Top 10 Car Games for Adults, Road Trip Fans and Long Journeys

Need car games for adults for your next road trip? We’ve saved you time and found you the perfect games.

Car games can help make any long drive a bit more bearable. They’re especially helpful if you get stuck in a traffic jam or facing miles of endless open road with the same boring scenery.

Nowadays, with smartphones, you’ve got a plethora of games to hand. But we’ve focused on games you can play without using gadgets – gadgets require recharging after a while. Besides, non-gadget games are just more fun, they rely on your imagination and resourcefulness.

It’s important to find the right balance of car games for adults – ones that are fun and entertaining but too competitive. You don’t people suddenly arguing in the car! That’s going to make the road trip even worse.

Here are 10 of our recommendations for your next drive out of town.

Alphabet Singing

This is a game we advise you play once you’re all settled into the drive and just relaxed with each other. This game is all about song titles from A-Z and singing the choruses. Choose someone to go first, and ask them to find a song title beginning with A. They need to sing the chorus and afterwards has to guess the name of the song. You can add points to whoever guests first if you like.

After the song title is guessed, the next person has to sing a song with B and onwards. You can add bonus points, e.g year the song was released, any facts about the song and the singer.

Passenger DJ

Here’s another music-related car games. Before you start your trip, put together a music playlist of random but well-known songs on your phone. To play the game, the “DJ” (could be yourself or someone else) plays a few seconds of a song, then pauses it so everyone sings the next part as best they can. Whoever does it best, with all the correct words and the melody, gets a point.

Pun Lovers

If you love puns, why not play a game of these on your next trip? A pun is a joke that is a play on words, for example: the tallest building in town is the library. Why? It has thousands of stories. The pun here uses the difference between the word ‘storey’ (related to levels in a building) and ‘stories’ (tales).

Instead of inventing your own puns, you can play Pun Intended, which provides you with more than 1300 puns on 222 cards along with a scorepad and a pencil. One person reads the question and everyone else has to guess the pun.

Make Up A Story

Want creative car games for adults? Gotcha. This one also requires some pre-planning days before you go on your trip. You will need index cards and to bring pen and paper with you. This game, known as Mad Libs, is where players create a story based on some nouns and verbs they get given. Although you can buy Mad Libs in stores, here’s how I do it.

Find yourself any short story from the web or the library. Then highlight all the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the story. Nouns are objects, e.g. horse, tree, table. Verbs are action words, e.g. walk, run, eat. Adjectives are words describing a noun, e.g. beautiful, blue, new. Adverbs describe a verb, e.g. slowly, swiftly, carefully. Once you’ve identified your words, write each one on an index card each, sort into separate piles (nouns, verbs etc) and tie them up.

This Partycurrent game is best played at a rest stop. Give your players pen and paper and then dig out 3 nouns, 3 verbs etc. Now players have to create a short story using these words – in the order they’ve been shown – and once done, read them out. This game is all about having fun and imagination, so no points needed here.

Number Plate Game

Like Mad Libs, this game involves creating something from nothing, in this case number plates. Pick out a random car number plate. The aim is to make a word using these letters, in the order they’re in, and without writing anything down.

Players have 30 seconds to make as many words as they can before time is up. Each correct word gets a point. You can use half of the number plate or the whole thing, your choice. Here’s an example of a full plate: A Californian plate: 6LIK274 – like, lick, link, linking, likely, likable.

Loaded Questions On The Go

This game is a version of the board game, designed for lovers of car games for adults. You need 4-6 players for effective play and if you want the driver involved, play at a pit stop. How do you play? One player chooses a card and reads one of the 4 questions on that card. The other players must then write their answers on their score card.

The player who read out the question must look away while all the questions are given to one player. This person then reads the answers to the card reader who must match each answer to the player they think wrote it. For each correct match, the player wins a point. First player to hit 8 points is the winner.

This is the perfect game for getting to know one another.

Guess Who I Am

Before game play begins, pick a specific theme for players to use, for example, the zoo, farm animals, aeroplane parts, the beach. Try and be ultra-specific to help guessing go faster while also making things harder.

The first player thinks of an item related to the chosen them, and everyone else must deduce what it is, by using simple questions. So if farm animals was the theme, a question could be ‘do you have two legs’, ‘do you have a mane?’, ‘do you fly?’

Great Conversation Starters

Car games for adults don’t just have to be about random fun, you can use the time to learn more about your friends and get to know what they think about thought provoking topics. This is why I love the game, Our Moments.

This game is simply a pack of cards, each one with a question, for example ‘What is your favourite childhood memory?’ The first player picks a card, reads what’s written on it and then gives an answer. Other players can give their answer too or comment on what’s been said, drawing out more of the given answer.

Make sure everyone treats everyone’s answers and thoughts with space and respect, we don’t anyone getting into an argument or feeling defensive. This is really just a lighthearted and fun game for all.

The Next Letter

Another speed-round game involving letters. Pick a subject, any subject, such as city names. The first player chosen has 15 seconds to drop as many names as they can, starting with A, then B and so on. When they get stuck, the game is passed to the next person to continue. So: Ankara, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Djibouti…

Celebrity Countdown

This is a game for film buffs, music lovers and nerds everywhere. Split everyone up into two even teams. The first team picks a really tough category for the other team who has to name everything about the category in 30 seconds. Make sure everyone has their phones locked away – no cheating!

So for example, if the chosen topic was Sigourney Weaver movies, the other team would have to list everything they know, e.g. Alien, The Ice Storm, Copycat, Be Kind Rewind. You can make the categories as broad and narrow as you like – e.g. science fiction films is a broad category, whereas Marvel movies is a narrow category. You could also ask the rival team to give their answers in alphabetical order.

No matter what car games for adults you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something fun on this list. Why not bring a selection of these with you, to change up the atmosphere now and then? Whatever trip you’re planning, you’ve now got plenty of ideas to give your passengers a memorable time.