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A Cool Christmas Trivia Quiz – Test Your Knowledge Of Christmas

This Christmas trivia quiz is the perfect way of testing what you know about the holiday season.

From carols, to reindeer, to Christmas pudding – these are common elements this time of year. And without them, it wouldn’t seem like Christmas at all.

But what do we really know about them? Was Christmas pudding always a pudding? Is Santa climbing down all the chimneys of the world – or only in a few countries? Find out below.

Your Christmas Trivia Quiz

1. In which year was the first Christmas card created?

a. 1833
b. 1843
c. 1853
d. 1863

2. What Christmas achievement was Edward Johnson known for?

a. Invented the first Christmas cracker
b. Invented the first glass bauble
c. Invented the first Christmas jingle
d. Invented the first electric tree lights

3. The carol Silent Night was first played on which instrument?

a. A flute
b. A guitar
c. A piano
d. An organ

4. Which of the following is a Santa Claus reindeer?

a. Comet
b. Dare
c. Lancer
d. Racer

5. How many presents would you receive from The 12 Days of Christmas?

a. 324
b. 344
c. 364
d. 376

6. What is Black Friday in the United Kingdom?

a. The most common night for last-minute Christmas shopping
b. The most common night for office Christmas parties
c. The most common night for Christmas driving accidents
d. The last payday of the month before Christmas Eve

7. Which US state was the last to declare Christmas a legal holiday?

a. Arizona
b. Oregon
c. Utah
d. Oklahoma

8. Before it became a cake, what was Christmas pudding originally?

a. A fruit pie made with mulled wine
b. A soup made with raisins and wine
c. A porridge made with berries and ginger
d. A savory pie made with raisins and rum

9. What the heck is Christmas creep?

a. Special decorative flower grown for Christmas
b. Name for the holiday stress people experience
c. The period retailers start their holiday push
d. The term the media use to describe holiday-related suicides

10. England had how many white Christmases in the entire 20th century?

a. 3
b. 7
c. 9
d. 12

11. Tinsel comes from the Old French word ‘estincele’ which means what?

a. Sparkle
b. Twinkle
c. Shine
d. Icicle

12. What was the first name of Mrs Claus?

a. Clara
b. Maud
c. Jeannie
d. Gertrude

13. What’s a snow baby?

a. A miniature snow globe
b. Figurine depicting Christmas
c. A music box that plays carols
d. A special festive teddy bear

14. Whose the primary present giver in Italy?

a. Befana
b. Arana
c. Juliana
d. Elana

15. Who introduced the Christmas tree to England?

a. Winston Churchill
b. Prince Albert
c. King James I
d. Queen Victoria

16. What was the original name of the carol Jingle Bells?

a. Jingle All The Way
b. Dashing Through The Snow
c. One Horse Open Sleigh
d. What Fun It Is To Ride

17. North American children put out stockings at Christmas. What do Dutch children use?

a. Shoes
b. Plant pots
c. Money boxes
d. Knitted hats

18. Who are Spoon Licker and Door Sniffer?

a. Names rejected from The Grinch
b. Names of some of Iceland’s Santas
c. Banished elves from German folklore
d. Original names for Snow White’s dwarves

19. Who wrote the score for The Nutcracker?

a. Mendellson
b. Mozart
c. Holst
d. Tchaikovsky

20. Which country says ‘Maligayang Pasko!’ at Christmas?

a. Philippines
b. Malaysia
c. Indonesia
d. Vietnam

Christmas trivia quiz – answers:

1. b. 1843 / 2. d. Invented electric Christmas tree lights / 3. b. A guitar / 4. a. Comet / 5. c. 364 / 6. b. The most common night for office Christmas parties / 7. d. Oklahoma / 8. b. A soup made with raisins and wine / 9. c. The period retailers start their holiday push / 10. b. 7 / 11. a. Sparkle / 12. d. Gertrude / 13. b. Figurine depicting Christmas / 14. a. Befana / 15. b. Prince Albert / 16. c. One Horse Open Sleigh / 17. a. Shoes / 18. b. Names of some of Iceland’s Santas (there are 13 in total) / 19. d. Tchaikovsky / 20. a. Philippines.