19. b. Wellington / 20. d. Croatia / 21. c. Julian / 22. a. Papua New Guinea (820 languages, out of the world’s 6912).