40 Fun Icebreakers for Better Friendships


Whether you’ve got new or old friends you want to know better, these fun icebreakers will help you connect deeper or reconnect after time apart.

Because what do you say next, to help move the conversation forward? How do you break those awkward silences?

This can be hard going if you’re shy yourself or not natural at starting conversations. And even if you’re experienced at socialising, you don’t want to reach a point where your friends are tired of the same questions.

That’s why I’ve created this list of questions for Partycurrent, as fun icebreakers, so you never run out of things to say. Icebreakers are warmups you usually play before party games. And in this situation, I’m using them to warm up the conversation… to create conversation.

These fun icebreakers can be used in different ways

You can write them on strips of paper and put them in a bowl. If you’re entertaining at home, you can include the bowl as part of the dinner conversation, invite guests to pull out a strip and ask a question.

Alternatively, you can keep the questions on your phone and scroll the ones you want to ask, to slip into conversation.

You can also turn them into a group game. Again, you’ll have your strips of paper in a bowl. Your guests take it in turn to throw a dice. The person who rolls the highest number pulls out a strip and asks everyone the question.

Entertaining only one or two friends?

Just slip your questions into conversation playfully. Maybe a little wine can help, or even be played during a wine party.

Make sure when you’re using these questions, to be natural about them. Avoid making it feel like an interview. Make sure everyone gets to take turns being the question master otherwise hoarding the questions gets boring fast.

Let’s get started.

Fun icebreakers: focusing on things you enjoy doing

These questions are centered on memories and favourite experiences. We all remember our favourite vacation, right? The last movie we saw, the hobbies we enjoy.

1. What was the best job you’ve ever had? And the worst?

2. What’s the best vacation you’ve EVER taken?

3. What’s the most recent movie/book that you’ve seen/read?

4. Tell us about your first kiss.

5. What’s your favorite town/city in the world? Why?

6. Share with us a fun experience you’ve had recently.

7. Sing a few lines of a song you love. (Don’t tell them the name; let them guess)

8. Tell us your earliest childhood memory.

9. What’s your favorite sport or physical activity?

10. What’s your favorite dish to cook for friends? For just you?

11. Describe the best museum/gig/play/game you’ve ever been to.

12. What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?

Fun icebreakers: focusing on your personal philosophy

Everyone has values. Everyone’s searching for something. Everyone lives a certain way and has made specific decisions in order to do so. I find learning about why my friends do what they do fascinating.

13. What’s your morning ritual like?

14. How do you like to spend a rainy day?

15. Describe your own outlook on life in six words.

16. Can you share one quote or saying you love, that keeps you going in life?

17. If you could invite four famous people to dinner, who would you choose and why?

18. If you could replay a fun (or deep or big) moment in your life, what would you choose?

19. What would be a perfect afternoon for you?

20. Describe one past action (big or small) you took to improve the quality of your life.

21. Which person in your life do you most admire? Why?

Fun icebreakers that press your buttons

When I say “press your buttons”, I mean something that gets your friends thinking a bit deeper. Nothing too provocative in these questions, mind you, but each question touches on something a bit deeper than the first 12 questions.

22. If you were mayor for the day, what three things would you change about your city?

23. Describe the most terrifying situation you’ve ever been in.

24. If you could go back in time and change history, what would you change? Why?

25. What’s the most anti-establishment thing you’ve ever done?

26. What would you do in life if you knew you couldn’t fail?

27. If you saw someone getting mugged in the street, what would you do?

28. Describe one experience you’ve had where you took a huge leap of faith.

29. What was one new experience you tried that, at the time, was completely unknown or uncomfortable to you?

30. Describe a real-life situation where you stood up for someone/something.

Fun icebreakers that reveal something new about you

These questions are a bit of extension of questions 22 to 30, in that they require your friends to think a bit. But these questions are more personal, more intimate I think.

31. Who were two role models you looked up to as a kid?

32. The last outlandish/wild thing you did – tell us about it.

33. What’s the naughtiest present you’ve ever received?

34. What three things do you love about your friends? And three you could do without?

35. What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

36. What’s one favorite thing you do by yourself?

37. Share one bizarre encounter you’ve had in life (could be at work, personal, from travel, with friends).

38. Share one thing you didn’t understand about the world when you were a kid.

39. Describe an embarrassing moment you’ve had.

40. Share a personal fact no one would ever guess about you.

Having a few fun icebreakers to hand are useful for those awkward times when friendships pull apart then twang back together again. Your friends will appreciate the effort you’ve taken to bring your friendship closer. Learning something new even with your old friends will always ensure your relations stay fresh. I wish you luck with these efforts.