9 Quirky Christmas Party Games for Adults

By adding a few Christmas party games for adults to your party, you’re doing your friends a huge favor.

For while holiday parties are fun, there’s usually not much a lot to do, other than get drunk or talk or watch the upteemth repeat of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ on the television. Christmas is all about get-togethers, so people will expect you to lay on games and relieve the boredom.

Let’s help them relieve that stress, with these quirky gems.

Christmas Party Games for Adults 1-5

Reindeer Antlers

Break everyone into teams of 3-5. Each team is given a pair of nylon stockings, 8 balloons and a tube of red lipstick.

On Go!, the teams race to first inflate the balloons and then stuff them down the nylon stockings. Once the balloons have firmly stiffened the stockings, one member puts them on their head (aka their reindeer antlers) (similar to the guy in the above photo, only your antlers will be larger). Use the red lipstick to draw a shiny red nose of their face.

The first team to yell “Rudolph” and present their “reindeer” wins.

The Balloon Stomping Game

Blow up a few balloons first, and tie a piece of string to the end of each one.

Each player then ties a balloon around one ankle. Then on Go!, all the guests (using just their feet) now try to burst other players’ balloons, but at the same time protect their own balloon. Anyone whose balloon is burst must leave the game. Last player standing wins.

For safe playing, make sure everyone knows they are only allowed to use their feet to burst the balloon. No stamping on other people’s feet or kicking is allowed. And make sure you have plenty of playing space.

Guess Whose Christmas

Got any embarrassing Christmas stories? Now’s the perfect excuse to wheel them out.

Give everyone two strips of paper, where they write out one embarrassing story on each. Collect the strips, jumble them in a large bowl, then make sure everyone takes two. Players take it in turns to read theirs out, with the rest of the group left to guess the owners. Another way to play the game is for players to act out their strip of paper.

Festive Partner Drawing

Pair everyone up, so players are sitting back to back, without being able to see what the other person is doing. One player from each pair is given a bag containing a bunch of weird items (e.g. a plastic chimpanzee, a tooth sharpener, a broken Barbie).

On Go!, the player with the bag pulls out an item and describes it for their partner to draw, all without giving away what it is. Once the item is drawn, this partner gets to guess.

The partner must draw as many correct items as they can within a certain time span.

All At Once

Looking for musical Christmas party games for adults? Here’s all of those games rolled into one.

Get everyone up on their feet. On the count of three, everybody sings their favorite Christmas carol (or favorite Christmas song) – all at the same time. Anyone who messes up their lyrics needs to stop singing at once. The person who is still singing and can keep going without messing up their lyrics once is the winner.

As the game host, you will need to keep your ears open, to check for anyone messing up their song. Anyone who tries to restart their song or cheat – tap them on their shoulder so they’ll stop.

Christmas Party Games for Adults 6-9

Guess the Stocking Stuff

In advance of playing, fill each stocking with awkwardly-shaped objects, for players to guess what they are. You can choose Christmas-related objects like pine cones or star-shaped items. Or, for more wacky fun, choose weirder shaped objects, such as an ice cream scoop, a can opener, a pair of sunglasses, slime sealed in a ziplock bag

Kick off the game, by sending one stocking around the group. Get everyone to jot down their guess. The player with the most correct stocking guesses wins.


This game is one I like to call the CCC, but to everyone else it’s the Christmas Chopstick Challenge.

You’ll need a large plate and a selection of Christmas items – for example, roasted chestnuts, a bauble, a Christmas cracker toy, candy cane, pine cone, etc. You’ll also need a stopwatch and a pair of chopsticks.

Place all the items on the plate. Players now take it in turns to grab as many items as they can in 30 seconds – using only the chopsticks. The winner is the player who can grab the lot the fastest or the most items in the allotted time.

Dressing Up Santa

Need competitive Christmas party games for adults, with fancy dress? This game has it all.

First of all, break everyone up into even teams. Assign each team an area of the room to work in. In each area, place a large cardboard box, inside of which contains a complete Santa costume (boots, hat, beard ‘n all). On Go!, all the teams race to dress one of their members in the full Santa gear. Give them only 3-5 minutes to do that

To win, the teams must use up all the items they’ve been given and produce the tidiest-looking Santa. Another version of this game is to decorate a Christmas tree the fastest. Use medium-height plastic trees for this, complete with a box of many baubles and ornaments.

Christmas Flip Punch

You can also add a few drinking contests to your Christmas party games for adults. For Christmas Flip Punch, you’ll need a long wooden table, plastic drinking cups and soda pop. Line up the cups along the edges of the table, filling each with the soda, so there’s one cup per player.

Divide your group into equal teams, each on their own side of the table, with one player behind each cup. Then on Go!, the first player must drink their soda as fast as possible, set the empty cup upside down, then try to “flip” the cup off the edge of the table, so it lands right side up.

As soon as they do, their teammate takes their turn. First team to flip all their cups wins. For added drama, you could use vodka punch instead of soda.